Homewares fans have flocked to Asda to buy duvet sets which are on sale for £1.60 – but some have admitted to donating them to charity shops instead.

Homewares fans have flocked to Asda to buy duvet sets which are on sale for £1.60 – but some have admitted to donating them to charity shops instead.

Some people will shell out hundreds of pounds for the perfect duvet set.

So it's no wonder that homewares fans have started flocking to Asda for the double seersucker set, which can be bought for just £1.60.

Homeware fans have been flocking to Asda to get their hands on the duvet set, which can be picked up for just £1.60.Credit: Facebook
However, others admitted they didn't like the 52% polyester duvet set.Credit: Getty

Victoria joined the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group after finding some incredible bargains in her local stores.

“For £1.60 you can't go wrong! A lovely little duvet set!” she wrote, alongside a photo of the duvet set with two pillowcases.

While many praised the deal, others offered words of warning.

“Stay away from this – it's polyester so you'll slip on the bed and get sweaty,” one person wrote.

“The burrito was wrapped so tightly it couldn't be peeled off so I donated it to charity lol,” another user added.

“Is that why I'm sweating so much??? I thought it was because of my age!” a third commented.

“I normally don't buy things that are slippery but I think this is ok for now lol,” someone else said.

Another wrote: “I've used this material before and it's not easy to wash, but if you're on a budget it should be fine.”

The duvet set is actually made from 52% recycled polyester and 48% cotton.

“No way I bought it at full price last week!” someone commented on the post, while another added: “I bought it over a week ago when it was reduced to £1.60.”

Primark's cotton-rich bedding sets are so popular that shoppers travel all over the country to buy them – but they aren't too expensive.

“I'm going to go back to my local store and ask if they were supposed to lower the price!”

And others admitted they would likely end up heading to their local Asda in search of the same duvet set.

“You can't go wrong at this price,” one person wrote.

“Love the colour,” added another.

“Amazing, love a bargain,” said a third.

Positive reviews also continue to pour in on the George at Asda website, where the duvet set is still listed as priced at £10 for a double size.

Why buy supermarket fashion?

When you're looking for new items to add to your seasonal wardrobe or updating your basics, you don't need to wander around clothing stores for hours or scroll online. Just pick a dress or two along with some fruits and vegetables…

It's convenient – You may visit supermarkets more often than shopping centres or high streets.

Affordable – From basics to high fashion, the supermarket is leading the way in affordable fashion that doesn't look cheap.

It's more popular than you think – With a larger customer database than the average high street store, stores such as ASDA, Sainsbury's and Tesco are able to respond to market needs and anticipate trends in many more areas than just food supply.

Good fit – Fits and lengths are often designed with modesty in mind, and fabrics are often very practical too, with many made from 100% cotton that can be tossed in the washing machine without a second thought.

“Love this bedding! Great colors, great quality and a great price!” one person wrote.

“Now I always buy my bedding from George.

“I was spending a lot of money on duvet covers from other companies but the quality was not as good as George bedding.

“This was about a quarter of the price and so much better!”

Another added: “When it comes to duvets, I totally understand the importance of finding something soft and comfortable.

“Comfort is important for a good night's sleep.

“And this is exactly what it's about!”

However, reviews on the Asda website said the set was very comfortable to sleep on.Credit: Alamy

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