Best Places To Buy Bedding 2024

Best Places To Buy Bedding 2024

There are endless factors involved in creating a comfortable sleep environment, from your choice of pillow to the thread count in your sheets. But the fact of the matter is, navigating the vast landscape of bedding options can be daunting, leaving many prospective buyers wondering where to even begin. Luckily, the best places to buy bedding are plentiful, with multiple destinations offering top-tier quality, variety and design. Once you know where to start shopping, you can begin creating a sleep sanctuary that you’re bound to enjoy diving into night after night. For 2024, Brooklinen is our top pick overall—but the market is packed with options.

With a dedication to craftsmanship, attention to detail and an array of options to suit every preference, each of the brands we’ve chosen to highlight have earned the trust and loyalty of tens of thousands of sleep enthusiasts. If you’re looking to take your sleep setup to the next level, check out our curated list of the best places to buy bedding, ahead.

  • Best Place To Buy Bedding Overall: Brooklinen
  • Best Place To Buy Down Pillows: Boll & Branch
  • Best Place To Buy Organic Bedding: Pottery Barn
  • Best Place To Buy Pillows For Side Sleepers: Purple
  • Best Place To Buy Deep-Pocket Sheets: Puffy
  • Best Place To Buy Bedding For Hot Sleepers: Cozy Earth
  • Best Place To Buy Bedding Bundles: Nectar
  • Best Place To Buy Bedding Accessories: Saatva
  • Best Place To Buy Bedding On A Budget: Target
  • Best Place To Buy Sheet Sets: Buffy
  • Best Place To Buy Pillows For Combination Sleepers: Coop Sleep Goods
  • Best Place To Buy Bedding: Value Bedding: Quince
  • Best Place To Buy Bedding: Comforter: L.L.Bean
  • Best Place To Buy Bedding: Bedding Sets: West Elm


Materials: 100% long-staple cotton | Sizes: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king | Key features: 480 thread count, Oeko-Tex certification, includes duvet cover and extra pillow cases

Brooklinen is in the affordable luxury category, meaning the brand sells top-of-the-line sheets, blankets, comforters and other home essentials at reasonable price points. I own the Brooklinen Sateen Hardcore Sheet Set and it made me appreciate the value of high-quality bedding. The sheets stay tightly gripped around my mattress and feel soft and buttery on my skin without being hot. They’re lighter and airier than other sateen sheets I’ve tested, a plus for people who tend to warm up at night. They’re also labeled with long and short tags, putting an end to the “which side does this go on” debate.

Another piece I love from Brooklinen is the All-Season Down Comforter; it’s what cotton candy cloud dreams are made of. It’s light and airy but keeps you warm at the same time—thanks to that luxurious down. The typical theme I see with Brooklinen products is they make your bed feel plush and luxe without giving you buyer’s remorse. Not to mention, the brand is often running a promo that helps you save 15% or more.

Fill: IDS certified down | Firmness: Soft, medium and firm | Sizes: Standard and king | Trial period: 30 days

Boll & Branch is a high-end bedding brand that makes me think of luxe, classic bedding—like the type you’d find at the Four Seasons. The Down Chamber Pillow is available in three different fill levels to accommodate different sleeping positions. The medium and firm fill are designed with a pillow-in-pillow design for added support, which helps prevent it from falling flat under your head.

Forbes Vetted commerce editor Maggie Badore says, “I highly recommend the Boll & Branch down pillows. I’ve been using one for over a year and the quality is still excellent. As a stomach sleeper, the soft option is perfect for me. It’s truly soft and I love that I can fluff it into the perfect shape under my face every night.”

Materials: 100% organic cotton | Sizes: Twin/twin XL, full, queen, king, California king | Key features: 400 thread count, GOTS certification (organic) and a matte finish

Sheets made with organic materials like GOTS-certified cotton are more breathable, moisture-wicking and eco-friendly than standard cotton sheets, and we are big fans of the Organic Percale set from Pottery Barn. They give your mattress a fresh, crisp feel and come with a very fair price tag.

Badore claims she’s “a big fan of Pottery Barn’s organic sheets. The quality is excellent (they never pill) and I’ve noticed they get softer with time. I also appreciate that Pottery Barn offers beautiful patterns and other elevated designs like embroidered trims, which can be harder to find when you also want certified organic fabrics. If you’re shopping for a little one, I’d also recommend Pottery Barn Kids for crib sheets and smaller bedding options in adorable prints.”

Fill: Gel fibers | Sizes: Standard and king | Trial period: 100 days | Warranty: 1 year

Side sleepers typically need a tall and firm pillow that keeps the neck in proper alignment with the spine, but expectations often fall flat (pun intended). Purple seems to have cracked the code, as the brand makes several pillows that are properly supportive for side sleepers of all sizes.

Forbes Vetted senior sleep editor Bridget Chapman says, “The Purple Cloud pillow is so comfortable for back and side sleeping. Although Purple’s known for having different types of products and materials than other brands, the Cloud Pillow has a traditional down-alternative feel. I think it’s very accurately named because it really does feel like I’m lying on a fluffy cloud that adjusts perfectly to my head and neck. Despite how soft it is, it’s still quite supportive and has kept up after a few years of use. I also appreciate how cool it sleeps and how it doesn’t clump.”

The Purple Harmony Pillow is another good choice for side sleepers but specifically those who like a less traditional feel, as it’s made with Purple’s signature squishy and bouncy Hyper Elastic Polymer.

Materials: 100% bamboo viscose | Sizes: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king | Key features: 300 thread count, Oeko-Tex certification and a sheen finish

Puffy made a name for itself with plush and airy mattresses that are as soft as a cloud (like the one featured in the brand’s logo) and then expanded into bedding products as a natural next step. The Signature Sheet Set from Puffy uses 100% bamboo viscose for a design that’s breathable, moisture-wicking and cozy to tuck yourself into.

According to Chapman, “These sheets are so soft, lightweight and cuddly. I tend to sleep hot and love bedding that’s cooling—so these are right up my alley. I don’t overheat with them, but I still feel like they’re super snuggly and comfy throughout the night. I also really like how deep the pockets are and that they have a durable elastic band to secure the fitted sheet in place.”

Materials: 100% bamboo viscose or silk | Sizes: Twin, full/queen, king | Key features: Bamboo viscose or mulberry silk design, 2 fill levels, duvet anchor loops

Cozy Earth is a brand that consistently lands on Oprah’s Favorite Things list and it’s easy to see why. My mattress is made up with several bedding pieces from Cozy Earth, including the Cozy Earth Comforter. Having a hot sleeper for a partner, I went with the bamboo viscose comforter and it walks a fine line between lightweight and cozy. It’s thinner and less fluffy than other comforters I’ve tested, but that’s the trick for maintaining a cool and comfy sleep.

If you do want that fluffy luxe comforter look, opt for the mulberry silk option with extra filling for maximum puffiness. I also own the Cloud Knit Throw and keep it folded at the base of my bed for a layered bedding look until I want to cuddle up with it.

Type: Hybrid or foam | Firmness: Medium-firm (6.5) | Trial period: 1 year | Warranty: Lifetime

Whether you’re in the market for a new mattress or not, Nectar is second to none when it comes to good deals and discounted bundles. If you buy its flagship Nectar Mattress, you can bundle it with a new pair of sheets, two pillows and an adjustable bed frame for big savings. You can also snag a quilt or weighted blanket for less if you bundle them with a Nectar Sheet Set. If you’re a sucker for a buy-one-get-one 50% off deal, I’d consider giving Nectar a try.

Nectar gained popularity with its dense memory foam feel that reminds sleepers of Tempur-Pedic, but it’s a sliver of the cost. It has since grown its catalog and offers an array of beds and bedding products, like the Nectar Premier Copper and a memory foam pillow that mimics the brand’s signature feel.

Materials: Mulberry silk cover, polyester fiber fill | Trial period: 45 days | Warranty: 1 year

Saatva is a major name in the online luxury mattress space and unsurprisingly has just as quality bedding and bedding accessories. The Saatva Silk Eye Mask is a good addition to your nighttime routine as it aims to help block ambient light, boost melatonin production and increase your slow-wave (deep) sleep. Bedding accessories made with silk can also help promote better skin and hair health because of the material’s smooth, hypoallergenic and cooling nature.

Chapman says, “This eye mask feels so luxurious and soft. I honestly have never really been an eye mask person until I got this one and now I love using it. I really like how well it fits and stays around my head throughout the night. It’s a nice weight and does a stellar job blocking out light. I use it at home and have also brought it along while traveling—it’s been very durable.”

Materials: 100% cotton | Sizes: Twin/twin XL, full, queen, king, California king | Key features: 400 thread count, Oeko-Tex certification and a matte finish

Before I had the luxury of testing products from various bedding brands, I turned to Target for a bulk of my bedding. The best thing about Target sheets, comforters and pillows is obviously the price, making it one of the best places to buy bedding for shoppers on a budget. It’s also a convenient brick-and-mortar choice if you aren’t in a place to wait a few days for an online delivery.

The Solid Performance Sheet Set has a 400 thread count, is made with 100% cotton and comes with short and long-side labels to take the guessing game out of making your bed. They remind me of percale sheets with their crisp feel and matte finish. I like to sub my sheet set from Target in and out of my guest room.

Materials: Lyocell | Sizes: Twin/twin XL, full, queen, king, California king | Key features: Highly breathable, lightweight, massive color selection

Buffy is a newer brand that’s not as well known as some of the others on our list, but it’s quietly making a name for itself. I own the Buffy Breeze Sheet Set, and it’s surprisingly lightweight and airy, making it perfect for warmer days, as well as those who tend to sleep hot. These sheets come in 34 different colors and patterns, making it nearly impossible to not find a set that will match your bedding. Buffy also offers an unprecedented option to do a seven-night free trial, after which you decide if you want to keep the sheets or return them, along with the ability to return sheets you’ve already purchased within 50 nights if you’re not satisfied.

Another piece I love from Buffy is the Cloud Comforter, which is an affordable blanket with a moderate weight that’s perfect for all seasons. A specialized stitching pattern keeps the fill from creating flat spots over time, and it’s surprisingly durable through multiple trips in the washer and dryer, coming out perfectly fluffed each time. The overall effect of Buffy products is a luxurious feel, without the guilt of a hefty price tag.

Fill: Memory foam and microfiber | Firmness: Soft, medium and firm | Sizes: Queen and king | Trial period: 100 nights

Coop’s Original Adjustable Pillow was my first foray into adjustable pillows, and it made me realize very quickly that I had been missing out. The pillow features a mix of medium firm memory foam and microfiber fill, along with an extra 1/2 pound of fill, just in case you prefer a particularly dense pillow. I was particularly impressed at how easy it is to adjust the loft: Simply unzip the internal case and pull out what you don’t want. The Lulltra cover is machine washable, too.

Coop is best known for the company’s pillows, but the brand also has sheet sets, comforters, blankets and even bedding for baby. Also worth checking out: The company’s Comphy Softspa sheets are double-brushed to get softer with each wash, don’t wrinkle and have special stain-releasing technology to keep them looking spotless over time.

Materials: 100% cotton | Sizes: Twin, full, queen, king, California king | Key features: 270 thread count, organic and 365-day return policy

Another company that’s getting more attention lately, Quince delivers well-constructed sheets at a price tag that’s significantly lower than the competition. You can get your hands on cheaper sheets than the Quince Classic Organic Percale Sheet Set, but they’re a great choice for those who don’t want to sacrifice quality yet don’t want to really splash out on bedding. These sheets are made from 100% organic long-staple cotton and come in 13 colors and patterns.

If you’re on a tighter budget, consider the brand’s fitted sheet set. This set bypasses the top sheet (which some people don’t use anyway), saving $30 in the process. It’s one of the biggest values among sheet sets of a certain caliber.

Materials: Cotton, polyester microfiber fill | Sizes: Twin, full/queen, king | Key features: Machine washable, year-round weight, double-stitched edges

L.L.Bean is legendary in the sleep world for creating comfortable products that last. I have an L.L.Bean comforter in my childhood bedroom-turned-guest room that still looks fresh and inviting. The brand’s PrimaLoft Comforter is a favorite thanks to its sturdy construction, featuring double-stitched edges and piping for a tailored finish. This comforter is comfortable in all seasons and comes in your choice of five neutral shades.

While you shop, don’t miss L.L.Bean’s Ultrasoft Comfort Flannel sheet set. These sheets offer undeniable softness with a weight that works well for year-round use. The fabric is also pill-resistant, keeping these sheets looking smooth and unbothered over time. Pick from nine shades to match your bedroom décor.

Materials: 100% cotton | Sizes: Full/queen, king/California king | Key features: Fair trade-certified, envelope-closure shams and chic designs

West Elm does a lot of things right but, when it comes to bedding, the brand really shines. West Elm allows shoppers to pick up a matching duvet cover, sheet set and coordinating sheets with ease. The company often uses similar hues in a season, letting shoppers mix and match designs and patterns while still presenting an overall put-together look. The Modern Geo Duvet Cover & Shams set is a current fan-favorite thanks to its softness and subtle design detail in your choice of three neutral tones.

Consider, too, West Elm’s Reversible Woven Bed Blanket, which provides added style and warmth on demand. This 100% cotton boho blanket is available in three shades, which naturally mesh with most of the company’s current bedding sets. West Elm sells a range of quality home products as well, allowing you to pick up a new bed frame, end tables and more, if you wish.

Why Trust Forbes Vetted

The Forbes Vetted team has written dozens of sleep-related stories that are backed by thorough research, expert opinions and personal experience. With a background in sleep and extensive testing experience, our editors made recommendations based on their personal insights.

  • Commerce editor Maggie Badore joined sleep and mattress editors Bridget Chapman and McKenzie Dillon in collecting their top bedding brands and highlighting their favorite products.
  • Chapman and Dillon also oversaw the writing of this article.
  • To ensure the recommendations and insights in this article stay fresh and timely, it’s regularly updated. It was last updated in May 2024 by Forbes contributor Jessica Timmons.

How We Chose The Best Places To Buy Bedding

The brands and products we chose to highlight were hand-picked based on our editors’ testing experience. Most, if not all, of the bedding mentioned has been in the hands of our editors and stood out as the best among the dozens of pillows, sheets, blankets and comforters they have tested. Each of the brands I mentioned were picked because they offer the most quality products and have helped me get better sleep.

What To Look For When Buying The Best Bedding

When selecting bedding, it’s important to weigh several factors to ensure sheets, pillows, comforters and more will be a good fit for your bedroom.

Range Of Products And Sizes

If you know what you want and have a size in mind, this is less of a concern for you. But if you’re after a cohesive look, whether in your bedroom or across multiple bedrooms in your home, it’s important to consider whether sizes and product ranges a particular company offers will work for your home.


Typically, you get a higher-quality product the more you spend. However, that’s not a given. If you’re on a tighter budget, consider investing in less expensive fabrics and weaves like percale or sateen, as well as eliminating certain bedding elements you may not even use, like a top sheet.

Returns And Trials

There is a wide range with return policies and trial options in bedding. Some companies have generous policies, while others have very limited options for returns. Some brands, like Buffy, even let you test out sheets for a specific timeframe before you make the decision to purchase them. Just read the fine print before investing in bedding to make sure there’s some kind of return policy in place for the just-in-case.


Certain companies have specialized certifications to showcase the quality of their product, and they often clearly state these. Look for certifications from Greenguard Gold, CertiPUR-US, Oeko Tex and Fair Trade, which all signal that brands have taken an extra step to deliver a quality product.


In general, you can expect that most sheets will be machine washable. However, this isn’t always a given with comforters, duvets and pillows. If you struggle with allergies, have kids or pets or don’t have time to deal with regular trips to the dry cleaner, make sure that the items you’re interested in can be machine washed.


Bedding sizing is typically standard, but there are some situations that warrant a closer look. If your mattress is tall, it’s important to make sure you get fitted sheets that are deep. Pillows also often come in standard and Euro or king sizes, so double check that your existing pillowcases can cover what you purchase. This is ultimately personal preference, but some people find that they prefer to size up on comforters for additional coverage. If you go this route, just be sure that the dimensions of both the length and width will work for your existing mattress.

What Is The Best Month To Buy Bedding?

Bedding brands tend to offer small sales at random points throughout the year, but you typically get the biggest savings during holidays, including Labor Day, Black Friday, Independence Day and Memorial Day.

What Is Considered The Best Bedding?

Personal preference comes into play when choosing the best bedding, but top-tier products tend to have certain elements in common. Thread count is often used to measure good bedding, but the materials used and weave type also make a big difference in quality and feel. Long-staple cotton, organic cotton and bamboo viscose are a few fabrics that make for high-quality bedding materials.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Sheets Online?

There’s never been a better time to buy sheets online thanks to an army of high-quality brands. Look for woven sheets as opposed to knitted and be mindful of the type of materials used. Egyptian, long-staple and organic cotton and linen make for the most durable bedding materials because they’re quality, don’t pill and typically have stronger weaves. However, proper care also contributes to the lifespan of bedding—make sure you wash your sheets every two weeks and your comforter every few months.

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