For winter, we review double-stitched comforter inserts

For winter, we review double-stitched comforter inserts

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In the world of duvet inserts, a recent trend is fluffy comforters with zippers. This is a sentence I never thought I would type. Sounds nifty, but when I tried it out, I found that the zipper closure that keeps the duvet insert and cover together along the edges creates a stiff line that hugs your body while you snuggle. plug.

Above all, we look for softness in bedding. Even if the buttons on the bottom of the duvet are technically necessary, they are evil at the same time. And tying the insert to the edge of the cover hasn't led me wrong yet. So when it came time to replace my zippered comforter with a new one, the double stitching of his Bedsure comforter insert, made in Canada, became my new favorite.

double stitched down comforter insert

Bedsure Duvet Insert, Double Stitch ($319)


No, it doesn't have any fancy bells or whistles. A simple loop is all that holds the drawstring duvet cover together. But its simplicity is amazing. The 80% American white duck down filling (many other brands boast his 50%) is evenly distributed within the baffle box's satin cover, so there's no lumpiness on one side. When my husband makes the bed and fluffs the duvet in the morning, it always looks hotel-worthy.

There's also an all-season version, so I was worried that it wouldn't be warm enough for New York winters, but so far it's been the ideal blend of breathability and comfort. (My husband sleeps hot, so I avoided anything warm for the winter.) And while I initially suspected down, it's totally a dream come true. In fact, synthetic duvets can trap moisture and heat and attract dust mites, but this duvet will prevent that. Our bodies breathe.

After you try this, you're unlikely to fall for another trendy comforter insert. Classic, soft and so far, no frills needed, making us feel at ease.

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