Crane & Canopy Nova Duvet Cover Review 2023

Crane & Canopy Nova Duvet Cover Review 2023

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Making a bed is a chore that some people find soothing, soaking up the act of fluffing, smoothing, and carefully folding sheets, duvets, and blankets. For others, especially those with small bedrooms or corner bed configurations, it's the devil's work.

If you fall into the latter category, or just don't like making your bed, consider investing in Crane & Canopy's Nova duvet cover.

Developed to give the illusion of a perfectly made bed, the Nova duvet cover ($159-$219) is designed to give the illusion of a perfectly made bed, and the Nova duvet cover ($159-$219) is designed to give the illusion of a perfectly made bed. You don't need to do anything yourself. Simply pull up the comforter to create the look of a finished bed.

This clever design is just one of the reasons Crane & Canopy was named the best duvet cover in our guide. Paired with the best comforter, you'll have a beautiful and comfortable bed. Read on to learn more about my experience testing the Nova duvet cover.

Crane & Canopy Nova Duvet Cover Reviews

Coral Haze Crane & Canopy Duvet Cover, Make Up Bed.

With a Nova comforter, it looks like you've flipped up the sheets when in reality you've just pulled up the comforter.

Crane & Canopy

A clever way to achieve this feat of bedroom magic is to have the duvet cover with strips of white fabric that give the appearance of neatly folded sheets over the comforter. This strip has lines of piping, giving it a very sophisticated look, but also hides a zipper that opens the duvet cover for the insert. It's really easy. A great way to save time in the morning. This literally means “work smarter, not harder.”

Duvet covers are available in 40 different prints and colors, so there's something to suit every kind of aesthetic. Duvet covers are priced at $159 for a twin bed, $199 for a full/queen bed, and $219 for a king/California king. Pillowcases must be purchased separately and cost between $40 and $55 each. They aren't cheap, but we spend a third of our lives sleeping, so it's hard to feel guilty about investing in good sheets and blankets.

I personally have an all white duvet cover with gray piping. This doesn't create the illusion as much as a contrasting color or patterned comforter, but it still looks great in a sunny bedroom. The material itself is 300 thread count extra-long cotton with a sateen weave that feels cool to the touch, like a crisp white button-down shirt.

Several hands are zipping up the Crane & Canopy duvet cover.

Thoughtful features such as a zippered enclosure make donning your duvet as easy and comfortable as possible.

Crane & Canopy

As a bonus feature, the inside of each corner of the duvet cover has small fabric ties that can be used to connect the cover to the Crane & Canopy duvet insert. This will hold the insert in place so it won't crack. I use an IKEA duvet insert and it doesn't have anything to tie the cover on, but I find it stays in place perfectly anyway.


Overall, I just want to say this is a really great duvet cover.

It saves me time in the morning, looks great, and is really comfortable. I highly recommend this investment, especially if you want to sleep and wake up feeling like you're in a luxury hotel room.

Strong Points: It's super soft, comes in a variety of colors and patterns, is easy to assemble with ties and zippers, and has a very sophisticated look.

Cons: additional shipping

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