'Granny chic' joke makes people laugh, Sainsbury's quilted jacket splits opinion over giving off 'duvet cover vibes'

'Granny chic' joke makes people laugh, Sainsbury's quilted jacket splits opinion over giving off 'duvet cover vibes'

Like most rival supermarkets, Sainsbury's has been stepping up its fashion game in recent years.

But the latest addition, the quilted jacket, has divided opinion among fashionistas, with some thinking the garment is more suited to grandma's wardrobe.

Sainsbury's has been on a roll recently, but its latest quilted jacket has sparked fierce debate.Credit: Getty
Some loved the £32 outfit, while others felt it exuded a “granny chic” vibe.Credit: tiktok/@lillianmaii

The must-have showstopper was discovered by shopper Lillian Mai, who raved about her find on TikTok.

Priced at a wallet-friendly £32, the white quilted jacket features a gorgeous black floral print and two side pockets, making it both a stylish and practical garment.

The neutral color makes it easy to match with any occasion, making it a versatile must-have item.

Throw on some jeans, white sneakers, and a tote bag and you're ready for a more casual day.

Change into smart tailored trousers, wear a sexy vest underneath and accessorise with gold accessories and chic sunglasses for a more elegant look.

The material is lightweight and comfortable, making this jacket perfect for keeping you warm on inclement weather or chilly summer evenings.

Ah, my favorite, duvet cover vibes

criticTick ​​tock

The fashionista, who posts under the username @lillianmaii, picked up the jacket in a UK size medium and looked amazing in it.

Lillian urged others to visit the popular supermarket, saying: “I am a big fan of the supermarket. @Sainsbury's Clothing department.

She continued: “Obviously, not everyone's style is to their liking, but I'm a big fan of the quilted jacket trend!”

“Who doesn't like being comfortable?” she laughed.

Fashion fans are scrambling to get their hands on Primark's new £4 top, which comes in three beautiful colours and is perfect for summer.

But while Lillian loved the outfit, the online reaction was a little mixed – and it's safe to say not everyone is going to be rushing out to Sainsbury's to buy this jacket.

For example, many assumed that this stylish find was inspired by grandmothers.

“I think my grandma would love this,” one person wrote.

“I've tried supermarket jeans, but the ones I like best are Levi's knockoffs.”

Jeans are a wardrobe staple for everyone, but can any supermarket brand rival the iconic Levi's?

Fabulous' Deputy Fashion Editor Abby McHale tested and compared the four styles, and here's her verdict…

“I wore Topshop’s Joni skinny jeans as a teenager and bought my first pair of Levi’s in my early twenties.

But now that I'm approaching 30, I love supermarket jeans – they're great value, really comfortable and last a long time – my £100 Levi's never lasted (they were never going to stay in good condition forever).

But while I'm a big believer in supermarket denim, how much better does it compare to denim sold in high-end high-end stores?

Here I compare a range of styles, from skinny and straight to cargo and wide leg, and give my verdict and rating.

  • Bleach Wide Leg, F&F from Tesco, £22.50 – 5/5
  • Skinny George, Asda, £17 – 3/5
  • Cargo, M&S, £45 – 4/5
  • Straight Leg, Sainsbury's Tu, £20 – 4/5

I knew there was a reason why I love supermarket jeans so much, but I don't think this comparison test changed much, and some styles are really hard to spot the difference between.

Sainsbury's straight leg jeans are Levi's knock-offs but cost £20 instead of £100!”

Another person joked: “Oh yeah, my favourite, duvet cover vibe.”

“Grandma chic,” someone else chimed in.

“That's awful,” said a fourth, who also didn't like the printed jacket.

“River Island has better ones for £20,” one fashionista told us, giving us the inside scoop on where to find similar items for less.

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