Dunelm's 'gorgeous' bedding is perfect for spring and has been reduced to less than £5

Dunelm's 'gorgeous' bedding is perfect for spring and has been reduced to less than £5

If you're looking for a new duvet set to spruce up your bedroom, Dunelm has great offers on retro bedding sets in trendy colors. For a limited time only, the high street retailer is offering 30% off Flower Trail Lilac duvet cover and pillowcase sets, with prices starting from just £4.80 per set.

A double duvet set costs just £7, while a king size set costs just £8.40. However, the end date of this sale is unknown, so you'll need to act fast.

This “gorgeous” bedding set is praised by customers for being easy to wash and features a 2-in-1 reversible design in pastel green and purple hues. This set also includes a pillowcase, which features a button closure for easy removal and replacement, perfect for busy mornings.

The product description says: “Enliven your bedroom with this lively floral duvet cover and pillow sham set, decorated in the fresh lilac colors of spring. Available in a variety of bedding sizes and with machine washable properties, this reversible The bedding design brings versatility, captivating beauty, and convenient maintenance to breathe new life into your space,” reports the Manchester Evening News.

Much like the type found in boutique hotels, the Flower Trail Lilac duvet cover and sham set has an excellent review rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Dunelm. One of her satisfied customers said: “It's a great value. It's well made and looks clean and fresh on the bed. I'm very satisfied and it washes well. ” states.

A second reviewer wrote, “I absolutely love this duvet set. It's perfect for spring and the lilac and green colors are so beautiful.”

A third person said, “It was so cheap that I didn't have high expectations when I bought it.However, I was surprised by the quality.The fabric is cute and soft, and it's very comfortable.I haven't washed it yet, so I can't wash it.'' “Hmm,” he added. Please comment about it. ”

Another customer continued, “This is a charming duvet set.” “The duvet set looked appealing and was the color I wanted. I washed it before using it and it was very easy to wash and didn't require ironing. Now on the bed, I… That's what I'm doing.'' I'm very satisfied. ”

Dunelm's retro bedding sets in trendy hues are reduced to less than £5 for a limited time(Image: Dunelm)

However, a three-star review revealed that one customer experienced “color fading” after washing the Flower Trail Lilac duvet cover and sham set for the first time. She commented: “I like the material and the look, but after the first wash the color faded and the duvet cover looked weird. I washed it again with a color catch sheet and the problem seemed to be resolved. I had the courage to wash it. It may break if used with other lights. ”

However, another shopper from Dunelm was thrilled with his purchase of a new bedding set and said he had no problems after washing, adding: “Beautiful and soft. Washed beautifully and brought bright colors to the bedroom.”

A satisfied customer praised the product, saying, “This duvet stayed great even after washing, cute and soft and looked great.”

For those interested, H&M is selling a spring-inspired green printed cotton single duvet cover set for £19.99. Alternatively, Marks and Spencer has neutral pure cotton check bedding sets from £49.50.

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