2024 Best Egyptian Cotton Bedding Award: White Company to John Lewis

2024 Best Egyptian Cotton Bedding Award: White Company to John Lewis

If there's one thing you'll never regret, it's investing in decent sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases. Nothing beats Egyptian cotton bedding. Whether you want to sleep more soundly or simply want to change up the style of your bedroom, a high-quality bedding set will not only help regulate your body temperature throughout the night and last longer than more affordable sets, but it will also work better and longer. It also promotes sleep.

Egyptian cotton bed sheets are some of the highest quality bed linens you can buy. It's crisper, noticeably softer, and more breathable than linen itself or regular organic cotton fibers. The best premium Egyptian cotton is grown (naturally) only in Egypt and is known for producing longer and thinner threads when spun compared to standard cotton. This makes it smoother and more moisture wicking for a comfortable night's sleep all year round, with better drape and a luxurious high-end hotel quality look. It is also often hand-picked rather than machine-picked to maintain quality and prevent fiber breakage, which also enhances its soft feel.

To help you find the luxury bedding that's right for you, we've compiled the best Egyptian cotton thread count bedding, including pillowcase sets, flat sheets, and comforter sets, as well as some helpful tips to ensure you find the right bedding. before checking out. While you're at it, why not read our guide to the best bed frames to create the sleep environment of your dreams?

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What are the best Egyptian cotton sheets?

We've written more about the best Egyptian bedding, but if you'd like a quick roundup of our favorite options, take a look below.

The White Company Savoy Bed Linen Collection

It's no secret that The White Company makes great bedding.we've been raving about it here GQ For a while. But what are the best pieces in that collection? Egyptian cotton set. The plain white is made from 200 thread count cotton and is so soft it's a dream to sleep on.

Dorma Egyptian cotton percale fitted sheet

These 400 thread count Egyptian cotton fitted sheets are available in a variety of different shades to perfectly match your bedroom aesthetic.

Dorma Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover

If you prefer sheets that are a little darker than the usual hotel-style white sheets, this navy set from Dorma will transform your indigo bedding set into something truly chic and luxurious. The number of threads is 400, which is not small.

The best Egyptian cotton bedding at a glance…

Which yarn count should I pay attention to when choosing bedding?

Thread count helps you evaluate sheets before purchasing and refers to the number of warp and weft threads per square inch of bedding. A high thread count means the fabric has a high thread count, but it also needs to show how soft, durable, and luxurious the bedding is. While that's convenient, the quality and finish of the thread used is far more important than the thread count itself. A higher thread count simply means the fabric is denser, which may not be desirable in summer. Therefore, it is important to purchase from the manufacturer. Don't just choose a duvet cover with the highest thread count, you can trust it.

Is Egyptian cotton bedding worth it?

If you want to wake up every morning feeling as luxurious as a boutique hotel, Egyptian cotton bedding sheets can easily do that. It has a crunchy, cool feel and gets even softer with each wash. However, keep in mind that it may not be the best choice for easy care for everyone. Egyptian cotton can be a little difficult to keep clean and wrinkles easily, so you'll need to take the time to iron it after each wash to appreciate the quality of the cotton.

Is cotton percale better than Egyptian cotton?

The short answer is no. Although the term is often confusing, percale refers to the weave rather than the origin of the cotton fabric. This means Egyptian cotton can be woven in a percale style, resulting in a durable, soft and comfortable fabric. The two are not mutually exclusive. Percale is a type of crosshatch “checkerboard” type weave, often with a high thread count (another factor to consider when purchasing cotton sheets).

How we choose and test the best Egyptian cotton bedding

for us, GQ, Finding the best bedding means looking for comfortable and stylish duvet covers and sheet sets. We are not interested in bedding that meets certain criteria but not others. Even if they look great, who wants to sleep on scratchy or rough sheets?

These are Egyptian cotton sheets with just the right yarn count and style from our favorite bedding brands and furniture stores. At a variety of price points, you'll be one step closer to giving your bedroom that 5-star hotel feel.

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GQ’s Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets of 2024…

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