Bedsure All Season Down Alternative Comforter: We Tried It

Bedsure All Season Down Alternative Comforter: We Tried It

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Even though I test bedding for a living, I have never owned a comforter until recently. I have always loved the look of a basic white box-stitched comforter, and when I visit friends, I often see them in their bedrooms, sometimes with a duvet tucked inside, sometimes without. To tell you the truth, after snuggling up in my friends' beds (especially on movie nights), I had convinced myself that I didn't actually want my own comforter. Sure, it looked fluffy and inviting, but crawling under the heavy covers would have me sweating within minutes and kicking it off afterwards. But a bed with just a blanket on it looked sad and flat, so I began my search for a comforter that wouldn't be stuffy. That's when I came across Bedsure's All Season Down Alternative Comforter. A colleague here at AT had previously raved about this brand of bedding, so I decided to give this highly rated product a try. It's so good, it keeps you cozy and cool all night, even on warm nights.

What is the Bedsure All Season Down Alternative Comforter?

Amazon shoppers love this comforter, and over 53,000 5-star reviews are proof of that. It's easy to see why. It's available in eight sizes and 15 colors, so you can tuck it inside your duvet or use it on its own in fun hues like green and dusty blue. It's also 100% polyester, which made me hesitant at first. Polyester isn't the most breathable material, but for under $30, I thought it was worth a try. The polyester shell and filling provide just the right amount of warmth for colder weather, but the comforter is thin enough that the material doesn't retain too much heat. Plus, the box-stitched design distributes the filling evenly so it doesn't bunch up around your body. The comforter also has eight corner and side tabs that make it easy to attach to the inside of a duvet cover without worrying about it slipping off.

Why I Love Bedsure All Season Down Alternative Comforters

When my Bedsure duvet arrived, it was still chilly at night, but I found it warm enough with my cozy pajamas on. I loved that this bedspread stayed flat no matter how much I tossed and turned, whereas my previous blankets would get tangled around my feet all night. If you're looking for something really fluffy, this duvet probably isn't for you. It's medium thickness, so it's thinner than your average duvet but thicker than a regular blanket. So it looks great on its own, but even better tucked inside my duvet. My duvet cover doesn't have loops on the inside so I couldn't use the tabs on the duvet to secure it in place, but it was still easy to tuck in and shake out, and I was able to keep my bedding nice and tidy.

Over the past few weeks, temperatures in New York City have risen to the point where it's no longer possible to sleep with the heat on. I was worried that this comforter would make me too hot in the middle of the night, but thankfully that hasn't happened. In fact, the comforter keeps me at a comfortable temperature so I don't wake up shivering or with my clothes soaked with sweat. (As a side note, Bedsure also recently launched Breescape, a cool bedding line designed for hot nights.) I'm happy to have found exactly what I was looking for, and can't wait to continue using this comforter through the summer and beyond.

Buy it: Bedsure All Season Down Alternative Comforter, Queen, $26.99 (regularly $41.99)

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