Get up to 60% off on the perfect setup for a good night's sleep

Get up to 60% off on the perfect setup for a good night's sleep

Oh, can you hear me? It's the sound of money stuck in your bank account. Let's be honest: Everyone wants to save as much money as possible. If you're like me, furniture and bedding are probably where you spend the most money. Thankfully, these Memorial Day bedding deals allow you to upgrade your bedroom a little (or a lot) for a lot less than you'd pay at any other time of the year. And be careful. If you're looking for the best Memorial Day mattress deals, we've got two of the best.

It's not a joke. Shopper-favorite duvets are up to 60% off on Amazon (psst…only $21!), this solid wood nightstand from Wayfair, cooling bamboo sheets from Oprah's favorite bedding brand, and more We have over $900 on sale. Don't use a mattress that shoppers rate as “firm but not too firm.” Because a good night's sleep is non-negotiable.

Check out our anniversary bedding deals now to make your bedroom your sanctuary in time for summer.

tuft & needle

Honestly, the right mattress is the deciding factor between having a good or great night's sleep. If you value speed more in a medium-firm mattress, this mattress from Tuft & Needle is for you.

Over 25,000 shoppers have swear by the brand's original mattress, and one look at the description will tell you why: Tuft & Needle says that the cooling gel and thermally conductive graphite material make it one of the best breathable surfaces for sleeping, a feature that any hot sleeper will definitely appreciate.

One shopper, who had been waking up in the morning with back pain for weeks, said his “back pain went away” after sleeping on this mattress at a friend's house.

Sponsored by Tuft & Needle

$716 at Tuft & Needle

nest bedding

This Nest Bedding favorite is for those who want two firmness levels in one. If your tastes change and you can't commit to one feel over the other, this mattress offers the best of both worlds. This is probably one of the most unique mattresses we've ever seen.

The top has a medium feel and the bottom has a firm feel, allowing you to try both sides for the most comfortable sleeping experience. The brand even says that this 2-in-1's comfortable design makes this mattress ideal for side, back, and stomach sleepers. If you are not satisfied with the mattress you purchased after or during your 365-night trial, you can exchange it for a different mattress or return it completely. Another popular perk among shoppers is the lifetime warranty.

“It's firm but not too hard,” one five-star reviewer said of the feel. “It's very comfortable and I'm very happy with it.”

$934 with nest bedding


One of the biggest misconceptions about bedding is that all quality duvet covers are very expensive. Proving that this couldn't be further from the truth, this customer favorite with over 49,000 of his 5-star reviews is currently 50% off on Amazon.

It comes with not only a cover but also two pillowcases, so you can coordinate it with your own sheets. One impressed shopper said she liked the soft duvet cover so much that she “bought four more for each bed” in her home.

$20 on Amazon


You can't use a duvet cover without an insert, right? This is usually where the price really goes up, but this quilted comforter insert is on sale for just $21 on Amazon.

Best of all, if you've ever struggled with a duvet insert and cover, you know that tabs on the four corners make the job much easier and prevent the insert from slipping. I made sure this box was checked. It also comes in 10 other colors if you're scared of choosing white bedding.

Over 94,000 Amazon shoppers gave it a perfect rating, and thousands of shoppers raved about the corner tabs, which are “very helpful when changing duvet covers.”

$21 on Amazon


We know that so many people suffer from neck and back pain, especially after waking up from an uncomfortable sleep. So we asked sleep experts what pillows they recommend buying to help with this pain. This was one of her most important suggestions.

Sleep expert and nurse practitioner Corinna Owen says the pillow “offers optimal spinal alignment and features a contoured design and high-quality memory foam, providing the best neck support for those who suffer from neck pain.”

According to the brand, it's extremely stiff, which helps it maintain its shape and maintain support while relaxing your neck and shoulder muscles. If you sleep on your side or back, this pillow should fit perfectly into your sleeping habits.

$71 at Tempurpedic


Brooklinen is one of the most popular bedding brands in the country, and its Down Pillow has a huge following, which we attribute to its customizable feel. At the time of purchase, he has three support options to choose from: Plush, Mid-Plush, and Hard. According to the brand, these options are designed for different sleep styles.

If you've tried many pillows and haven't noticed a difference, you're not alone. Many reviewers echoed the same sentiment, and one of them said that this Brooklinen pillow changed everything for him. “I've tried many pillows over the years and have been disappointed each time,” he writes. “I bought a firm down pillow to try it out, and I liked it so much that I went back to buy it the next day.''

$93 at Brookline


There aren't many brands that offer high-quality bedding at an affordable price like Mellanni. This Queen 4 Piece Sheet Set is one of the reasons why so many shoppers trust it. With over 252,000 5-star reviews, it's safe to say this set has a devoted following that agrees it's worth the hype.

The sheets have deep pockets to store even thick mattresses without curling up in the middle of the night. It's also wrinkle-resistant, fade-resistant, stain-resistant, and cool, making it ideal for those who sleep in the heat.

“You can't go wrong with these sheets,” wrote one shopper, admitting they were just as luxurious as the sheets she got married with 45 years ago. “The price is reasonable, but what really sealed the deal was the feel. We're sleeping like babies.”

$28 on Amazon


The reason why these Brooklinen sheets are so popular is as the name suggests. Luxurious and soft, the brand says it's “buttery smooth” and “gets better with every wash.”

One shopper tested the brand's claim that it gets softer with each wash and found it was actually true. “It's really soft!” one reviewer wrote. “My husband says my pillows are softer than his because my Brooklinen polyester pillows feel more luxurious than his bamboo and memory foam pillows. ”

$161 at Brookline

cozy earth

We listen when Oprah recommends the same bedding brand year after year. For the fifth year in a row, the Queen of All Media named Cozy Earth as one of her favorite bedding brands of all time. The brand's Linen Bamboo Sheet Set is a comfortable and cool sheet set for summer and is currently 55% off.

What's so great about this seat? It's non-slip, silky soft, has deep pockets to keep it in place, and has gotten better over the years. In addition, the bamboo and linen blend material is soft to the touch, making it comfortable to use even in the hot summer. Lady O convinced me to buy these (on sale) last year and they are still my favorite sheets. We understand the hype!

$175 at Cozy Earth


We spoke to sleep expert Dr. Shelby Harris to find the best sheets for hot sleepers, and she recommended investing in percale sheets for “increased breathability.” These percale sheets from iconic bedding brand Parachute are lightweight, durable, and have a crisp finish that you'll especially love during the hot summer months.

Shoppers rate these sheets all “great” and praise them for being “soft and cool.”

$215 for parachute

cozy earth

If you're not ready to fully commit to Oprah's favorite bedding brand, but still want to try out the hype, this two-piece linen bamboo pillowcase set is on sale for just $45. Considering the original price is $99, this is a great deal.

Available in five colors and two sizes (standard and king), it's made from a bamboo and linen blend, so it couldn't be more breathable.

$45 at Cozy Earth


Memorial Day bedding sales include not only sheets, mattresses, pillows, and more, but also bedroom furniture. These chic nightstands are 60% off thanks to Wayfair's early Memorial Day sale. Although it does require some assembly, it has a solid pine frame that is built to last, so it won't fall apart over months or years.

As I scrolled through the reviews, I saw the word “durable” used multiple times as shoppers kept raving about how sturdy and long-lasting it was. And at that sale price, you can't go wrong.

$220 at Wayfair


Your bed frame is the focal point of your bedroom, so you need to make sure it meets your standards. This upholstered wingback bed frame comes with a tufted headboard (sold separately at many other retailers) and has central support legs for added reinforcement. Because there's nothing worse than your bed randomly breaking in the middle of the night.

Shoppers praise this bed for being “elegant” yet “sturdy.” It comes with a one-year warranty, and the shopper says it's “easy to assemble” even by himself.

$227 at Wayfair


If you're looking for something with a simpler design, this upholstered standard bed frame is currently 55% off in advance of Memorial Day. It has a central support leg and a stylish quilted headboard.

Some shoppers admitted they were surprised at how good the quality was for the price. If you have an adjustable bed like the Sleep Number, this bed frame is compatible and will easily fit that mattress. “The price was a bonus,” one shopper wrote.

$97 at Wayfair

The reviews above reflect the latest version at the time of publication.

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