7 Best Comforters of 2024: Tests and Reviews

7 Best Comforters of 2024: Tests and Reviews

For some reason I don't know, the best comforters in the world are always luxury hotel comforters. The same goes for ashtrays and rocks glasses, but no matter how much you spend on something at home, it's better to have something at a hotel. Hotel comforters are lighter, softer, fresher and more luxurious. It's perfectly cool when it's too hot, warm when it's cold, and you get home and look at what's on your bed and think, “Why can't I do that?”

As with anything that happens in a hotel room, part of its magic is that you only have to be with it for a few days (or even just a few hours) at a time. That's why Saatva's All-Year Down Alternative Comforter has set itself quite a challenge. For those of us who have seasons, not changing the duvet once or twice a year just invites discomfort. Still, after months of testing spanning over 100-degree summer heat and winter (which was fairly mild), Saatva passed with flying colors.

Of course, modern air conditioning and heating systems take much of the credit, but so does another technology: materials science. The down alternative here is made from semi-synthetic lyocell, which is highly breathable and traps very little body heat, the company claims. (The 340 GSM mid-thickness of this comforter and the 200 thread count of the cotton shell were chosen for breathability reasons as well.) I especially like this because the idling running temperature is higher than that of a Porsche 917. It's sensitive and that's why I passed on it. The topsheet, and I advocate natural fibers everywhere else, but synthetics have a distinct advantage when it comes to temperature regulation. Just ask any serious climber. Plus, unlike real feathers, your bedroom won't look like you're losing a fight with the goose.

And this comforter performed the hotel's clever trick. When it was cool it was warm and when it was warm it was cool. It wasn't too heavy, it wasn't too light, and somehow it always felt crispy. The construction, especially the reinforced stitching on the loops of the duvet cover, passed with flying colors, and I didn't wake up shivering thinking the day had been too long to admit that winter had arrived (although this winter was also very It was a mild winter). . Best of all, I was always happy to go home and watch it. Josh Condon

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