Best Linen Bedding of 2024: Home of John Lewis in Soho

Best Linen Bedding of 2024: Home of John Lewis in Soho

Linen bedding is a great example of how luxury doesn't necessarily have to be like new and require maintenance. Known for its relaxed, natural wrinkles, linen bedding offers stress-free comfort and an element of elegance that goes beyond standard bed sheets. In most cases, they don't need to be ironed or pressed like Egyptian cotton sheets. That means you can simply throw the sheets and duvet cover on your bed and enjoy how it looks in its natural state.

Apart from being easy to care for, linen bedding is also the best bed linen. Traditionally, linen suits and linen shirts are best known for being summer-appropriate, just as linen suits and linen shirts appear in the warmer months – we're sure of that – and linen fabrics Perfectly lightweight and breathable, it is well suited for this and is also perfect for year-round use. Whether it's winter or summer, its excellent breathability helps regulate temperature throughout the night, wicking away excess moisture and keeping you comfortable for a good night's sleep. Remember, it is also hypoallergenic and has natural bacterial resistance. Both of which make it a great choice for bedding for the more sensitive sleepers among us.

The benefits of linen bedding go beyond just looking good and being good for your body and sleep. It is also one of the most comfortable materials to sleep on. Of course, buying from the wrong brand will only leave you scratchy, uncomfortable, and wrinkled, but if you choose top-quality linen bedding, it will feel softer and smoother than cotton. Be sure to pair the best mattress with the best bed frame.

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What is the best linen bedding to buy in summer 2024?

We've gone into a little more detail about our top picks for the best linen bedding, but if you're in a hurry, we've included our favorites below to give you a quick overview of some linen bedding. The best linen bedding to buy for summer.

H&M Home Linen Duvet Cover Set

In earthy, muted tones, H&M Home's linen duvet covers have a Pinterest-friendly aesthetic, right down to the T-shirts. It's soft, breathable, and super comfortable, so you don't have to settle for just the white linen color option.

Panda bamboo and French linen bedding

Combining the softness of bamboo with the breathability of linen, Panda's high-quality linen bedding set includes a flat sheet, duvet cover, and pillow, giving you the best of both worlds. I can sleep soundly all summer long.

Best Affordable Linen Bedding: Westelm Linen Duvet Cover

Westelm European flax linen set

Can you buy a luxurious linen duvet cover for under £30? Please register. A great place to buy affordable bedding, Westelm's European flax linen duvet covers and pillowcases come in a variety of colors and are made from premium natural flax fabric.

Is linen bedding a good idea?

Did we mention the fact that you don't need to iron it? That aside, there's more to linen bedding than a luxury Instagram trend. Breathable, sustainable and moisture-wicking, these linen sheet sets are perfect for those who sleep hot in the summer, but can be used year-round for increased temperature regulation and breathability. The linens are completely biodegradable and once they need replacing, they look their best just by washing and drying them without any excess fluff and then putting them back on the bed. However, if you prefer a pancake-flat duvet or very light bedding, you may want to choose cotton sheets instead, as linen tends to feel a little heavy and doesn't look completely smooth. That's fine.

Which bedding is best for summer?

During the warm summer months, find bedding that prevents overheating. Cotton is also a good option, but linen is lightweight, breathable, and cool to the touch, making it our favorite solution for summer bedding. Even better, linen's natural temperature regulating properties will keep you warm in winter, so you don't have to worry about investing in new bedding sets every season. Linen bedding has many more benefits (antibacterial properties, temperature regulation, and durability), making it clearly the best option.

What should I pay attention to when buying linen bedding?

Make sure you get what you pay for. For maximum effectiveness, make sure your bedding is made from 100% linen and check the weave and thread count carefully. The weave is so loose that it shortens the life of the sheet and is worth paying extra for the highest quality finish. Don't worry if the sheets feel crispy at first. It becomes quite soft after washing. It's also worth looking for bedding that has been pre-washed and preshrunk to minimize future shrinkage and give you a head start in terms of hugging comfort.

How we choose the best linen bedding: GQreview process

team: Here at GQ, all interior guides are edited by Daphne Bugler. Daphne Bugler is one of the senior commerce writers on the team and has worked in the interiors field for the past three years, and since 2019 she has been working at GQ. Thanks to this time in the industry, she has worked closely with experts and knows what makes a good set of sheets and what doesn't. We've attended numerous trade shows and met regularly with most of the brands featured in this guide, so we've also given you deep insight into which collections and stores are worth shopping from in 2024. I am.

standard: Purchasing your linen bedding in the right place has some great benefits. It's soft, easy to clean, and most importantly, it's one of the best materials for temperature regulation. To find the best linen bedding to buy this year, we looked for duvet covers and pillowcases that ticked all of these boxes, but at the same time made sure you're looking for linens that are actually soft, rather than linens that are scratchy and uncomfortable. I also aimed to find out. . And of course, aesthetics also played a big role in our decision-making. Below you'll find a variety of colors and designs to take your bedroom setup to the next level for the new year.

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