How to create a stylish bedscape at home: A great housekeeping guide

How to create a stylish bedscape at home: A great housekeeping guide

If there's one thing all luxury hotel beds have in common, it's that they're beautifully styled.

It may seem like a luxury to do at home, but it doesn't take much to create truly stylish and attractive bedding.

“By following a few tried-and-true steps, you can create a stylish sleeping sanctuary suitable for almost any space,” says Kate Salmon, head of home goods purchasing at Oliver Bonas.

“You want to create an environment where you can switch off and completely relax, so choose soft furniture that makes you feel good and brings you joy.”

How to create your own stylish bedscape

Decide on your color palette before purchasing.

interior stylist Sam Griggs To maintain a calming atmosphere, he says it's best to keep the color scheme simple, with a maximum of three or four colors. “That doesn't mean you can't fill your bedroom with color, just be aware of which colors you pair together,” she says.

If you don't know where to start, Sam suggests taking inspiration from current styles. “Perhaps you have a rug or piece of art that combines your favorite colors,” she suggests. “Someone has already done the hard work of combining colors that naturally complement each other. Use this palette as the basis for your plan.”

Bed style: headboard and frame

First, choose large pieces of furniture. Items that cannot be easily replaced, such as headboards and frames. Choose wisely as you will need to use it for years to come. “Rattan headboards are extremely versatile and look great with bedding in bold tropical prints or more neutral bedding in natural fibres,” says Kate.

“A jewel-toned velvet headboard creates a truly stunning element when combined with other bright colors, patterns, and interesting textures. A combination of green or orange and pink will be a popular color combination this season. .”

live edge wooden headboard
Hood Live Edge Wooden Headboard
customizable hoxton bed
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M&S Classic Curved Button Strut Headboard
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La Redoute woven rattan headboard
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rattan headboard

Bed style: bed linen

Once you've arranged the furniture, it's a really fun time to choose the linens to dress the bed.

There are plenty of textures and materials to choose from, but as we move into warmer months, we're considering switching to heavier yarn counts on our Egyptian cotton bedding and switching to crisp linens or lighter-weight sets instead.

“If you want to be bold, choose crisp, soft sheets with a print,” says Kate. “For a minimalist look, he chooses interesting textures like linen or waffles and just one color to elevate the look.”

linen duvet cover
Piglet wearing bed linen duvet cover
Amberley Waffle Cotton Comforter Collar & Pillow Sham Set
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flower print gauze duvet cover
mango flower print gauze duvet cover
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Hadley pure cotton striped bedding set
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Organic cotton satin petrol blue duvet cover
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Organic Classic Duvet Set Bundle
Rise & Fall Organic Classic Duvet Set Bundle
Cotton Print Textured Mustard Bedding Set
Habitat Cotton Print Textured Mustard Bedding Set

Bed styling: bedspreads and throws

According to Sam, neutral colors are easy to style and calm in the bedroom. “One of my favorite combinations is an olive or khaki he green with an earthy he pink and a splash of ocher,” says Sam. “All of these shades are found in nature, so they work together beautifully. They're calming yet uplifting, and they're very easy to use with a variety of colored walls.”

But if you're not ready to let go of your gray interior scheme just yet, or simply prefer a crisp white look, don't worry. You can use texture instead of color to add interest to your scheme.

“This can be as subtle as using a wrinkled white waffle bedding set, pillowcases with textured trim, or a white bouclé ottoman bench at the foot of the bed,” says Sam. suggests. “These small details add interest and help make the room feel like a cozy, comfortable space rather than a cold, sterile one.”

Tip: “If using both a quilt and blanket, fold the quilt at the bottom of the bed and drape the blanket over it to add a layer of cozy texture,” says Kate. “Typically, if you choose patterned bed linens, choose a plain quilt or blanket in a complementary color, and vice versa.”

Sam explains that by combining patterns and textures on bedspreads and throws, you can avoid making your bed look too 'blocky'. “Mix and match headboard colors, or choose a throw that's a few shades lighter or darker than your duvet,” she suggests. “The key is to make sure nothing feels too tailored or 'fit'.”

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Palm print washed cotton bedspread
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Theodora Embroidered Quilt Bedspread
Anthropologie Theodora Embroidered Quilted Bedspread

Bed style: cushion

Finally, add some cute cushions to tie everything together. “Cushions are a fun piece that isn't about practicality!” says Kate. “Luxurious velvet adds a luxurious touch, while linen adds a relaxed, natural feel.”

zigzag natural cushion
dunelm zigzag natural cushion
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