8 Best Duvet Inserts of 2024

8 Best Duvet Inserts of 2024

The Good Housekeeping Institute tests many bedding products throughout the year, including comforters, duvet inserts, and duvet covers. Our textile lab experts test duvet inserts in the lab using standardized equipment and collaborate with consumer testers who use these products at home and provide real user feedback. I am. IIn recent years, we've tested over 50 different comforter inserts., collect hundreds of data points for analysis. Some characteristics we evaluate are:

✔️ construction: Inspect the stitching on the seams, whether it has corner loops or tabs for attaching the duvet cover, and whether it is made with a baffle box design or a box stitch design.

✔️ Noise level: Some comforter inserts are made with wrinkled outer fabric, so we factor in noise in our lab and have testers rate how noisy the comforter is suitable for sleeping.

✔️ comfortable: Our testers check to see if the duvet insert is actually comfortable to sleep on, and share their opinions on properties like weight and the overall feel of the outer fabric.

✔️ Temperature: The tester will share whether your body temperature remains comfortable throughout the night and we will test the cooling function in our lab.

✔️ Washability: Wash your duvet insert to see how well it performs in the wash, whether it shrinks, and how it looks afterwards.

✔️ Down standard: We guarantee that our down products meet industry standards for down and feathers, including properties such as fill power and fill rate (feather and down content).

✔️ certification: We check whether our claims have been verified by trusted third parties such as the Responsible Feather Standard (which ensures ducks and geese are treated humanely), the World Recycling Standard, and the World Organic Textile Standard. Masu.

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