Green Linen Bedding is Hot Now: 12 Most-Loved Styles |

Green Linen Bedding is Hot Now: 12 Most-Loved Styles |

There's no doubt that green linen bedding is on trend this summer, and while the idea isn't entirely new, it combines two elements we already love: the lightness of linen with the calm, earthy feel of green.

“Summer is always about brightening things up, both in terms of colors and materials,” says Amy Hoban, chief creative officer at Parachute, a cool home brand from California. While creams and seafoam blues were all the rage at one time, green bedding sets are now making waves. “Green remains popular in the world of interiors, and bedding is no exception,” Amy explains, adding, “warmer months always feel like a breath of fresh air.” Brooklinen's chief merchandising officer, Kelly Hannon, agrees, noting, “We're definitely seeing more of all kinds of green shades, especially those inspired by nature.” The Brooklyn-based bedding brand is “getting into the green era with new products like fresh moss and botanical green,” a relaxed shift from the more intense hues of recent years.

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