How a double duvet saved my relationship

How a double duvet saved my relationship

Despite extensive research into sleep hygiene, all attempts to improve nighttime habits have been in vain. I still look at my phone a few seconds before falling asleep. I love working in bed, but I'm not following Arianna Huffington's advice to keep my bedroom a tech-sacred zone. But I'm happy to share that one change has helped me sleep better than ever. And surprisingly, my research efforts had nothing to do with it. Finding out the amazing sleep secret actually happened by accident. It ended a months-long cover dispute with my partner.

To be honest, I'm in middle school and I've never been good at sharing. When it comes to sleeping arrangements, I'm what you might call a “futon person.” Simply put, I think I should snuggle up like a bug in a rug. And I'm going to fight to make sure that happens. When my partner and I lived in Spain we had sweltering summers and this was not a problem. But when I moved to Scotland in the middle of a cold snap, bedtime became an all-out war.

After spending most of the night pulling the covers away from my sleeping fiance, who claims to have no recollection of these events, I snapped. I stormed into the guest room, gathered up my extra duvet and ran back to my room, vowing to return it the next day. For the rest of that night, I slept in a perfect blanket burrito. When I woke up completely rested and refreshed, I was surprised to find that my partner was also sleeping soundly. All tensions from the month-long power struggle for comfort women have been completely resolved. Needless to say, the extra duvet was never returned to the room. We now live proudly in our home with her double duvet.

Overjoyed by this discovery, I preached to my friends about the benefits of two duvets, but they assured me that my insight wasn't the result of some genius. Millions of people in Sweden, Norway, Germany and Denmark have been doing this for decades. One quick search on TikTok was enough to find hundreds of people sharing tips for sleeping with two duvets. This method was coined the Scandinavian sleep method. Note that most of the blogs I've read about Scandinavian sleep methods mention him using two single-sized duvets, but that's not what we do. . We sleep in a super king size bed with two king size duvets. I trust the Buffy Cloud comforter so much that I also upgraded my second comforter to his Buffy comforter so there was no unfairness between the duvets.

I love the sleeping benefits of a double duvet, but the only problem I've run into is what to style the bedding with. Some people might not mind his two folded duvets side by side, but I just didn't like the look of it. Desperate for a cute way to make a bed, I turned to his 2 Duvets TikTok to find the answer I was looking for.

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