21 Best Egyptian Cotton Bedding Sets for 2024, Tried and Tested

21 Best Egyptian Cotton Bedding Sets for 2024, Tried and Tested

Different types of sleepers have different ideal thread counts. Those who get hot and sweat easily will prefer lighter, lower thread count sheets, while those who can't stand the cold can opt for higher density sheets that will keep them warm. A safe bet is to choose sheets with a thread count between 300 and 800.

“Medium to high thread counts are best for a comfortable, breathable night's rest,” says Farah Arshad, product director at Dusk. That said, if you're only buying Egyptian cotton bedding, you'll want to avoid anything below 300 thread count, as these sheets can be a bit rough in texture and scratchy.

Is Egyptian cotton bedding better than 100% cotton bedding?

Pure cotton bed linen is well known for its natural softness and coolness, making it one of the most popular fabrics for bedding. Egyptian cotton bedding boasts similar qualities, but is made exclusively from cotton fibers grown in Egypt, giving it a longer staple length compared to regular cotton.

“While Egyptian cotton is technically considered a finer yarn and therefore may be classified as a more premium product, several factors go into making high-quality bedding,” says Farah. “An important feature is whether the bedding you choose is made with natural fibers that are breathable, allowing for better airflow and helping to regulate temperature,” she adds.

“Egyptian cotton is more breathable, wicks moisture and absorbs water better than regular cotton, so it can help regulate temperature in the summer, as well as being used with a duvet in colder months to trap body heat and transfer it to you,” says Farah.

How We Tested the Best Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen

Thoroughly research your favorite bedding brands and online furniture stores. hundreds From a vast array of product reviews, we've curated a list of editor-approved, top-rated Egyptian cotton bedding sets that are worth investing in. Most of the bedding featured in this edit has been personally tested by us, sleeping on each set for at least 30 days and evaluating its quality, comfort, breathability, design, and durability (including whether or not the color fades or the material shrinks after washing). For sets we haven't personally tested, we spoke with a representative from the brand so we can confidently attest to its quality based on our past experience with that brand's bedding.

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