Former 'The Office' writer creates innovative new duvet cover called Nuvet

Former 'The Office' writer creates innovative new duvet cover called Nuvet

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Have you ever struggled with your duvet cover to achieve that coveted 7-on-9 when you just wanted to curl up in bed? Well, you're not alone, and oddly enough, Emmy-nominated author Lee… Eisenberg is office with the creator of jury dutyseems to understand how frustrating this task can be, and is now tackling a problem that is the nemesis of bed manufacturers everywhere.

In an unexpected career turn, Eisenberg designed Nuvet, a duvet cover that promises to end the struggle of stuffing your comforter into hard-to-reach corners. With its 3-sided zipper design, the Nuvet provides a less effortful and more snug fit.

Nuvet and traditional bed making

Seeking a better solution to traditional duvets, which are difficult to handle and often time-consuming, Eisenberg created Nuvet as an easier-to-use alternative. Toby Schulz, a professional house cleaner and CEO of Maid2Match, says Nuvet eliminates the need to Google and guess how to properly fit a duvet inside a cover. “No more fighting with the cover except when folding a fitted sheet. I think Nuvet will make it easier for kids to make their own beds,” says Schulz.

Elizabeth Shields, Operations Manager at Super Cleaning Services Louisville, believes Nuvet allows you to instantly create the perfect style of bed. “Unlike the hassle of layering and adjusting, this duvet simplifies the process,” she says.

Nuvet's three-way zipper design is the secret sauce. Simply unzip, place the duvet on top, and unzip. No more shaking, pushing, or swearing under your breath. Of course, there are plenty of clever duvet cover hacks out there that can make your job easier, but Nuvet is essentially a built-in duvet hack that's quick, easy, and unaided.

Nuvet's innovative design

Eisenberg, who has been called the “Thomas Edison of bedding,” likens the struggle of using a traditional duvet cover to “holding two slices of bread and trying to crush meat and tomatoes.” .According to the report of new yorker. (1) Not necessarily a recipe for a good night's sleep.

The Nuvet has a speedy three-sided zipper design that resembles an open sandwich, just place the duvet on top and zip it closed. Schultz agreed with Eisenberg's sandwich analogy and praised the design, saying that Nuvet's change in cover design made it easier to stuff the duvet. “The duvet cover should allow you to easily slip the insert inside, rather than having to struggle to fit the duvet into the sleeve,” he says.

Shields agrees. “With a cover that opens on three sides, you can easily slip it into your duvet without having to struggle to get the corners to fit snugly. It's a time saver and the process is very simple.” she added.

Nuvet organizational benefits

It's completely understandable to put off replacing your duvet cover set if the task is tedious and frustrating, but nothing beats a clean, fresh bedding set. “Many people tend to put off washing their sheets regularly, but this new duvet cover is sure to change that,” says Schulz.

According to Schulz, Nuvet is most useful for the maintenance aspect of home organization. It's faster and easier for one person to make up the bed, wash and dry the bedding, and make up the bed all in one day. Therefore, fresh bedding is not so important. A horrible chore.

Elizabeth Shields, operations manager for Super Cleaning Services Louisville, sees benefits for larger organizations as well. “Imagine being in a busy hotel. A simple duvet cover means you can spend less time worrying about your bedding,” she added. “Especially if you have a constant flow of guests, making your bed quickly can be beneficial.”

Nuvette maintenance and cleaning

While the Nuvet is a dream come true for anyone who's ever used a traditional duvet cover, it does have some potential drawbacks. For example, easy-access zippers may not be suitable for use by babies, toddlers or young children, and can pose a gnawing hazard for pets, Schultz said. “Other than that, cleaning a Nuvet cover should be very easy and similar to a traditional duvet cover,” he says.

Shields offers practical advice for maintaining your Nuvet. “Make sure all zippers are closed before putting them in the washing machine to prevent snagging or damage. Also be careful of the seams around the zippers while washing. Traditional covers without this feature The zipper becomes the focus of maintenance.”

Nuvet requires a little extra care, but it's much easier than the traditional duvet replacement process. That's why Eisenberg wants his Nuvet to become “a new way to duvet.”

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