Best Duvet Covers of 2024

Best Duvet Covers of 2024

$80 at L.L. Bean

ll bean duvet cover

Ultra Soft Comfort Flannel Duvet Cover

Best overall duvet cover

$109 at Target

Target duvet cover

Casaluna Thick Linen Blend Duvet Cover

best linen duvet covers

$116 at Shijo

shiho duvet cover shiho duvet cover

Shijo eucalyptus duvet cover

The perfect duvet cover for people who sleep in the heat

Switching from a comforter to a duvet cover may change your life, or at least your bedtime. The duvet cover is removable, machine washable, and customizable so you don't have to buy new duvets over and over again. If you need a new duvet cover for your old insert or worn-out comforter, we've rounded up the most comfortable, stylish, and durable options.

Our sleep experts carefully selected this list of the best duvet covers by considering customer reviews, well-known bedding brands, materials, and the look, feel, and cost of each duvet cover. The products featured on this list are the best of the best.

What is the best duvet cover?

The best duvet cover is LL Bean's Ultra Soft Comfort Flannel Duvet Cover. The soft flannel material is perfect for colder months, and when the weather starts to warm up, simply swap out the insert for a lightweight comforter. Considering the material and durability of this duvet cover, the price is one of its biggest selling points. It's less than $100.

All prices are shown for queen size.

Best Duvet Covers of 2024

L.L. Bean

LL Bean's best-selling Ultra-Soft Comfort Flannel Cover is our pick for the best duvet cover. Despite the name, this is technically a duvet cover and can be used with any duvet insert. The queen size is about 4 pounds without the insert, so the cover is comfortably weighted. Reviews say that the duvet cover is perfect for winter, but in the warm season you can replace the insert with a lighter one. The fibers are free of harmful substances and are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.

Cover colors include bay blue, driftwood, frost grey, heather grey, mariner blue, natural, silver sage, and white. Please note that it is not available on Twin XL or California King.

  • price: $$
  • size: Twin, Full, Queen, King
  • material: 100% brushed cotton flannel
  • Trial period:365 days
  • available colors:8

Strong Points:

  • heavy in warm weather
  • Gets softer with every wash
  • Hidden buttons and inner laces


  • Not available on Twin XL or Cali King
  • Not recommended for hot sleepers

the goal

This machine washable linen blend duvet cover is one of the most affordable covers on this list. The thick design is perfect for winter, but not recommended for people who sleep in the heat. Reviewers of this product praise its luxurious look and feel.

Covers come in many colors including warm brown, dark clay, dark grey, light grey, mauve, natural, rose, sage green, white, dark teal blue, moss green, terracotta and washed black. However, some colors are out of stock online. Casaluna is certified Made in Green by Oeko-Tex, meaning it is manufactured in an environmentally friendly factory and tested for hazardous substances. For Twin and Twin XL sizes, the cover is only available in two colors and is currently out of stock online.

  • price: $$
  • size: Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, King
  • material: Material that blends linen and rayon
  • Trial period:365 days
  • available colors:13

Strong Points:

  • Comes with 2 matching pillowcases
  • Oversized and trendy fit
  • Corner and side ties and zipper to hold insert


  • California king size not available
  • The fabric may be stretched and tear easily


Made from soft microfiber, Nestlé duvet cover sets offer great value for money. In addition to the plain comforter, this set also includes two pillowcases. It's machine washable and lightweight, making it perfect for hot weather. During colder months, you can add a thick comforter for extra warmth. Four corner ties and hidden buttons keep the insert in place.

Nestle duvet covers are available in 30 different color options. Unique colors include steel blue, vanilla yellow, taupe, teal, gray lavender, and off-white. Nestlé is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. Testing for hazardous substances is being carried out.

  • price: $
  • size: Twin/Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • material: microfiber
  • Trial period:45 days
  • available colors:30

Strong Points:

  • Also available in individual California king sizes
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Can be used in all seasons


  • Microfiber is not a luxury material
  • Short return period

cozy earth

This duvet cover is made from 100% premium viscose made from bamboo fabric. I love how the material of this cover feels like silk. It is lightweight and has the natural cooling sensation of bamboo, so it is recommended for people who are sensitive to heat. It looks luxurious on the bed and I love the trendy oversized look.

The cover is available in 9 colors including driftwood, sage, light gray, and charcoal. However, some colors sell out faster than others, so you may have to wait until the color you want is back in stock. Although Cozy Earth is a luxury brand, they often have sales. This duvet can be found on sale for about $250 if you keep your eyes peeled.

  • price: $$$
  • size: Twin, Queen/Full, King
  • material: Bamboo viscose
  • Trial period:100 nights
  • available colors:13

Strong Points:

  • Luxurious appearance and moisture wicking properties
  • silky smooth feel
  • Internal corner snaps to retain inserts and bottom ties


  • The most expensive thing on this list
  • Easy to wrinkle


Brooklinen is known for its luxury sheets, but it also carries pillows and shams, quilts and shams, blankets, mattress toppers, comforters and duvets. The classic duvet cover is made entirely of soft cotton and uses ties and large duvet buttons to keep the insert in place. The “long side” and “short side” are labeled. This duvet is the most expensive on this list, but Brooklinen usually has it on sale.

The cover is available in 11 colors and 4 colorful patterns. Limited edition colors (sold out fast) include Dusk Blue, Macadamia Tan, Sienna, Music Sphere, Warm Grey, Aqua Blue, Orchid, Limoncello, Cape Flora and Toffee. Brooklinen duvet covers and sheets are Oeko-Tex certified for chemical safety.

  • price: $$
  • size: Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, King/California King
  • material: Cotton
  • Trial period:365 days
  • available colors:20

Strong Points:

  • There are some bright colors and vibrant patterns
  • 100% long staple cotton
  • 270 thread count


  • $145+
  • Some colors and sizes may be out of stock quickly.


Bedsure duvet covers are made from polyester microfiber, making them soft and breathable. The cover is lightweight, weighing just over 3 pounds without the insert. If you are looking for a heavy and warm duvet cover, this thin cover will not cut it. The insert is held in place by corner ties, side ties, and a large zipper at the bottom. This is an unusual but useful feature for duvet covers.

Bedsure covers come in 13 solid colors including white, olive, sage green, light pink, black, and teal. Please note that this product is not Oeko-Tex certified.

  • price: $
  • size: Twin/Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Oversize King
  • material:Polyester microfiber blend
  • Trial period: 30 days
  • available colors:15

Strong Points:

  • California king size available separately
  • Comes with 2 pillow cases
  • thin and light


  • Not the most premium material
  • All returns must have original tags

they are shining

Sijo eucalyptus duvet covers are not only perfect for hot sleepers, but they're also the best eco-friendly option. Made entirely from sustainable eucalyptus fibers, this material is cool and moisture-wicking. The highly breathable eucalyptus fiber is also naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic. Four laces and a series of buttons hold the insert in place.

Sijo duvet covers are available in six solid colors: Snow, Fog, Dove, Blush, Sky, and Forest. The material is Oeko-Tex certified and contains no harmful chemicals. This duvet cover comes with free shipping, free returns and exchanges, and a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • price: $$
  • size: Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, King/California King
  • material: 100% Tencel Lyocell
  • Trial period: The 7th
  • available colors:6

Strong Points:

  • cooling and antibacterial
  • Certified allergy and asthma friendly
  • Usually available for under $120 during sales


  • Some pilling is normal with these natural fibers
  • Short risk-free trial period

Comforter vs. Duvet: What's the difference?

A comforter is a large piece of bedding similar to a blanket or quilt. It is often the top layer of the bed and is one unit. The filling inside the comforter cannot be removed without complete disassembly. A duvet insert is like a giant pillowcase for your comforter. Inserts can be placed inside the duvet cover to add a colorful, soft, and stylish touch.

A duvet cover is similar to a pillowcase in that it wraps around your bed's blanket, comforter, or duvet insert and is easily removed. Great if you sleep with pets (I do) or if you want to wash your bedding frequently. Duvet covers are easier to wash than large comforters.

How to choose the best duvet cover

Our sleep experts have carefully curated this list of the best duvet covers. We considered price, materials, customer reviews, available colors, size, and durability. In addition to real-world testing of these products, our duvet covers were selected for material, look, and feel to ultimately give you the best value.

Factors to consider when choosing a duvet cover

Before purchasing a new duvet cover, keep the following in mind:


Prices vary depending on the material and quality of the duvet cover. The most expensive duvet covers can cost anywhere from $250 to over $300. However, the most affordable products range from $80 to $120. Cheaper duvets are available, but be aware that you may be sacrificing material and durability.


Just like sheets and comforters, duvet covers come in a variety of sizes. The size of the duvet cover must match the size of the insert or comforter. If the cover is too large, excess fabric may collect and hang off the bed.


Duvet covers are typically made from cotton, linen, silk, wool, polyester, or a mixture of materials. The best material is the one that matches your type and what you are looking for in your bedding. For example, if you live in a cold climate and can't sleep because of the heat, or if you're looking for something to keep you warm in the winter, a wool or thick duvet cover is a great choice.


If you have a problem with your duvet cover or need to return it for any reason, be sure to check your warranty or return period. Some duvet covers have short return periods, but duvet covers like Brooklinen allow returns 365 days a year.

available colors

White is usually the most popular color and is often out of stock. Consider other colors or be prepared to wait until white is available again.

Best Duvet Cover FAQs

What is the best type of duvet cover to buy?

The best type of duvet cover to buy is one that is within your budget, fits your style, and adapts to your climate. For example, if you live in a warm climate, it's best to avoid wool and flannel, as they can make you sweat during the night. If you're looking for something to keep you warm in the winter, these materials are perfect for you.

What is the most breathable fabric for a duvet cover?

If you are sensitive to heat, you should choose a duvet cover made of breathable fabric. Some of the lightest materials include cotton, polyester, linen, and eucalyptus fibers.

Which duvet insert material is best?

The best duvet insert material will depend on your type (for example, hot sleepers and neutral sleepers will need different covers) and whether you live in a warm or cold climate. it's different. If you're a hot sleeper or live in a warm climate, consider inserts made of cotton, polyester, linen, eucalyptus fibers, or other lightweight materials. If you sleep peacefully, live in a cool climate, or need a warm duvet during the winter, goose or duck feathers, wool or down alternatives are good options.

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