Best bedding brands: Where to buy your bedding in 2024

Best bedding brands: Where to buy your bedding in 2024

It’s said that we spend a good third of our lives in bed – and for those of us partial to lengthy Sunday morning lie-ins, it’s probably more. Investing in good bedding from some of the best bedding brands out there is, therefore, worth its weight in gold.

Bedding, like shoes, is important to get right. Not just for comfort but in the style stakes, too. Over the last five years or so we’ve seen an explosion of dedicated bedding brands pop up with a focus on delivering top-quality duvet covers, some of the best sheets in the business, and pillowcases that are thoughtfully designed, environmentally friendly, and kind to our skin.

It’s no easy task to whittle down the best bedding brands, but the ones we love and keep returning to is a good start. Whether we’re shopping for bedding in pure French linen, Egyptian cotton, or a crisp percale, these are the best bedding brands to shop in 2024, and a few of our favourite duvet covers from each.

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Which bedding brands are the best?

John Lewis Crisp and Fresh 200 Egyptian Cotton Bedding

John Lewis Warm & Cosy Plain Brushed Cotton

With prices starting from £9.50 for pillowcases, John Lewis has one of the best ranges of bedding for that balance of price and quality. From Egyptian cotton options to some of our favourite brushed cotton sheets, plus a range of colours that extends beyond whites, greys and navys, it’s an easy option for any and all bedroom styles and sleepers, as well as various price points too.

The White Company Brecon Stripe Duvet Cover

The White Company Savoy Bed Linen Collection

The White Company has a reputation for high-quality, premium bedding, and after one night sleeping with its sheet sets, it is easy to see why. Super minimalist and neutral (the clue is in the name), all of the fabrics have a lovely luxury feel to them in chic, classic designs.

Soho Home Luna Linen Bedding

Featuring bedding that’s either inspired by or found in Soho House outposts around the world, Soho Home’s collection is one that you just know will look and feel good. From linen sheets that have a relaxed, summery feel (for the hot sleepers out there) to the brand’s House Duvet, it’s pretty hard to go wrong if you’re after a good night’s sleep with this hotel-quality range.

The best bedding brands at a glance…

GQ‘s picks of the best bedding brands and places to buy bedding in 2024…

If you’re looking for GQ’s picks of the best bedding brands and our favourite places to buy bedding, along with a couple of our favourite sets from each place, you can find a full list below.

It’s no secret that The White Company has some of the most elegant bedding on the market, all in chic neutral and minimalistic designs that can fit seamlessly into any space, elevating even the most tired of bed frames. All with a super luxe feel, we’re currently loving the brushed cotton textture of the Powys set for the colder months (that we’re still in), while the Savoy is a year-round staple.

The White Company Savoy

  • Reasons to buy: Luxury, hotel-quality bedding at its finest

The White Company Savoy Bed Linen Collection

With a high thread count of 400, the Savoy collection is smooth enough to fit right into any five-star hotel you could imagine. The finish is soft to the touch but with a nice crispness to it, while the subtle border elevates the look even further. We’d say this is a one-way ticket to peak elegance if we ever saw one. From £28. At

The White Company Brecon Stripe Bed Linen Collection

  • Reasons to buy: Cosy, but luxurious with a neutral stripe design that will look great in any bedroom

The White Company Brecon Stripe Duvet Cover

If the Savoy is all about luxury, think of the Brecon Stripe as its more relaxed cousin. Still chic and refined but giving off more of an elegant cosy vibe than a pristinely put-together one, it’s ideal for the chillier nights when you just want something a bit more comforting. The brushed cotton has a nice velvety, textured feel with the contrasting neutral stripe bringing a bit of personality to your space. From £20. At

If you’ve not yet spent a good chunk of time browsing through La Redoute’s interiors site, you’re missing a trick. An online marketplace, La Redoute’s mission is to platform French-style designers and brands in order to make them more globally accessible. The product line comes from France, with a range of pieces that are all, thankfully, pretty affordable as well. French interiors naturally have long been held in high esteem, so where better to track down some new bedding from? With designs that go bolder and take a more creative approach than some of the more minimalist British brands, incorporating texture more prominently and a variety of colours, you can shop classic chic looks and bright patterns alike.

La Redoute Interieurs Linot Plain 100% Washed Linen Duvet Cover

  • Reasons to buy: One of the most affordable linen bedding sets on the market that still packs a punch on quality

La Redoute Interieurs Linot Plain 100% Washed Linen Duvet Cover

Linen bedding can actually be pretty pricy, especially if you want some that doesn’t just feel rough against the skin, but soft and comfortable. La Redoute’s own brand has exactly the balance we’re after, made from 100 per cent washed linen (meaning it shouldn’t feel abrasive). The white linen design is the most versatile and easy to pair, but if you fancy being a bit more fun, La Redoute has 23 different colour options available for you to tailor to your bedroom. From taupe and grey-green to wisteria mauve and even an ochre yellow, the world is really your oyster with this selection. From £115 £81. At

La Redoute Interieurs Yacht Striped 100% Cotton Duvet Cover

  • Reasons to buy: The stripes add a fun, summery feel to your room to brighten it up year-round

La Redoute Interieurs Yacht Striped 100% Cotton Duvet Cover

If you want to get your bedroom feeling bright and summery throughout the year, nothing does it quite as well as channelling a nautical vibe with some fresh stripes. Aptly described by the French brand as ‘yacht style’, the design consists of thick neutral stripes in either a grey or navy colourway. Pop this in a guest bedroom and you’ll be fully giving anyone who stays a good dose of holiday buzz, while the 100 per cent cotton and machine washable design makes it durable, easy to clean and super comfortable. From £16 £13. At

Inspired by the pieces used in Soho House outposts around the world, you can be sure Soho Home’s bedding is well worthy of your attention. Made with high-quality materials, it’s all about creating a hotel-quality feel, but while also capturing the comforting and relaxed nature of home. The aesthetics are contemporary, with some sleek and some more rustic designs, as well as a nice range of colour options that finally put to bed the idea that to get hotel-standard pieces, you can only opt for white sheets.

Soho Home Luna Linen Duvet Cover

  • Reasons to buy: Softer than most linen bedding we’ve come across, this set from Soho Home is a favourite of ours

Soho Home Luna Linen Bedding

Linen has been trending for a while now, and this set from Soho Home is one of the more luxurious of the linen brands on the market. Made with 100 per cent natural flax-fibre linen and put through a laundry process before being ready for sale, the bedding forgoes any of the scratchiness that is too often associated with the material, instead being as soft and comfortable (if not more) as cotton. Pair that with its breathability and suitability for warm summers, and you’ve got yourself some impressive bedding. From £246 £160. At

Soho Home House Fitted Sheet

  • Reasons to buy: If you’re after hotel-standard sheets to go with your duvet cover, look no further

Made from 100 per cent cotton percale, Soho Home’s fitted and flat sheets are the perfect final piece you need in your bedding basket. Proving that it’s not all in the duvet cover and that your sheets choices are just as important, the House sheets combine a thread count of 300 with a cooling texture to help you stay comfortable overnight, whatever the weather. Used in Soho House bedrooms themselves, these cotton percale sheets are loved by guests around the globe just as much as they are by us. From £64. At

If you’re yet to discover Dusk, you’re missing a trick. This is a quality bedding brand, bringing you everything you need for the ultimate slumber, from bed frames and ottoman storage benches, to mattresses, bed linen and some of the best pillows – all at an invitingly affordable price. The brand keeps costs low thanks to a business model that has as much as possible going on in-house, from the sourcing of materials to the design process itself. Beyond the bedding, there’s also a range of larger furniture pieces including sofas and bed frames as well as curtains, towels, and bathroom accessories on offer.

Dusk Portofino 200 Thread Count Bedding

  • Reasons to buy: Deeply textured on one side and soft and smooth on the other, this chic bedding set is a joy to dive into

Dusk Portofino 200 Thread Count Bedding

With its tactile waffle-like design, this bedding offers the kind of laid-back appeal typically found with linen. Crafted from 100 per cent cotton and boasting a smooth percale weave with a thread count of 200 on the underside of both the duvet cover and the standard pillowcases, this gives you the best of both worlds with a cosy texture on top and a smooth, cool fabric on the reverse – flip your pillow to find your favourite side. As with all of Dusk’s night-time offering, the Portofino bedding boasts top craftsmanship and a fine finish – in this case a piped edge – which gives the duvet cover and pillowcases a bit of structure. The charcoal colourway adds a sexy slice of noir, too if you fancy going over to the dark side. From £50 £20. At

Dusk Cambridge 200 Thread Count Cotton Bedding

  • Reasons to buy: This crisp white set gives you a hotel-style look at home for a seriously tantalising price

Dusk Cambridge 200 Thread Count Cotton Bedding

Dusk’s Cambridge bedding is chic and minimal and it comes with the options of white, black or grey piping on both the duvet cover and the standard pillowcases. Whichever subtle colourway you plump for, the piping awards the set structure, allowing for a pleasing drape. Go for black or grey and you get an attractive, contrasting frame to your sheets, too. Available in single, double, king and super king sizes, the bedding is crafted from a 100 per cent cotton, 200 thread count percale weave, which makes it crisp and cosy in equal measure. From £38 £15. At

Best known for its high-tech, high-performance mattresses, Simba’s mission is to deliver the perfect night’s sleep. And while a comfy, supportive, breathable mattress is undoubtedly the foundation to that, the brand has gone on to expand its offering into duvets, pillows, mattress toppers and bed linen – all of which boast thoughtful design and innovative materials, as we’ve come to expect. The brand is also demonstrably active on sustainability with eco-friendly initiatives in place, including carbon neutral delivery and a commitment to becoming net zero by 2030.

Simba Performance Bed Linen, 200 Thread Count

  • Reasons to buy: This crisp white bedding offers a high-end finish at an affordable price. It’s also naturally hypoallergenic, breathable, and boasts temperature-regulating properties

Simba Performance Bed Linen

Sometimes the simplest designs are the best. This no-frills bedding set is all about the small details: think extra fine stitching and expertly hidden but secure buttons on the duvet cover. Made from 100 per cent cotton, and in a tight percale weave, this set provides a perfectly crisp look and feel. It’s also as invitingly cool and comfy as it looks with its temperature-regulating properties and its natural breathability, giving you all-season comfort. In pure snowy white, it offers a hotel-like look at an affordable price: the 200-thread count duvet cover and pillowcase set is more wallet-friendly than most high-performance bedding. From £60 £40. At

Simba Performance Bed Linen, 400 Thread Count

  • Reasons to buy: Soft and silky, this pure white bedding set brings hotel-quality luxury to the bedroom, it’s kind to the skin, and it’s made from sustainably sourced cotton

Simba Performance Bed Linen

In Simba’s satin weave, this 400 thread count bed linen boasts a subtle but noticeable sheen, which gives the duvet cover and pillowcases a touch of luxury above the brand’s 200 thread count Performance set. As with the percale weave, the bedding is all about the thoughtfully designed details that make up its fine finish, alongside its crisp, clean look in bright, light-reflecting white. Add to that an extra smooth and supple feel and you’re positively invited to slink into this breathable bedding – and to move around with ease. Whether you plump for the percale or satin, the brand uses only sustainably sourced materials, being proud members of the Better Cotton Initiative. From £80 £60. At

As one of the leading department stores in the UK, John Lewis is pretty well known for its furniture and homewares, and its bedding is fully deserving of a part in that collection. High quality, long-lasting, soft and available in a whole range of colours and designs, it’s one of the best all-round ranges on the market, whether you’re after cosier brushed cotton sheets or lightweight Egyptian cotton sets.

John Lewis Crisp and Fresh 200 TC Egyptian Cotton Bedding

  • Reasons to buy: Comes in a range of colours from pinks and blues to simple neutrals

John Lewis Crisp and Fresh 200 Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Egyptian cotton bedding is one of the most versatile options, making it a great investment for those who like minimal stress. Use them year-round for warmth in winter and cooling temperature regulation in the summer while enjoying how soft and smooth they feel throughout. We’d say that’s an easy win. From £3. At

John Lewis Warm & Cosy Brushed Cotton Bedding

  • Reasons to buy: Soft and cosy for winter without pilling too much over time

John Lewis Warm & Cosy Plain Brushed Cotton

Brushed cotton bedding is our absolute go-to for freezing cold winter nights, adding plenty of texture that’s soft to the touch and helps keep in the heat when the temperature drops. Often it’s hard to find good options in colours that extend beyond just a plain white, so we love the fact you can opt for anything from a dark red marlot to blue and green shades to keep your winter bedding just as fun as what you have for summer. From £30. At

Brooklinen is based out of the US but don’t let the Atlantic get in the way of getting yourself a great night’s sleep with some of the best bedding there is out there. Describing itself as “the internet’s favourite sheets”, Brooklinen bedding has more than 100,000 five-star reviews. It was founded in 2014 and it had one goal in mind: to make you comfortable. There is a huge range of bedding available, from washed linen to classic percale – you’ll just have to get it shipped from the US so keep that in mind for delivery times.

Brooklinen Brushed Linen Hardcore Bundle

  • Reasons to buy: We love the speckled finish on these sheets, plus they are breathable and cosy

Brooklinen Brushed Flannel Hardcore Bundle

Made from 100 per cent cotton flannel, Brookline’s Brushed Flannel Hardcore Bundle comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, duvet cover and four pillowcases. We absolutely love the speckled finish, which comes in white and black, midnight or moss, and there are a range of bedding sizes on offer. The ultra-soft material is woven in Portugal, is OEKO-TEX certified for chemical safety and you can easily mix and match if you want to spice things up a little. From £340 £230. At

Brooklinen Luxe Sateen

  • Reasons to buy: Offering a selection of colours and patterns and a silk smooth finish, the Luxe Sateen sheets are a must have

Brooklinen Luxe Sateen Core Sheet Set

Offering buttery smooth softness, the Brooklinen Luxe Sateen Bedding is among the company’s best-selling sheets. You can buy sheets and covers separately, or you can save by buying a bundle which includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillowcases, alongside a duvet cover and two additional pillowcases. There are 18 colour options to choose from, all of which offer a simplistic and elegant finish, and they are said to get better with every wash. Constructed from a 480 thread count long-staple cotton with a one-yarn-under and three-yarn over weave, you’ll find a silky shine and lovely soft feel. Absolute bliss. From £127 £107. At

Plenty of high-street clothing brands have delved into the world of homeware and bedding over the past decade, but H&M Home has to be one of our favourites. The key here is in the materials and the design, with super soft sheets and duvet covers, all of which come in aesthetically pleasing colours that all feel contemporary and fresh.

H&M Home Linen Duvet Cover Set

  • Reasons to buy: Available in seven different colourways, this linen duvet cover set is perfect for summer evenings, thanks to the natural breathability of the linen fabric

H&M Home Linen Duvet Cover Set

Linen bedding is our go-to in the summer, and this set from H&M home is a real gem. Made from 100 per cent washed linen, the set is designed to keep you cool, regulating your temperature throughout the night by absorbing excess moisture, while also encouraging airflow. There are also plenty of colour choices that you can choose between too, with our favourites being the light grey or the bolder mocha beige. From £120. At

H&M Home Cotton Duvet Cover Set

  • Reasons to buy: In line with H&M’s brand, this duvet cover set is nice and affordable, at just £35 for a double

H&M Home Cotton Duvet Cover Set

Bedding doesn’t always need to come at a super high price to make it worth your while, and this set from H&M home proves just that. Much more budget friendly than some other brands’ similar designs, this set is made from 100 per cent cotton, for a soft and breathable feel. At just 144, the thread count is on the lower side of cotton duvet covers, but if you’re trying to keep things more affordable, it’s a good choice. £35. At

Dunelm claims to be the UK’s leading home furniture retailer, offering everything from the small finishing touches you add to the sideboard in your living room, to the bedding on your bed. It was founded in 1979 by the Adderley family and it started as a curtains stall, so if there is anything Dunelm knows well, it’s textiles (and bedding, of course, falls under this). You’ll find a huge bedding selection within Dunelm’s pages online and aisles in store, with plenty of styles to suit a multitude of budgets.

Dunelm Soft & Cosy Luxury Cotton Bedding

  • Reasons to buy: Made from brushed cotton, these sheets are lovely and soft, breathable and come in a selection colours

Dunelm Soft & Cosy Luxury Cotton Sheets

Dunelm’s Soft & Cosy Luxury Cotton Sheets are some of our favourite bedding, made from a luxurious brushed cotton that’s lightweight and breathable but still offers a soft and cosy feel. Machine washable for convenience and available in a huge range of colours, bedding sizes and bedsheet depths, these are great value and wonderfully comfortable. Colours range from a gold colour to a neutral grey and, of course, brilliant white. You’ll find everything from a fitted sheet to duvet colours and pillowcase sets. From £13. At

Dunelm Dorma Egyptian Cotton 400 Thread Count Percale White Duvet Cover

  • Reasons to buy: If you’re looking for luxury Egyptian cotton bedding on a budget, these Dorma sheets are some of the best available

Dunelm Dorma Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover

Dunelm is great for delivering good quality on a budget and the Dorma Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover is luxurious, smooth and stylish without putting too much of a hole in your wallet. Offering a 400 thread count, the Dorma Egyptian Cotton Duvet will give you a five star hotel feel thanks to its 100 per cent Egyptian cotton construction. It offers a zipper construction, too, which can be preferable to buttons depending on what you like and there’s a 10-year guarantee on offer here too. From £46. At

Marks and Spencer doesn’t really need much introduction. The brand has been around since 1884, founded by Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer and it has a range of nicknames from M&S to Marks and Sparks. It’s a go-to and trusted retailer for anything from clothing and furniture to food and children’s clothes. Unsurprisingly given the topic of this article, bedding is also among some of the great things it sells, with a range of styles and budgets, all of which are excellent quality.

Marks & Spencer Egyptian Cotton Bedding

  • Reasons to buy: Comes in a huge range of colour and size options, whilst also offering StayNew technology to keep sheets fresh wash after wash

Marks & Spencer Egyptian Cotton Bedding

If you’re after quality bedding without breaking the bank, Marks & Spencer will have you covered with its Egyptian Cotton Bedding set available in a range of sizes and a number of colour options. You’ll find everything from simple neutrals to a dusted Maeve and antique gold for when you want to add a bit of colour to your space. This bedding comes with a 230 thread count, so it’s not the highest out there, but it’s crafted from pure Egyptian cotton with a durable percale finish. And it comes with the company’s StayNew technology to keep it fresh, wash after wash. From £38. At

Marks & Spencer Pure Linen Bedding Set

  • Reasons to buy: Great set of colour options and made from breathable 100 per cent linen for a cool and temperature regulated sleep

Marks & Spencer Pure Linen Bedding Set

If Egyptian Cotton isn’t your bag but you fancy trying linen, M&S has you covered there, too. Offering a timeless elegance, the Pure Linen Bedding Set comes in a variety of sizes from Single to Super King and you can buy it as a set or pillowcases and sheets separately. The best thing about this bedding set, apart from the fact that it’s made from 100 per cent linen and is breathable for temperature regulation and a cool sleep, is how many colour options there are. It comes in 11 colours, with everything from Bright Sage and Clay to more neutral tones in White and Natural. We are big, big fans. From £75 at

With its no-frills approach to packaging, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is a brand that doesn’t value the finer details – but you’d be wrong. Soak & Sleep’s raison d’être is high-quality bedding at the best possible price. The brand works directly with factories to avoid unnecessary mark-ups and yes, there’s the utilitarian packaging, but it’s what’s inside that truly counts. This is a one-stop-shop for luxury slumber, whether you’re looking to elevate your sleep space with a feather and down winter duvet, or you’re after a smart set of Oxford pillowcases to finish your crisp white bedding set.

Soak & Sleep 600 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Bedding

  • Reasons to buy: Egyptian cotton is renowned for its breathability and moisture-wicking properties, and this smart set proves perfectly comfortable throughout the night

Soak & Sleep 600 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Soak & Sleep’s highest thread count Egyptian cotton doesn’t disappoint. In snowy white with a 5mm grey marrow stitch cording, the look is crisp and the feel is smooth and sumptuous. The 600 thread count bedding boasts a huge choice of buying options, also coming in pure white, grey and ivory colourways. The bedding is crafted in a sateen weave with piled yarns and proves wonderfully supple. It drapes beautifully while the silvery cording frames the bedding, awarding it structure. From £32. At

Soak & Sleep White 300 TC Easycare Cotton Bedding

  • Reasons to buy: While linen may be known as the best low-maintenance bedding, this 300 thread count range, made with Tencel, is just as easy on the ironing

Soak & Sleep White 300TC Easycare Cotton Bedding

Crafted with Tencel, a material derived from wood pulp, these duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases are naturally breathable while their light texture helps with crease resistance. The fabric is also reassuringly planet-kind, the wood pulp being sourced from sustainably-managed forests. Duvet covers range in size from single up to super king; Oxford or housewife pillowcases are sold in pairs or sets of four; and there’s even the choice of deep fitted sheets – because there’s nothing more annoying than the corners pinging off in the middle of the night. From £18. At

Launched in 2017 by husband and wife team Jonathan and Emily Attwood, Scooms was born out of a desire to find the perfect bedding that would not only look and feel luxurious but would be suitable for allergy sufferers, too, as Emily is allergic to dust mites. The result is a thoughtfully designed collection of duvets and pillows, towels and accessories, and sumptuous sheets in either pure French flax linen or the finest quality Egyptian cotton – 600 thread count as standard. The pair are also passionate about sustainability, with a focus on natural, responsibly-sourced materials and plastic-free packaging.

Scooms Egyptian Cotton Bedding Bundle

  • Reasons to buy: This luxurious bedding will give your sleep space the look and feel of a top hotel. In pure white, and with an Oxford finish, it’s a timeless classic

Scooms Egyptian Cotton Bedding Bundle

Tangibly top quality, this Egyptian cotton bedding boasts an impressive 600 thread count and is crafted in a silky-soft sateen weave, making it wonderfully smooth and supple. It boasts a smart Oxford design, meaning the duvet cover is finished with the same 5cm border and marrow stitch as the pillowcases, awarding it a bit of structure and a neat overhang, without the duvet simply spilling off the bed. The sheets are helpfully labelled at the foot end to show you which way round it goes – another thoughtful design detail. In pure snowy white, and with sizes going up to super king, this is five-star hotel luxury at home. From £162. At

Scooms Linen Bedding Bundle

  • Reasons to buy: In the lightest grey, this soft linen bedding is positively cloud-like. It’s also naturally breathable and hypoallergenic.

Scooms Linen Bedding Bundle

While some linen bedding can be weighty, this set is surprisingly light, which speaks to its high quality. But don’t let that put you off in the winter months. The duvet cover, sheet and pillowcases are also supremely soft and cosy, promising to keep you toasty warm when you need it, and cool as a cucumber when you don’t – and that’s the beauty of this 100 per cent linen set, made from pure French flax. As with all of Scooms’ offerings, there’s an impressive attention to detail, too. From £189. At

Jessica Hanley started Piglet around five years ago in her mother’s West Sussex garden shed – the very definition of cottage industry. With a focus on sustainably-sourced natural materials and top-quality linen wares, the brand has since garnered a huge audience of discerning homemakers looking to inject a laid-back and timeless feel into their décor. It’s all about finding beauty in the every day: Piglet’s products are beautifully made – but they’re made to be lived in and loved. The brand now offers cotton bedding, sleepwear and homeware, including ceramics and jute rugs, alongside its core linen bedding offering.

Piglet in Bed Linen Bedding

  • Reasons to buy: This money-saving bundle comes in a mid-toned earthy shade that adds immediate warmth to the bedroom, even on the coldest nights

Piglet in Bed Linen Bedding

Piglet in Bed Linen bedding is fashioned from 100 per cent stonewashed European flax and boasts a luxuriously light and soft feel. As with all of Piglet’s linen offering, the duvet cover, sheet and pillowcases boast an attractive crumpled texture, which catches the light beautifully. The duvet cover is finished with delicate wooden buttons, further adding to the all-natural look. This one comes pre-washed for softness, and to ensure it doesn’t shrink or fade. On the contrary, it only gets better with wear and multiple washes. From £45 £36. At

Rise & Fall partners with luxury manufacturers – the same ones that work for the luxury brands we all know and love – to bring high quality products, but without the high price tags. It has menswear, womenswear and homeware arms, and within its homewares section, there is some gorgeous bedding. You’ll find three ranges – Soft and Smooth, Crisp and Cool and Relaxed and Refined – but it’s not just about alliteration; these ranges offer both comfort and style for a dreamy night’s sleep at affordable prices.

The Crisp & Cool Organic Classic Duvet Set Bundle

  • Reasons to buy: Breathable for a cool, calm and collected sleep, the Rise & Fall Crisp and Cool set comes in four gorgeous colours too

If you’re a hot sleeper and you tend to get a little sweaty under those covers – especially in the summer – Rise & Fall’s Crisp & Cool Organic Classic Duvet Set will be perfect for you. Offering a 400 thread count with a percale weave, it’s cool to touch, whilst being gloriously soft and gentle on your skin. There’s extra-wide grippy elastic on the fitted sheet to make sure it stays on your mattress, even if you have an extra deep one, and the set is made from using GOTS certified organic cotton. A range of size options are available, and this set comes in four colour options including White, Buttermilk, Pebble and White with Navy Piping. From £90 at

Partners in life and in business, Genevieve Rosen-Biller and Alan Biller started Bed Threads with a desire to find pure, 100 per cent linen bedding for their home. It needed to be top quality, low-maintenance, easy on the environment, and affordable – a tall order even a few years ago. That old adage, ‘if you want something doing, do it yourself’, rang true for the pair, who launched the brand in 2017 and haven’t looked back since. Alongside the linen bedding, Bed Threads also offers bathroom textiles, tableware, sleepwear, and some covetable home accessories, too.

Bed Threads Stripe 100% French Flax Linen Bedding

  • Reasons to buy: This delicately lined bedding offers an alternative to the typical monochrome linen sets, but it’s just as relaxed and low-maintenance

Bed Threads Stripe 100% French Flax Linen Bedding

A Breton stripe brings a cool, nautical flair to the bedroom, and this fine-lined number in natural ecru is effortlessly chic. Sold individually or in money-saving bundles, the duvet cover, sheets and pillowcases are crafted from 100 per cent French flax and boast a supple feel that softens after every wash. Despite the strict parallel lines, this one offers a relaxed, laid-back look, adding textural interest to our bedroom. Standard pillowcases are finished with a clean envelope opening for a snug and secure fit, while the duvet cover boasts a neat button closure. From £220. At

Bed Threads Hazelnut 100% French Flax Linen Bedding

  • Reasons to buy: Scoring points on versatility, this earthy-toned bedding can be mixed and matched to create a warming colour palette

Bed Threads Hazelnut Linen Bedding

What makes Bed Threads stand out against other linen bedding brands is its seriously impressive range of colours. All nature-inspired and sold individually, you can build up your bedding set to include wonderfully tonal combinations, pairing Pink Clay with Rust, Sage with Olive, or Petrol with Lavender. Hazelnut is a mid-toned, earthy shade that brings immediate warmth to the bedroom, and it complements a rustic wooden bed frame particularly well. As with all of Bed Threads’ linen bedding, this set proves perfectly snug in the winter and cool in the summer months, and it comes with all the wellbeing benefits of sleeping in the natural fabric. From £220. At

How do I choose the right bedding?

Bedding can be pretty personal, and much of your choice depends on your needs, as well as the style you want to go for. The finest Egyptian cotton can bring hotel-style crispness to your sleep space, while low-maintenance French linen gives you a much more relaxed aesthetic. Meanwhile silk pillowcases have skin and hair benefits, while organic cotton bedding is responsibly made. Look for bed sheets that offer breathability, and temperature-regulating properties and you’ll have year-round comfort.

How important is thread count?

Thread count literally means the number of threads, or yarns of fabric, counted within a square inch of the material. This is particularly pertinent if you’re choosing cotton bedding. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the thread count, the better the quality. That said, fabrics like linen and silk are seen as equally luxurious, but are less reliant on thread count to tell you they’re worth investing in.

How do bedding bundles work?

While there’s definitely something to be said for buying bedding pieces individually – especially if you want to build up your collection over time, most contemporary bedding brands offer handy bundles, meaning you can buy your duvet cover, sheet and pair of pillowcases in one fell swoop – and save as much as 20 per cent off the overall cost.


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