4 Best Linen Sheets for 2024

4 Best Linen Sheets for 2024

If you get hot while you sleep, like a little texture in your sheets, or love linen clothing, you might like our linen sheets. Cultiver's linen sheets have been our favorites since 2018.

With the help of linen lovers and linen skeptics alike, we've researched dozens of linen sheets over nearly a decade and tested 25 varieties.

Our top pick is comfortable for most people, stylish, and pretty durable for a fabric that's notorious for wearing out quickly.

Our Recommendations

These sheets have been our #1 recommendation since 2018. Of the linen sheets we tested, they offer the best balance of quality, durability, and value, but they don't come in full sizes.

Cultiver linen sheets have been our #1 recommendation since 2018. They sleep great, drape beautifully, and are one of the softest, most durable sets we've tried.

They come in over a dozen solid and striped patterns and are available in twin, queen, king and California king sizes, but no full sizes.

Linen sheets are pricey—Cultiver's queen-size set costs nearly $400—but you can buy them individually or order samples before you buy, and Cultiver offers a 30-day return period (for unused sheets only).

The pillowcases from our five-year-old test set developed a few holes in them last year (pillowcases are the items we use and wash most often), but that's a common issue with linen sheets. Still, they're just as durable as Rough Linen's runner-up and much more durable than Pottery Barn's lower-priced offering (though maybe not as durable as our upgrade pick, the Bella Notte sheets). Like most of our picks, though, Cultiver doesn't offer a warranty.


Linen lovers rave about Rough Linen, and while these sheets may be a little rougher and less durable than our top pick, they're beautifully made.

If you want more texture in your linen, we recommend Rough Linen's Smooth Linen Sheets , which aren't as coarse as the brand name suggests, but are still coarser than any other linen sheets we've tested.

It has received more complaints about durability than Cultiver and Bella Notte products, and it comes in fewer colors than the others. If you're not sure if it's right for you, the company will send you a free sample card (but you'll have to pay for shipping).

You can buy these in sets or individually, Rough Linen offers 30-day returns on used sheets (though like Cultiver, there's no guarantee), and they're priced roughly the same as the Cultiver sets.

Choose your upgrade

These are smoother and less likely to wrinkle than our top pick, sold individually and dyed to order, but they're more than twice the price.

If you've got the cash to spare, we recommend Bella Notte's linen sheets, whose luxurious weight and feel made them one of the most popular sets among our testers.

These are the smoothest linen sheets we've tried, and they feel amazing against your skin. They're also wrinkle-resistant and come in a wider variety of colors than the Cultiver and Rough Linen sets. Every order is custom dyed, and if you want to go totally romantic, they also sell velvet, cotton, and lace accessories to complement your sheets.

Like Cultiver, this company offers a 30-day return period for unused items, but they are the only company that offers a three-year warranty against manufacturing defects. You can also order samples before purchasing. We have heard very few complaints from owners about the durability of these sheets.

Recommended for those on a budget

Our long-time low-cost favorite is softer, more wrinkled, and thinner than sets in its price range. It's not sold individually, but it comes in more colors than any other product.

Our favorite affordable sheets, Pottery Barn's Belgian Flax Linen Sheets, are almost as soft as Cultiver's sheets and cost about $100 less.

These sheets are thinner and more stretchy than our other picks, so they may not last as long. They come in a whopping 27 colors, far more than any other product on the list. However, they're the only product on this list that can only be purchased as a set, not individually. If one sheet rips, you'll have to buy a whole new set.

Pottery Barn offers a 30-day return policy, even on used sheets.

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