A couple shows off their super-fast hack to quickly put on a duvet cover

A couple shows off their super-fast hack to quickly put on a duvet cover

Twitter hack to put on a duvet cover

The blissful feeling of stepping into freshly washed bedding is one of life's simple pleasures. The smell of clean sheets and comforter sets, the cool, soft feel of the fabric, a little respite at the end of her long day. But getting there often requires a daunting feat of wrestling with the duvet cover to spread it out smoothly and evenly. This is a task that will test your patience and can make making your bed anything but gentle.

So it's no wonder that clever solutions to this all-too-familiar bedroom conflict keep popping up on social media and garnering a lot of attention.Inspired by a comically simple hack X's Figen @TheFigen_ (Formerly known as Twitter). This little gem has been shared thousands of times with hundreds of commenters praising its genius.

You might think that most people have already mastered how to use a duvet, but the comments show that people are still excited to learn how to do things more efficiently. Masu. One commenter said the hack was “crazy and genius at the same time,” while another admitted, “This was genius.” I've always struggled with this. I'm glad I finally found a way. ”

How to make

Anyone who has worked on a duvet cover knows that it can feel like a battle of wits between humans and bedding. Naturally, people are always looking for hacks to make processes faster and easier.

The process begins with the man stretching his arms out, holding the top corner of the cover from the inside with each hand, and slipping into the duvet cover turned inside out.

Meanwhile, his partner matches the corners of the duvet with the corners of the cover he is holding so that they match.

Then comes the magic moment that makes this hack a little different from others. The woman, still in the covers, gets behind the man, lifts her covers, and gently pulls them over both the man and the duvet. Finally, in a smooth upward motion, the duvet cover wraps around the duvet. And voila! When she pulls the cover all the way, the man inside the cover is left with a fully covered duvet.

Here's a simplified step-by-step how-to:

  • Turn the duvet cover inside out. One person (person A) steps into it, extends his arm and grabs the top two corners from the inside.
  • The second person (B) takes the duvet and aligns its top corner with the corner that A has on the inside of the cover.
  • Person B then moves behind Person A. Lift the duvet cover and gradually pull it up, making a smooth upward motion over both Person A and the duvet.
  • Continue pulling the duvet cover until the duvet is completely covered. Make sure the cover is spread evenly over the comforter.
  • Mr. A is still inside, holding the duvet completely tucked inside the covers. You can go outside with the duvet hanging neatly.

How to make a solo version

It's usually more fun to have a significant other or roommate help you with some tasks, but not everyone is willing, able, or willing to do so. If you're facing the duvet battle alone, one commenter pointed out that there's an easy way to get the job done alone.

“Turn the duvet cover inside out and put your arm inside. Place your hand on the top corner, grab the duvet from the corner of the cover, hold it, and flip the duvet cover over the duvet like this. Shake it and you're done! ”

Several commenters agreed that duvet cover jobs are always accomplished alone, but it's much more fun to have help.

Another common method of self-covering a futon is the burrito or sushi method.

  • First, spread the duvet cover on your bed and turn it inside out so that the opening is on the foot side.
  • Next, place the comforter on top of it, making sure the corners of the comforter and cover line up.
  • Begin rolling the comforter and cover together from the head of the bed to the foot, just like you would roll a burrito. Make sure to keep the material straight and tight.
  • After rolling, put your hands inside the edges and secure the corners of the comforter to the corresponding corners of the cover.
  • Finally, unfold the duvet that is currently in it.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to any household chore. This method is fun and takes a little time to process, but it may not work if you have an oversized duvet or cover, or if your partner is short. As some commenters pointed out. It's worth trying other hacks, like the burrito roll or one of the dozens of methods used by the creative people at X and TikTok. If you're tired of dealing with duvet covers, you might want to consider the ultimate hassle-free hack: a coverless duvet.

Rachel McPherson

Rachel McPherson

Rachel McPherson, BA, is a CPT, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Certified Exercise Nutrition Specialist, Certified Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness Trainer, and Painless Performance Specialist. She is passionate about providing readers with easy-to-understand, practical tips that make it easier to live an active, vibrant, and fulfilling life. When she's not doing her writing, she can be found doing heavy lifting, reading, exploring the outdoors, or watching the latest installment of the Star Wars universe. Masu. She lives in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada with her family and pets.

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