27 things to buy for your bedroom that have rave reviews on Amazon

27 things to buy for your bedroom that have rave reviews on Amazon

Promising review: “I looked at many tripod lamps, some of which were nearly three times the price of this lamp. In general, the ratings, assembly process, etc. all seemed to be the same, so I thought I'd take a chance on this one. And I'm really glad I did. Yes, you have to assemble it, but it's not that difficult and once assembled, it's sturdier than you might think. This style of lamp will never be completely sturdy due to the tripod/thin leg design. These legs are as sturdy as possible to maintain a sleek look. You can't see the seams unless you look very close. The shade is a light tan textured fabric, so it works well in neutral spaces. As long as the color scheme isn't too cool, you should match it with a variety of color schemes (this is definitely a warm/tan color, so a true cool gray without a counterbalancing warm color could clash).

The shade has a seam so you can simply push it back and it will disappear from view. This lamp has a small hook that allows you to secure the brown cord to one leg, allowing it to blend seamlessly into your design (compared to other lamps that don't come with a hook; the cord is placed in the middle). It just droops) – sloppy). The cord is brown so it blends well with your legs. The foot pedal on/off is nice compared to a pulley chain or twist knob, but I probably won't use it much since I plan to connect it to a smart plug for an automatic on/off schedule. Overall, very happy with this purchase considering the price!!” -CSally

price: $76.99+ (2 colors available)

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