Best Summer Duvets 2024: Lightweight and Breathable Duvets

Best Summer Duvets 2024: Lightweight and Breathable Duvets

Soak & Sleep 4.5 Tog Microfiber with Silk Comforter

  • Strong Points: Cozy and comfortable | Good quality
  • Cons: May need to be aired for a few days
  • Took: 4.5~18
  • material: Silk and microfiber filling
  • size: Single, double, king, super king
  • Machine washable: Yes even at 30 degrees

Soak & Sleep 4.5 Tog Microfiber with Silk Comforter

Silk is a great material for summer as it has excellent moisture wicking properties and is naturally cool and light. And Soak & Sleep offers a solid option, combining silk and microfiber filling for a great all-purpose duvet.

Available in ratings from 4.5 to 18, depending on whether you prefer a lightweight or firmer duvet, 4.5 is a great choice for summer. It's not the lowest rated on this list, but it allows you to stay cool and enjoy its smooth benefits at the same time. From £

Rest Evercool Comforter

  • Strong Points: Cool and comfortable | Good quality | Moisture wicking
  • Cons: May be too cool for some people
  • Took: Not applicable
  • material: Evercool fabric (90% nylon, 10% spandex) with Sorona filling
  • size: Twin, Full/Queen, King/Kali King
  • Machine washable: yes

Rest Evercool Cooling Comforter

Lightweight duvets are great for summer, but if a duvet is designed to actively cool you, it's even better at regulating and monitoring body temperature and reducing night sweats than one that simply has minimal weight. I am. One of his most famous for this is his Evercool comforter from Rest, a duvet/blanket/comforter situation that made waves in the US before landing in the UK.

The key to this soft, smooth duvet is that it cools quickly to the touch. This means you can keep the refreshing fabric on your skin all night long. It's also moisture-wicking, so you won't wake up sweaty at 4am. Evercool technology is specifically designed to disperse heat at a faster rate than cotton, and the fibers are arranged in a capillary pattern to help balance your body temperature while you sleep. To be honest, it's more than just a cotton comforter. £158 103 lbs. at

What is the best rating for a summer duvet?

During the summer, you should look for a lower tog rating. Ideally, 1.0 to 4.5 tog is suitable for summer duvets. The lighter you make it, the more likely you are to only take it out during a heatwave. For example, on a cool, windy night, a 1.0 tog summer duvet won't really provide warmth. Therefore, unless you are a naturally warm sleeper, we recommend choosing something around 4.5 tog. However, many brands (including Simba) no longer use his Tog rating as a way to measure their duvets, so Tog ratings aren't as important as they once were. Instead, focus on temperature-regulating materials.

You might think that it's the internal components of your duvet that determine how comfortable you will be during a heatwave. The choice between natural and synthetic filling certainly makes a difference, but the duvet cover you use also plays a big role. In the warmer months, you should use a breathable, lightweight duvet cover that wicks moisture and helps prevent overheating, keeping your summer duvet actually cool.

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