Dunelm shopper buys £5 sheet 'surprised by quality'

Dunelm shopper buys £5 sheet 'surprised by quality'

Spring has finally arrived. If your sheets are looking a little worn out, it might be time to spruce up your bedroom.

It's time for a big cleaning, but it might also be time to get some new bedding. Dunelm has reduced the number of duvet sets by up to 30%. It also includes one set of floral prints starting from under 5s.

The Flower Trail Lilac duvet cover and pillowcase set is just £4.90 for a single, £7 for a double and £8.40 for a king size. There's no official end date for the sale, so if you like the look of the items on sale, be quick.

You can change the atmosphere of your room with the trendy pastel green and lilac reversible design. This set comes standard with 2 pillowcases and has a button closure for easy on and off, making laundry day a breeze.

Our “bright'' and “calm'' bedding has been well received, with customers saying “I was surprised at how good the quality was for the price.'' The Manchester Evening News reports that the film has been rated 4.8 stars, with 21 of 25 reviewers giving it five stars.

One shopper noted that it doesn't require ironing, saying: “It's a really pretty green/lilac color and the fabric is super soft. No ironing required as long as you don't over iron it right away. Good value for money. ” he said.

One shopper praised the bedding's “beautiful and calming effects”.(Image: Dunelm)

Another noted its “quiet pattern for restful sleep” and wrote, “Beautiful calming effect, fresh and bright look.” A third said: “Lovely duvet, the colors are so pretty and the fabric is great.”

The satisfied customer showed off three sets of photos taken. “They were so cute and soft and so cozy that I bought three more sets for all the rooms.”

Some people have found that the color has faded. “I like the material and the look, but after the first wash the color faded and the duvet cover looked weird. I washed it again with a color catch sheet and the problem seemed to be resolved. Not so. “If the other lights go bad, please take the plunge and wash them together.'' (I'm a little disappointed.)

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However, some people said they had no problems. Another said: “It's a great value, well made, looks clean and fresh on the bed, washes great and I'm very happy with it.'' Also, “The duvet set was attractive both in look and color.'' I wanted to wash it before using it, but it was very easy to wash and I didn't have to iron it even on the bed, so I'm very happy with it. . ”

Another option from the home goods chain is the Paradise Birds set, which shoppers say gives a “fresh” and “summery” feel. Elsewhere, fans of the Panda Signature+ Bamboo Lyocell Bedding say it keeps them cool at night.

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