Best Duvet Covers (2024) | Sleepopolis

Best Duvet Covers (2024) | Sleepopolis

If you sleep with a duvet, odds are you want a cover to keep your duvet clean and add some stylish flair to your bedroom. Plus, you can always keep multiple duvet covers if you want to switch up your style or change with the seasons. To help you find the perfect duvet cover for you, we’ve rounded up five of the best duvet covers. We’ll also go over some shopping tips toward the end of this article to make your shopping journey seamless.

Our Top Pick for Best Duvet Covers

The Brooklinen Classic Duvet Cover earned our top spot because of its versatility and value price. Made from breathable, crisp cotton percale and available in a variety of colors, this duvet cover should appeal to many people.

Best Duvet Covers 2024

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Brooklinen Classic Duvet Cover

The Brooklinen Classic duvet cover is made from long-staple cotton in a percale weave. It is available in a variety of color options.

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Brooklinen is a go-to brand for quality bedding and this duvet cover is no exception. Made from 100 percent long-staple cotton in a crisp percale weave with a 270-thread count, this duvet cover is soft, smooth, and breathable. We love how lightweight this duvet cover is — it works nicely as a cover without adding too much bulk to your duvet. The cover features ties to attach it to your duvet and large buttons to make it easy to take on and off.

What our tester says: “The large button closures are a great detail on this duvet cover, as they are easy to use and keep the end of the duvet shut.” – Amelia Jerden, senior staff writer

Who the Brooklinen Classic Duvet Cover Is Good For

  • Shoppers who want color options: Like almost all Brooklinen bedding products, this duvet cover is available in a wide variety of colors. It’s always available in “Essential” neutrals, but Brooklinen offers fun limited edition colors and patterns as well.
  • Hot sleepers: Percale cotton is one of the lightest, most breathable materials for bedding, making it a great pick for those who run hot at night.
  • Shoppers who want matching bedding: If you want to go all-in on matching bedding, you can easily bundle this duvet cover with Brooklinen’s matching percale sheets, the Classic Core sheet set.

Who Should Avoid the Brooklinen Classic Duvet Cover

  • Those who don’t like a crisp feel: Brooklinen’s percale cotton has a crisp feel that may not appeal to everyone, especially folks who prefer an ultra-soft, buttery feel.
  • Ties may not stay secure: Using ties to secure the cover to the duvet insert isn’t the most secure attachment method, compared to buttons or clips. One Sleepopolis editor sleeps with this duvet cover at home and has experienced the ties being faulty.
Cozy Earth Bamboo Duvet Cover

Made with bamboo viscose, this duvet cover from Cozy Earth is soft, silky, and cooling.

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Cozy Earth offers a variety of bamboo bedding products, including their Bamboo duvet cover. Bamboo viscose is a really great material for hot sleepers or to use in warm weather because it is not only temperature-regulating, but also moisture-wicking. So if you do happen to get a little sweaty, the bamboo viscose will wick the moisture away. Cozy Earth’s bamboo duvet cover is made from 100 percent bamboo viscose and includes snap closures to attach the cover to your duvet of choice, as well as a bottom tie closure.

What our tester says: “Sleeping under the Cozy Earth Bamboo duvet cover feels like pure luxury.” – Amelia Jerden, senior staff writer

Who the Cozy Earth Bamboo Duvet Cover Is Good For

  • Those who love a silky feel: The Cozy Earth Bamboo duvet cover has a luxuriously silky smooth feel that can seriously upgrade your duvet.
  • Shoppers who want a good warranty: Cozy Earth backs up their confidence in this product’s durability with an impressive 10-year warranty.
  • Shoppers who like muted colors: This duvet cover is available in seven different colors, all neutrals or muted earth tones.

Who Should Avoid the Cozy Earth Bamboo Duvet Cover

  • Budget shoppers: This duvet cover rings in over $350 for a queen size at full retail, so it may not be a great choice for shoppers on a budget.
  • Tie closures may not be secure: While this duvet cover uses snap closures inside to attach the duvet insert to the cover, it has ties at the end of the cover. These ties felt very slippery and not fully secure when we tested this cover in our studio.
SIJO AiryWeight Eucalyptus Duvet Cover

The SIJO AiryWeight Eucalyptus duvet cover is silky soft and cooling, thanks to the Tencel fabric it is made with.

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This duvet cover from SIJO is made from Tencel, a eucalyptus lyocell fabric and one of the more sustainable alternatives to viscose. Tencel is fantastic because it’s soft and smooth, but also cooling and moisture-wicking. Another benefit of this material is that it is hypoallergenic, so folks with allergies can rest comfortably. The cover features ties to attach to a duvet insert, as well as button closures, and is available in seven colors. But best of all, this duvet cover is available for a great value price. It is just under $140 for a queen size at full retail, which is a really reasonable price for a high-quality duvet cover like this one.

What our tester says: “One of my favorite things about the AiryWeight Eucalyptus cover is how it feels. The Tencel fabric is so soft and smooth and is really cozy.” – Amelia Jerden, senior staff writer

Who the SIJO AiryWeight Eucalyptus Duvet Cover Is Good For

  • Those who love a silky feel: We found the SIJO AiryWeight Eucalyptus duvet cover to have an ultra-soft, silky feel in testing.
  • Hot sleepers: Folks who run hot should appreciate the cooling properties Tencel offers.
  • Eco-conscious shoppers: Tencel is a more eco-friendly alternative to viscoses, as it is made in a less energy-consumptive process that uses fewer harmful chemicals to produce the fabric.

Who Should Avoid the SIJO AiryWeight Eucalyptus Duvet Cover

  • Cold sleepers: This lightweight, cooling Tencel duvet cover isn’t ideal for keeping warm in colder months.
  • Shoppers looking for bold colors: The SIJO AiryWeight Eucalyptus duvet cover comes in some great color options, but they are mostly neutral or muted colors. If you’re looking for a bold statement piece, this cover isn’t the best option for you.
Purple PerfectStay Duvet Cover

The Purple PerfectStay duvet cover has a 3-sided opening to make assembling your duvet insert and cover easy. It uses Velcro to easily attach to the Purple TempBalance duvet insert.

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Purple is probably best known for their unique Purple grid mattresses, but the brand also offers a variety of bedding options, including this PerfectStay duvet cover. This duvet cover is made from 100 percent cotton in a sateen weave, making it soft and cozy. What makes this duvet cover so easy to use is that it has a 3-sided opening, so you don’t have to learn any complex duvet cover strategies or struggle to get the insert into the cover. All you have to do is unzip the cover and lay your duvet insert inside. And if you have the matching Purple TempBalance duvet insert, you can Velcro the cover and insert together. Easy peasy!

What our tester says: “If you’ve struggled to learn how to put a duvet cover on or have some mobility issues, the 3-sided opening on this duvet cover should make it much easier to assemble your duvet insert and cover.” – Amelia Jerden, senior staff writer

Who the Purple PerfectStay Duvet Cover Is Good For

  • Shoppers who want matching pillowcases: The Purple PerfectStay duvet covers come with matching pillow shams, a great perk for anyone who loves a coordinated bedding aesthetic.
  • Shoppers who want an all-season duvet: Sateen cotton is a great material for year-round use, as it allows for some breathability but is thick enough to provide warmth in the winter.
  • Those who have/want the Purple TempBalance duvet insert: This duvet cover is designed to work with the brand’s own duvet insert, which features a fuzzy border where you can attach the Velcro on the cover.

 Who Should Avoid the Purple PerfectStay Duvet Cover

  • Shoppers with other duvet inserts: While the Purple PerfectStay duvet cover can be used with other duvet inserts, there’s no good way to attach the duvet insert to the cover aside from the Velcro, so it will likely shift around inside.
  • Limited color options: This duvet cover is available in just a few colors, so options are limited if you are looking for a specific shade or pattern.
Parachute Organic Waffle Duvet Cover

The Parachute Organic Waffle duvet cover features a cotton waffle knit on one side and cotton percale on the other.

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“Organic waffle” might sound like a healthy breakfast, but in Parachute’s case, it’s a comfy and warm duvet cover. Made from 100 percent organic cotton, which is piece dyed for color consistency, this duvet cover is high quality and comfortable. One side of the cover features a waffle knit, while the other side is a crisp percale. This allows for both warmth and some breathability. The cotton is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified to be organic and this duvet cover is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, which means it meets the highest standards for chemical safety.

What our tester says: “Something about a cozy waffle knit just makes me want to snuggle up and get all warm and cozy, so that’s why I think this duvet cover from Parachute is a great option for use in the colder months.”  – Amelia Jerden, senior staff writer

Who the Parachute Organic Waffle Duvet Cover Is Best For

  • Shoppers who want matching pillowcases: This duvet cover comes with a matching set of pillow shams, to ensure coordination with your bedding.
  • Those who like a textured feel: Waffle knit offers a pleasantly plush and textured feel, making this a great pick for folks who want something different than the usual smoothness of most duvet covers.
  • Shoppers who value high quality: Parachute is known for their high-quality products and this duvet cover comes with the certifications to back that up.

Who Should Avoid the Parachute Organic Waffle Duvet Cover

  • Shoppers looking for color options: This duvet cover comes in two neutral colors — cream and mist — but with just two colors, you have much more limited options.
  • Budget shoppers: This cover is fairly pricey, so it may not be the best pick for shoppers with a tighter budget.

How We Picked

Now that you’ve seen our duvet cover picks, let’s dive into the methodology behind these choices. After all, when it comes to finding the perfect bedding, there’s a lot to consider.

cozy earth bamboo duvet cover sleeping

Sizing: In our experience, most bedding brands offer its duvet cover sets in a wide range of sizes. However, sometimes duvet covers only come in what’s referred to as a “standard/queen” size. Before you make your purchase, scroll through the product description until you reach the “dimensions” section. There, you’ll be able to figure out if your duvet or comforter will fit the exact measurements of the duvet cover.

Style: One of the best things about the duvet cover set is that it allows you to give your bedroom a quick makeover. If you get bored with the look of your bedding, there’s no need to sink money into a brand new comforter. Just change the duvet cover and pillowcases and — voila — you’ve got a brand new look.

Additionally, duvet covers are easily replaced and typically less expensive than a duvet or comforter itself. So, nothing is stopping you from having many different covers all bearing different designs and materials. When you’re in the mood to play with your bedroom decor, just swap out your duvet cover.

Fabrics: Just like the rest of your bedding essentials, it’s a good idea to shop for duvet cover sets according to the seasons. If you’re trying to sleep cool, we suggest going with breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics like linen, lightweight polyester, cotton, Tencel, or anything bamboo-based. Meanwhile, materials like brushed microfiber, flannel, silk, and fleece are much better insulators when the cold weather rolls in.

brooklinen classic duvet sleeping

Price: Finding the duvet cover set that’s perfect for you can help you get a better night’s sleep, so it’s important not to skimp on quality. That said, price does range quite a bit when it comes to bedding, so take some time to figure out what your personal budget is, and what kind of materials you like best. For a queen size duvet cover, you can expect to pay between $50 and $150, but there are many options beyond that range. Don’t forget: bedding brands frequently offer trial periods wherein you can test a product out before you commit, and we always suggest taking advantage of that when possible.

Construction: When it comes to the construction of your duvet cover sets, there are a few key things to look out for:

  • First, find out whether or not the cover features internal corner ties/buttons/snaps/etc. Most duvet covers do, but without them, there’s a good chance your comforter or duvet will slip and slide around within the cover.
  • Next, find out what kind of pillowcase closures appeal to you most. Do you prefer envelope closures on the side, or down the middle? Do you prefer a flanged border, or a traditional “bag style” fit? Duvet cover sets almost always come with pillowcases, so take some time to determine which style of pillowcase is your favorite.
  • Finally, pay attention to the duvet cover closures. In our experience, button closures are the most common, and many sleepers prefer them because they add a cute, aesthetic flare. But if you prefer total coverage and want to eliminate the possibility of any material spilling out of the gaps between buttons, go with a zipper closure. That’ll keep your duvet completely locked inside.

Sleepopolis Tips

Before you click the “buy” button, take some time to consider these details:

  • Always check the “materials” description before you make your purchase. Oftentimes, what looks like cotton is actually microfiber, and what looks like silk is actually bamboo or polyester satin. This might not always make a difference, but those with allergies, sensitive skin, or specific fabric preferences should make sure they’re getting exactly what they’re looking for.
  • Additionally, going with hypoallergenic materials is not just beneficial for those with allergies. In fact, aiming for duvet covers that advertise hypoallergenic or antimicrobial properties can often keep dust mites, mold and mildew at bay.

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve reached the end of our favorite duvet cover picks, you’ve probably decided which one is ideal for your unique sleep needs. But if not, don’t worry! The perfect duvet cover set can be hard to find, but a great night’s sleep is always worth the effort. In the meantime, allow this roundup to guide you in your search. Happy shopping!


What is the most comfortable fabric for a duvet?

It really depends on your personal preferences which fabric will be most comfortable for you. Cotton is almost always a safe bet, as it is soft and breathable. However, bamboo viscose or Tencel are great options for those who like a silkier feel.

Should I buy a duvet cover bigger than my duvet?

Most duvet covers are sold in standard sizes meant to fit duvet inserts, such as twin, full, queen, or king. In most cases, you shouldn’t need to buy a duvet cover that is a different size than your insert. However, because there can be some slight differences in measurements, we recommend checking the dimensions of the cover against the dimensions of your insert. If the cover is exactly the same size as your insert or smaller, it may not be a good choice.

Can I put a comforter in a duvet?

In many cases, yes, you can put a comforter into a duvet cover. However, most comforters do not have loops or another way to attach to the duvet cover, so it will likely shift around inside. Additionally, comforters are designed to be used without a cover, so it is generally easier to use a duvet insert with a cover rather than a comforter.

Why choose a duvet over a comforter?

Choosing between a duvet and comforter ultimately comes down to personal preference. If simplicity is your main goal, a comforter is usually the best answer, as most are machine washable and don’t require any assembly. However, there are some pros to duvets. With a duvet, you can wash just the cover, you can switch between duvet covers for different styles or feels, and sometimes you can only find higher-quality materials (such as down) in duvets.

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