Best Bamboo Bedding 2024: Pillowcases, Duvet Covers, Fitted Sheets

Best Bamboo Bedding 2024: Pillowcases, Duvet Covers, Fitted Sheets

With a list of health benefits as appealing as a summer duvet, there's plenty of reason to buy bamboo bedding. This organic material is naturally lightweight and breathable, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, boasts moisture and odor wicking properties, and is comparable to pure French flax linen when it comes to temperature regulation. This natural material keeps you comfortably cool in the summer and warm in the winter, making it an all-season bed sheet essential.

Bamboo bedding is known for its luxurious feel and its close relationship with silk, or even vegan silk. It's soft, supple, wash-resistant, and looks very expensive thanks to its light-catching shine and elegant drape.

But what trumps all of the above is its impressive eco certification. Known as a wonder plant, bamboo is one of the fastest growing species on earth, reaching up to 3 feet per day. This means very high yields per acre and land savings. From a more general sustainability perspective, compared to the seemingly harmless cotton, bamboo uses only a fraction of the water needed to grow, requires far less maintenance, and requires less pesticides, fertilizers, and Thrives without the need for unpleasant chemicals. Once we understand that, we can sleep peacefully.

What is the best bamboo bedding?

This complete bedding set is made with only organically grown bamboo fibers, making it silky soft and refreshingly breathable. With a thread count of 320 (equivalent to 1,200 in cotton), the quality is obvious.

John Lewis Tree Bamboo Satin Stitch Bedding

Featuring decorative satin stitching, this 100% viscose bamboo bedding brings hotel-style luxury to your bedroom. Pieces are sold separately so you can grow your collection whether you're dressing a double, king or super king size bed.

Pacitea Sleep Bamboo Sheet Set

This luxurious 100% bamboo bedding features a satin weave that gives it an extremely soft and supple feel. It not only feels like silk, but also looks like silk, with a beautiful luster that catches the light.

The best bamboo bedding at a glance…

What is bamboo viscose?

Bamboo viscose may sound like a hybrid of natural and man-made materials, but the term is associated with a manufacturing process in which bamboo leaves and stems are mechanically crushed and wet-spun to produce bamboo fibers. doing. The end result is silky strands of bamboo fiber that are ready to be woven into luxurious sheets.

How should I care for bamboo bedding?

Each brand has its own guidelines on how best to care for bamboo sheets, but in general, they should be washed cold and without fabric softeners, as this can affect breathability. You will be instructed to wash on a gentle cycle. Bamboo bedding can be tumble dried on a low temperature setting, but line drying is always best.

Would bamboo blends work as well?

Cotton or polyester blends are often much more affordable, and while you won't get the full benefits of 100% bamboo, there will still be a noticeable difference in feel and breathability. You may prefer the more formal look of crisp cotton instead of supple bamboo. In that case, a blend of bamboo and cotton is the best choice. Be sure to check the label for the percentage of bamboo used.

Is bamboo sustainable?

If you know anything about bamboo, you probably have bamboo growing there. very It grows fast, in fact, this plant is the fastest growing on earth, growing at a rate of up to 3 feet per day. Despite this, it requires only about a third of the water to grow (cotton is very water-intensive). Also, like other plants, they absorb carbon from the atmosphere and produce about 30% more oxygen than hardwoods. Therefore, it is safe to say that it is a sustainable choice for bedding material.

Where can you buy bamboo bedding in 2024?

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