Brooklinen Down Comforter Review – Mattress Clarity

Brooklinen Down Comforter Review – Mattress Clarity

Brooklinen is a producer of highly premium linens and bedding. I have personally reviewed several products, so I was excited to try out the down comforter.

Brooklinen has three models: lightweight, all-season, and ultra-warm. For this Brooklinen Down Comforter review, I received the All Season Down Comforter. This is designed to be fluffier and warmer than the lightweight model, but not as warm as the ultrawarm.

Brooklinen is known for its luxurious bedding. If you want to know if this is true luxury, read on.

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Brooklinen down comforter reviews









brooklinen down comforter

The Brooklinen Down Comforter is a great option for hot people who like to sleep on a comforter. Down has a lot of room for air to flow and the cotton shell is very breathable. He has three warmth options that will satisfy everyone. He is one of our best comforters.

Mattress transparency score

4.70 /Five


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Who would prefer a Brooklinen down comforter?

  • fans of down products
  • Those who want to use a comforter as an insole for a comforter
  • hot sleeper

Who doesn't love a Brooklinen down comforter?

  • Those looking for a fluffy comforter
  • Those who want a comforter in the cold season (extremely warm model)
  • Shoppers with a low budget in mind

Brooklinen down comforter video review

See this comforter in action with our Brooklinen Down Comforter video review.

Brooklinen down comforter material

A comforter is more than just a big blanket to keep you warm. Take a look inside the Brooklinen Down Comforter and see what you need to stay comfortable.


This comforter has a 400 thread count cotton sateen shell on the outside. Satin refers to the way the cotton threads are woven, giving this shell a fairly soft and satin-like feel.

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This comforter also features a baffle box construction. The baffle box design distributes the down inside evenly throughout the comforter, allowing the down to expand.

The corners have loops for attaching an outer duvet cover if desired.

fill in

The inside is filled with high quality down. This is a down comforter, so the filling is feathers. These feathers are responsibly sourced from Hutterite farms in Canada.

These farms never harvest live feathers and clean the feather clumps before use.

Brooklinen down comforter reviews

Comforters usually have something called fill power. This term refers to how much space one ounce of down can fill. Brooklinen comforters have a fill power of 700, which is on the high end.


The Brooklinen Down Comforter is available in three warmth levels to meet many needs.

But let's focus on the all-season model that I received. This version of the comforter doesn't provide much warmth. This is perfect if you want to wear a thick blanket, but if you're looking for warmth, go for the super warm option.

Or, if you want to use this comforter year-round, you can always add a thicker duvet cover to the outside for added warmth.


Products made with down are known to have the potential to trap allergens in your sleep environment.

However, Brooklinen has made their down comforters completely hypoallergenic. The comforter also has a super fresh antibacterial treatment. For those who suffer from allergies and like the feel of down, this can be a great option.

Sleep on a Brooklinen down comforter

Brooklinen's all-season down comforter features a breathable cotton outer shell. I received the all-season model, and it was very comfortable to sleep on.

Brooklinen Down Comforter - Breathable down comforter

If you are sensitive to heat, please enjoy this lightweight model that is suitable for all seasons. Feathers also allow air to pass through the futon more easily. Now, I think all-season may not be the best choice for people who get cold easily or during the cold winter months.

The all-season model isn't the thickest comforter I've tested. Therefore, if you are looking for something that will keep you comfortable and warm, you may be better off choosing an ultra-warm option.

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Overall, if you're a fan of using a comforter over your sheets, or if you live in a warm climate like I do, this comforter is a great option.

Brooklinen comforter size and price list

A statement that provides up-to-date pricing information for comforters (use actual prices, not discounts)

size price
Twin/Twin XL (64 inches x 90 inches) $159 (light), $259 (all season), $399 (extra warm)
Full/Queen (90 inches x 90 inches) $259 (light), $359 (all season), $499 (extra warm)
King/Cal King (106 inches x 90 inches) $359 (light), $459 (all season)
brooklinen down comforter

The Brooklinen Down Comforter is a great option for hot people who like to sleep on a comforter. Down has a lot of room for air to flow and the cotton shell is very breathable. He has three warmth options that will satisfy everyone. He is one of our best comforters.

Mattress transparency score

4.70 /Five


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Caring for your Brooklinen comforter

When washing your Brooklinen down comforter, it is best to follow the instructions provided by Brooklinen.

When caring for your Brooklinen comforter, we recommend spot cleaning only. Dry cleaning will be required if your comforter is particularly dirty or requires more than spot cleaning.

Do not use bleach. Do not iron this comforter. This may damage the down inside. To keep your comforter clean longer, use a machine-washable duvet cover.

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How is Brooklinen different from other comforters?

With so many models available, Brooklinen has something for everyone. However, it's always wise to keep your options open. Compare Brooklinen down comforters to other popular comforters.

brooklinen vs buffy

If you're looking for an eco-friendly alternative to down comforters, consider Buffy Cloud.

Unlike Brooklinen, the outer shell of this comforter is eucalyptus. This fabric is known for its moisture-wicking properties, so you'll never feel too hot or sweaty under this comforter.

fluffy comforter

It also has a sewn construction rather than a baffled box like Brooklinen. The filling is recycled, so it doesn't need to expand like the down found in Brooklinen comforters.

When it comes to filling, Buffy's is a down alternative fill made from recycled materials and designed to regulate temperature. If you prefer a down alternative comforter, consider this.

However, unlike Brooklinen, Buffy only has one warmth option, a lighter weight comforter. And finally, in terms of price, the Buffy comforter is more affordable.

Who should get a Brooklinen down comforter?

  • For duvet fans
  • Anyone looking for multiple warmth options

Who should get a Buffy comforter?

  • For those looking for an eco-friendly comforter
  • people who shop on a budget

Read our review of the Buffy comforter.

Brooklinen vs Cozy Earth

But what if you're looking for luxury? Both Brooklinen and Cozy Earth are known for their sheet sets, but the two companies also have some high-end comforters as well.

Whether you prefer bamboo or silk, the Cozy Earth comforter exudes a luxurious feel. It has a bamboo shell on the outside, but you can choose to fill it with bamboo or silk instead of down. Brooklinen's down fill is also high quality and responsibly sourced.

Cozy Earth Comforter - A man picks at the fabric of a comforter.

The Cozy Earth comforter comes in two warmth options, while the Brooklinen comes in three. Both are fairly lightweight, but if you're looking for a fluffy feel, Brooklinen might be a better option.

Neither comforter is sold as machine washable, but if you can't take your Cozy Earth to the dry cleaners, you can throw it in the washing machine and rinse it.

Both comforters are about the same price range and are on the higher end of the spectrum, but you get what you pay for.

Who should get a Brooklinen down comforter?

  • bamboo comforter fan
  • For those looking for a comforter to replace feathers

Who should get a Cozy Earth comforter?

  • For duvet fans
  • People who love cotton outer covers for their comforters

Read our review of the Cozy Earth comforter.

Company Policy on Brooklinen Down Comforters

Here's what you can expect when you buy from Brooklinen.


When you purchase a Brooklinen down comforter, it comes with a one-year warranty.

Shipping information

If you live in the United States, Brooklinen will pay for return shipping.

Trial period

All Brooklinen products come with a 365-night trial period. If you decide to return it within that period, Brooklinen will give you a full refund.


Still have questions about Brooklinen Down Comforters? Here are some frequently asked questions.

Can Brooklinen down comforters be washed?

Unfortunately, you can't do that. We recommend spot washing this comforter only. If you need more than a spot clean, we recommend sending it to a dry cleaner.

Are Brooklinen down comforters fluffy?

In my experience, all-season comforters aren't some of the fluffiest comforters out there. However, if you're looking for fluff, the ultra-warm option will have more down filling and higher fill power.

However, please note that Ultra Warm is only available in Twin/Twin XL and Full/Queen sizes.

Do Brooklinen down comforters require a duvet cover?

You don't! The outer cover is made of high-quality long-staple cotton. The comforter can be used as is without a cover. However, if you want to keep your comforter clean and extend its lifespan, it comes with corner loops for attaching a duvet cover.

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