15 best places to buy bedding online, according to our editors

15 best places to buy bedding online, according to our editors

There's no better feeling than waking up refreshed in the morning after a good night's sleep. Quality sleep is essential to your overall health, and it's no secret that a great night's sleep starts with great bedding.

With so many bedding options out there, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect fit for your sleep preferences, home decor style, and budget. Start by thinking about what qualities are most important to you and looking for retailers and brands that offer products that meet your needs.

Whether you're building a sleep sanctuary from scratch or simply want to upgrade your sheets and pillows, you'll want to choose one that hits the ideal balance of quality, comfort, and price. If you're thinking of investing in new bedding, consider one of these favorite places to find everything you need to create the bed of your dreams.

west elm

Provided by West Elm

West Elm may be best known for its furniture and home décor, but its bedding collection is just as extensive, chic, and carefully crafted. While West Elm offers all the items you need, including sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, mattress pads, and inserts, the brand offers more unique comforters featuring contemporary textures, patterns, and colors. We also have options for comforters and comforters.

Price-wise, West Elm falls into the mid-range to high-end range, but the brand offers free design services and many of its products are produced in Fair Trade certified factories. Items purchased from West Elm may be returned within 30 days.

cozy earth

Provided by Cozy Earth

Cozy Earth offers a wide range of high-quality, ethically made bedding, including sheet sets, comforters, quilts, pillow inserts, and blankets. Cozy Earth sheets and comforters are available in bamboo viscose, linen, and silk, and in over a dozen colors.

Although the brand is best known for its superior bedding, Cozy Earth also carries men's and women's clothing, bath towels, and other accessories. This brand has higher prices, but they always have different sales and promotions. Cozy Earth offers free shipping and a 100-night sleep trial on orders over $50, but return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. All Cozy Earth products come with a 10-year warranty.


Courtesy of Buffy

Additionally, with a wide selection of bedding in a wide range of colors and patterns, Buffy prides itself on creating products that are earth-friendly, cruelty-free, and safe for sensitive skin. Buffy makes sheets, comforters, pillows, and bath linens using sustainably sourced fibers and recycled fills.

The brand's most popular item is the Breeze Sheet Set, which is made from breathable eucalyptus and has a soft, silky feel. Buffy offers at-home trials, allowing shoppers to try her products for eight days before their payment method is charged, and return them within 50 days for a full refund.


parachute provided

Parachute has become a one-stop shop for everything you need at home, but the brand is best known for its selection of high-quality bedding. Parachute offers sheets in several materials and textures, from muted to bold colors, including linen, percale, brushed cotton, satin, and multiple organic varieties. The brand also offers pillow inserts, duvets, mattress pads and toppers, and its own eco-friendly mattresses.

Parachute does not use any artificial fabric softeners, all bedding is OEKO-TEX certified, and our organic products are also GOTS Organic certified. All bedding comes with free returns within 60 days, and mattresses come with a 100-night trial.

ball and brunch

Provided by Bol & Brunch

Boll & Branch was founded with the goal of producing bedding that is made sustainably and responsibly using the highest quality raw materials. The brand uses 100% organic cotton for all of its soft, breathable bedding, and over 12 of his colors come in neutral, earthy tones.

Boll & Branch bedding is an investment, but our products boast GOTS, OEKO-TEX, and Fair Trade factory certifications. In addition to sheets, Boll & Branch also offers duvet sets, bed blankets, quilts, pillowcases, comforter sets, throws, decorative pillows, bedding inserts, baby bedding, bath linens, furniture, mattresses, and other home décor items. doing. The brand offers free swatches to help shoppers choose the right weave and shade, and purchases are eligible for returns within 30 days.


Provided by Brooklinen

Brooklinen's wide selection of bedding includes a variety of materials, including classic percale, linen, cotton, cashmere, and flannel. Most of Brooklinen's colors are muted solids, but the brand also offers some classic prints. In addition to sheets, Brooklinen makes seven types of comforter inserts, including down, down alternatives, and weighted options, as well as his five types of pillow inserts, designed for every different sleeping position.

The company offers a one-year return policy and warranty coverage on all products, plus an additional one-year warranty coverage on its core collection. Brooklinen's bedding (all his OEKO-TEX certified) is expensive, but still more affordable than many other retailers offering comparable products.

dream fit

Provided by Dream Fit

DreamFit's patented anti-slip corner bands are a game-changer for those who have experienced sheets slipping off their mattresses during the night. The brand's anti-slip sheets are made from bamboo, Pima cotton, Egyptian cotton, and long-staple cotton, and while the color options are limited to a few muted shades, their secure fit and deep pockets make them stand out. It more than makes up for it. Limited color options.

DreamFit also makes adjustable pillows and mattress protectors. All of these are designed with warm sleepers in mind, allowing you to stay cool throughout the night. DreamFit offers free returns within 30 days and all products come with a 1-year warranty.


Provided by Luxome

Luxome's luxury bedding range includes 100% viscose sheets made from bamboo, temperature-regulating comforters and duvet covers, weighted blankets, and other high-quality items. Luxome bedding is made with plant-based fibers that keep you naturally cool and wick moisture away from your body. The sheet set comes in 11 of his shades, both bold and neutral tones, whereas other products have a limited range of colors.

This brand prides itself on creating soft and comfortable homewares, and its collections are affordable considering the quality. Luxome also produces elegant loungewear, robes and bath linens.

company store

Provided by Company Store

Our retail stores carry a wide selection of bedding essentials, quilts, coverlets, blankets, throws, pillowcases, and even pet bedding. Sheets come in materials like linen, flannel, satin, percale, and organic cotton, and come in hundreds of colors, prints, and patterns, from classic white and muted tones to florals, gingham, stripes, and more. Sort your comforters, duvet inserts, pillows, and mattress protectors by fill, warmth level, and size.

The Company Store's prices vary depending on its selection, offering investment-worthy items and affordable options. The brand offers free shipping on orders over $75, frequent coupons and promotions, and 30-day returns.

double stitch

double stitch offer

Double Stitch is a woman-founded company that produces top-quality bedding from responsibly sourced, high-quality materials with a focus on sustainability and fair labor practices. The brand offers sheet sets, duvet covers, blankets, quilts and bedding inserts in materials including Oeko-Tex certified cotton Tencel Lyocell, linen Tencel Lyocell, Mulberry Silk and down.

Double Stitch is mostly muted colors mixed in with some eye-catching shades. While the brand may have a limited selection, Double Stitch offers customers fast and free shipping and a 365-day sleep guarantee.

nest bedding

Offering a nest

Nest Bedding is best known for its mattresses, but the brand's selection of high-quality, eco-friendly bedding is just as impressive. Nest Bedding offers soft, cozy sheets in a wide range of materials including bamboo, organic cotton, and Tencel in sizes suitable for both children and adults, as well as four different pillows, two comforters, and a weighted blanket. Masu.

The brand's sheets come in both classic and fun, playful colors and come with a 30-night trial. Nest Bedding's price is a happy midpoint between high-end retailers and more affordable brands.


Provided by The Citizenry

The Citizenry offers a catalog of home goods, including bedding, sourced from artisans and designers around the world, and all of its products are certified by the World Fair Trade Commission. Citizenry's bedding collection includes linen, cotton gauze, and organic cotton sheets, quilts, blankets, duvet covers, pillowcases, and inserts, all of which work together to provide a casual, lived-in feel. To do. The brand's prices reflect the quality of its materials and ethical production practices, but bedding that's attractive, yet comfortable and durable is well worth the investment.

corpse sleep goods

Corpse sleep goods provided

Coop Sleep Goods' adjustable pillows have been the brand's best-seller for years, but a recent collaboration with Compphy, best known for producing luxury resort-quality spa linens, makes Coop a one-stop shop for bedding essentials. I did. This brand's SoftSpa sheets and duvet covers are ultra-luxury, and Coop offers comforters filled with both down and alternative downs.

To achieve the same feel of a SoftSpa without the weight of a comforter, Coop carries a line of SoftSpa blankets that includes weighted options. The brand also has a line specifically for babies, including crib sheets and crib quilts. Compphy bedding products come with a 1-year warranty, and Coop Sleep Goods pillows come with a 5-year warranty.

the goal

target provided

Shoppers on a budget can find a wide range of bedding products at affordable prices at Target. Target has thousands of brick-and-mortar stores, offering instant gratification options that online retailers don't have. Target carries private label sheets, pillows, inserts, blankets, and duvets like Casaluna and Threshold, offering great value for your money. While the retailer offers a seemingly endless selection of colors, patterns, and prints in its online store, its in-store selection is even more limited. Target's bedding may not match the top quality of luxury brands, but the store's lenient return policy allows you to return items for up to a year.


Provided by Amazon

There's no doubt that Amazon is a great place to buy everything, but that's doubly true when it comes to bedding. In addition to carrying products from many of your favorite brands, including Cozy Earth, Brooklinen, and Buffy, Amazon also carries a huge selection of brands you won't find anywhere else. Popular names include Mellani, California Design Den, Essentia, and Bedsure, and they come in a wide range of price points.

Amazon makes it easy to search by price, color, and material, and Amazon Prime offers free 1-2 day shipping on many bedding products. Amazon offers a 30-day return period, and like most Amazon purchases, returns are very easy.

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