12 Best Bed Sheets of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

12 Best Bed Sheets of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

✔️ Cotton: There's a reason it's by far the most popular sheet material: Cotton is soft, durable, and feels incredibly luxurious against the skin.

Long Staple Cotton It is considered the highest quality sheet material because it is smoother and more durable than regular cotton. Types of long-staple cotton include Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton. There are instances where brands have mislabeled these premium cottons on their sheets.

Cotton is sometimes called “combed,” a special manufacturing process that removes the shorter cotton fibers that are weaker and can stick out and sting, leaving only the longest, smoothest, strongest cotton fibers to be used in your sheets.

✔️ polyester: This fabric is cheaper than cotton, more affordable, less likely to shrink or wrinkle. Polyester sheets aren't as plush or crisp as cotton, but they are very smooth. Cotton and polyester blend, Although it is typically made with more cotton than polyester, it combines the benefits of both materials.

✔️ Rayon, viscose, lyocell: These are called “regenerated cellulose” fibers because they come from certain plants and are chemically processed into fibers. Rayon is an umbrella term, and viscose and lyocell are varieties of rayon. They have an incredibly soft feel; in fact, they are usually softer than cotton, but they are generally thinner and less bulky.

These fibers may be described as follows: Bamboo or eucalyptus. That's because rayon is often made from bamboo or eucalyptus trees, and while it sounds luxurious and eco-friendly, it's important to note that no trace of this original source remains in the finished rayon fabric.

✔️ linen: These breathable and airy textured sheets are most popular in the summer, but some people also like to wear them all year round because of their relaxing look and feel. hemp The sheets have a linen-like feel and are becoming popular for their sustainability: Hemp requires very little water to grow.

✔️ silk: Incredibly smooth and naturally temperature-regulating, silk sheets are considered a luxury item and may not be ideal for most shoppers. Silk sheets are expensive (usually hundreds of dollars per set) and don't hold up to washing as well as other sheeting materials. You can get a smooth feel without having to cover your entire bed by opting for silk pillowcases.

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