Blake Lively's favorite bedding brand recognized by editors

Blake Lively's favorite bedding brand recognized by editors

If you love seeing inside the homes of your favorite celebrities, you're not alone. How they decorate their places and what they use to organize their pantries can provide useful inspiration for our own spaces. So when Blake Lively posted a look at her New York City bedroom on Instagram, this editor took note of her comfortable bedding. She did a little research on the internet and found that her duvet cover and sheet set were both hers (thanks to her Lively for tagging all the brands in the photo). I found out it was from The Citizenry.

If you want to recreate her rustic, organic feel in your home, the exact duvet style is called olive green stonewashed linen. I love the delicate texture and warm, inviting colors of this piece. According to the brand, the garments are woven in a family-run linen factory in Portugal from French flax, and then garment-washed to give them a fluffy, ultra-soft texture. A duvet cover with hidden buttons and internal ties is designed to keep the duvet in place as you toss and turn during the night. Lively chose her shade of green Olive, but The Citizenry offers her 14 different colors to uniquely design her style.

stonewashed linen duvet cover

stone washed linen duvet cover

If you don't need a duvet cover but are interested in sheets, you can purchase The Citizenry's stonewashed linen sheets from the same collection. beautiful house In fact, our editors actually included this set on our list of the best linen sheets of 2023 due to its lightweight feel, appealing texture, and the brand's eco-friendly practices. However, if you want to copy Lively's bedding preferences to a T, it's either the organic matte satin from Dune Style or the boned heirloom linen sheets from Morrow Soft Goods. Keep in mind that to make the most of her rustic aesthetic, you should also include exposed beams, wrought iron accents, ornate chandeliers, and even gold wall sconces in your home. please. If that's not possible, the duvet cover and sheets will still work just fine, so buy them before they run out.

stone washed linen duvet cover
Citizenry Stonewashed Linen Duvet Cover
stonewashed linen sheet set
Citizenry stonewashed linen sheet set

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heirloom linen sheet set
Morrow Soft Goods Heirloom Linen Sheet Set
organic matte rain sheet set
Morrow Soft Goods Organic Matte Satin Sheet Set

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