Best Egyptian Cotton Bedding Sets UK 2024

Best Egyptian Cotton Bedding Sets UK 2024

Best Egyptian Cotton Bedding Sets UK 2024 – expert tested

</p><h2 class=”body-h2″>What is so special about Egyptian cotton? </h2><p>The growing conditions in Egypt enable the cotton plants to produce long, fine fibres which make a more premium yarn when spun. This means that as well as sharing cotton’s typical soft and breathable properties, Egyptian cotton is also more durable. </p><p>So, although it will set you back more, it should last for longer. And of course, when transformed into <a href=”” target=”_blank”>bedding</a>, it has that crisp, clean look that makes a <a href=”” target=”_blank”>hotel</a> stay feel extra special. </p><h2 class=”body-h2″>What is the difference between Egyptian cotton and cotton? </h2><p class=”body-text”>It really is all down to the fibre length. Cotton is still a great pick for bedding (and you can find some gorgeous <a href=”” target=”_blank”>tried and tested sets here</a>). But if your budget extends to Egyptian cotton, then you’ll be buying a longer lasting and even softer set of bedding. </p><p>Both Egyptian cotton and cotton generally come in two different weaves; percale which is slightly looser making it crisper and more breathable, and sateen which is tighter and therefore glossier and silkier. Both are still soft and smooth against your skin – so it all comes down to personal preference. </p><h2 class=”body-h2″>What is the best thread count for Egyptian cotton? </h2><p>Let’s first define thread count. This number refers to how many threads there are in a square inch of the fabric. The higher the number, the more tightly woven the material is. </p><p>You’d assume that a higher count is better, but that’s not strictly true. <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Linen bedding</a>, for example, has a typical thread count of around 200, but that’s what makes it so breathable and gives it that soft texture. </p><p>So the right thread count for you will depend on your particular tastes; if you’re looking for an indulgent hotel feel, go for a higher number. </p><p>The tried and tested products below all have a thread count of between 400 and 500. Just note that our testers found all the sets creased, so it may not be quite right if you don’t want to use your <a href=”” target=”_blank”>iron</a> and you don’t like the look of wrinkles. </p><h2 class=”body-h2″>How we test Egyptian cotton bedding </h2><p>Our experts find the best Egyptian cotton bedding sets through testing a <a href=”” target=”_blank”>duvet</a> cover, <a href=”” target=”_blank”>pillow</a> case and <a href=”” target=”_blank”>sheet</a> from each collection. Each set is tried by our reader panel (we enlisted 100 people in our latest hunt for the bedding of our dreams), who swap them in for up to a month. </p><p>Then, they report back about the set’s softness, comfort, breathability and design, including what it’s like to make the bed with and if it <a href=”” target=”_blank”>washes</a> okay. </p><p>Back at the Good Housekeeping Institute, our experts take a duvet cover from each set and carry out multiple wash tests. They measure its size before and after to check for any changes in shape or shrinkage. And they analyse any fading or colour changes. If a set comes in a selection of colours, then we’ll try this with two different shades to get a fuller picture. </p><p>Our experts collate all this information to award each bedding set a final score. Below, all the sets that have gone through this rigorous process are highlighted with the <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Good Housekeeping Institute Approved</a> logo. Then, in case you can’t find the colour or design you want among those, we’ve included some of our shopping editor’s best buys too. So you can truly create the perfect environment for your slumber. </p><p><em>All prices are for a UK double – either for</em><em> a whole set where available or a duvet cover. </em></p><hr><p><em>Love Good Housekeeping and want more of our Triple-Tested recipes, home tips, fashion inspiration, essential consumer advice and so much more delivered to your inbox? <a href=”” title=”” data-outlook-id=”45823837-2eb4-4b2d-a676-04be01f7b9bf” target=”_blank”>Sign up</a> to our FREE weekly newsletters, sit back and enjoy!</em></p>”/>

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