4 Best Cotton Sheets in 2024

4 Best Cotton Sheets in 2024

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These are the most comfortable, durable, and breathable percale sheets we've tested. However, those who prefer smooth, drapey satin sheets may find percale too textured.

Percale sheets should be cool and crisp. LLBean's 280 Thread Count Pima Cotton Percale Sheet Set is the best we've found.

We've tested dozens of percale sets over the past decade, but LLBean sheets have been our top pick since 2014.

It's crisp, breathable, and softer than most percale sheets I've slept on. Made from American Pima cotton (extra long staple cotton), it gets softer with each wash. Percale sheets are generally more textured than satin. So if you like smooth, silky fabrics, he might prefer J.C. Penney's Wrinkle Guard Satin Set instead.

LLBean offers a 1 year return policy.

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This satin set feels softer and more luxurious than the most expensive satin sheets we've tried. However, JC Penney doesn't sell matching duvet covers, and you'll sleep warmer on satin sheets than percale.

Satin sheets are silky smooth and warmer than percale. For sheets at this price (almost always on sale), I don't think you can do better than the JCPenney Wrinkle Guard 400 TC Cotton Sheet Set.

It's been our top pick for satin sheets since 2014 (previously branded Royal Velvet and JCP). And in our tests, they consistently outperform pricier sets in terms of softness, structure, and durability. However, if you want a matching duvet cover, JC Penney doesn't sell it.

JC Penney offers a 60-day return policy.

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These are some of the softest satin sheets we've ever tested. However, these are much more expensive than our top satin picks and rarely go on sale.

The Cuddledown 400 Thread Count Satin Sheet Set offers the smoothest satin sheets we recommend. It's virtually wrinkle-free, lasts for years, and comes in over 24 colors.

This is the only product that offers two fitted sheet depths: 16 inches and 21 inches. This is the only one that comes with an unconditional guarantee. Seats can be returned at any time. But they are expensive.

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These sheets offer high quality at a great price. However, it does not wrinkle easily and is warmer than other satin fabrics.

Target's Threshold 400 Thread Count Solid Performance Sheet Set is the best budget-friendly set we've found in either percale or satin (these sheets are satin).

We think these are an exceptional value and in our testing found them to be softer and more durable than many sets costing 2-3 times the price. Some prints are also available. However, they wrinkle more easily than other satin sheets.

Target offers a one-year return policy on these sheets.

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