Brooklinen's Sesame Street Collection is the best character bedding ever

Brooklinen's Sesame Street Collection is the best character bedding ever

Sesame street will be 55 years old this year. That means for more than 50 years, kids have been singing, counting, and dancing with Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and their friends. It's so incredible to think that the shows I watched as a kid are still my girls' favorites. Sesame street And I don't just mean what today's version of Tickle Me Elmo is. A collaboration with Brooklinen, known for its bed sheets and duvets. Sesame street Bring the most beautiful accessories to your bedroom or bathroom.

I've heard about Brooklinen a million times on podcasts, Instagram ads, etc., but I had yet to try the brand until I dropped off my 2-year-old daughter, Clara (a very big girl). . Sesame street Fan) includes her own set of crib sheets in the new collection. And guys, they're great.Not only are the sheets super soft, but they're also stretchy so they won't pop out of the corners of the mattress (never! worst), which also feels like a coolant (required here in Georgia) and actually Sesame street The design is very good. These aren't very bright primary colors or overwhelming patterns. These Brooklinen Sesame Street designs are Sesame street we grew up together.

One of the things I always dislike about children's characters on bedding and clothing is that they are too provocative. I love bright colors, but too many of them have bright blue backgrounds with bright primary color text printed big and big on the front. The Brooklinen x Sesame Street collaboration has a variety of designs, including my favorite, “Park Day,” which is inspired by the Sesame Street book illustrations I saw when I was a kid. Exactly the same. The sheet has a white background with a cute print of the Sesame Street gang having a picnic and playing in the park, and will go with literally any kind of nursery design your child already has.

Other designs have a very sweet vintage feel, such as subdued green stripes and soft rainbow color block stripes with dancing character silhouettes. While the price may be higher than what you usually use for sheets and duvets (we get it!), these have an heirloom-like quality, especially a quilt-like feel. After several washes and one incident of a diaper exploding in the crib already, the sheets still haven't faded or pilled and feel as soft as ever.

Brooklinen also launched some fun bath accessories, including the bright green Scrum. There's also a bath mat featuring the one and only Oscar the Grouch and some hooded character towels. Shower curtain options also match the sheets.

If you also want Sesame Street bedding, you're in luck. Duvet covers come in both twin and full/queen sizes, as do core sheet sets. We also have crib sheet sizes, and if you want to mix and match designs, we also have a wide selection of pillowcases and shams. You can find the full Brooklinen x Sesame Street collaboration online now.

If you've been holding off trying Brooklinen, this is your sign to give it a try. Your child doesn't need to have a Sesame Street themed bedroom to use these fun bedding options. Honestly, bunking up every night with friends you remember from your childhood is pretty top-notch. Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street? It's here, in your pillow.

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