25 Best Spring Bedding Under $100

25 Best Spring Bedding Under $100

It's not very practical to buy a new bedding set every time the seasons change, but you might find yourself sweating all night long, having ill-fitting sheets or heavy winter comforters in your linen closet, or getting too hot in warmer climates. If it's too much, why not consider refreshing your bedding this spring? Lightweight, comfortable, and seasonally appropriate bedding should also be budget-friendly. That's why we scoured the internet for the best options and prices, checking out retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and Anthropologie. From fluffy blankets to floral shams, all of our favorite items are under $100.

Best spring bedding deals under $100


Super popular brands like Utopia Bedding, Threshold, and even Laura Ashley Home Collection are offering the best spring bedding deals right now. You'll find everything from Anthropologie's cozy, lightweight throw blankets to bed sheen skirts with a Southern Grandmacore vibe. Prices start from just $14.

Best Spring Bedding Quilts, Duvets, and Comforters Under $100

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When it comes to bed top layers, lightweight is definitely the way to go during spring and summer, but you can also play with the season with bright colors, pastels, and floral prints. At Walmart, you can purchase quilts, duvets, and comforters from fan-favorite bedding brands such as Bella's Bradley and Better Homes & Gardens collections starting at $55.

best spring bedding sheets under $100

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Sheets are probably the most important element of bedding when it comes to staying cool and comfortable. Using the wrong material can cause you to overheat and wake up multiple times during the night. A spring sheet set is sure to give you a sense of coolness as much as its colors and patterns herald warm weather, bright sunshine, and budding flowers. Amazon is a treasure trove of such sheet sets, and other favorite affordable options include Parachute's popular satin sheets and the satin we found from Rifle Paper Co.'s new bedding collection.

Best spring bedding pillowcases and pillowcases under $100

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No sleep sanctuary is complete without the right pillow. Of course, the right pillow case and pillowcase will naturally follow. From fancy eyelet ruffles to garden-inspired patterns, we've found great seasonal options at Target, Walmart, and Rifle Paper Co., with prices starting at $14.

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