I make a living testing home goods, and this $22 queen-sized comforter is five-star luxury at Motel 6 prices. You can't go wrong if you buy it on sale.

I make a living testing home goods, and this $22 queen-sized comforter is five-star luxury at Motel 6 prices. You can't go wrong if you buy it on sale.

I make a living writing about all things home, but I'm embarrassingly slow at changing bedding. So after years of sleeping on mediocre blankets, I decided to invest in a new comforter in January. And it's not just a comforter. This is her very popular Bedsure comforter, which was recommended to me by my girlfriend's sister. Seeing that she was essentially a real-life version of The Princess and the Pea (the loudest sleeper I've ever met), I ordered it. The low price doesn't help either, and it just so happens to be resold on Amazon. Keep scrolling for my review.


This cushioned comforter has 8 loops on the sides and can also be used as a comforter insert.

$22 on Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

According to our tracker, Classic White Queen Size Comforter is the best price ever, almost 50% off when you apply the on-page coupon. Plus, it has tens of thousands of 5-star reviews (in addition to mine!), so if you're considering buying it, now would be a wise time.

Why is this necessary?

Before we get into my personal thoughts on Bedsure comforters, let's talk about the basics. Designed as an all-season blanket, it has a soft polymicrofiber shell with a down alternative filling. A smart box-stitch construction ensures even distribution of filling. I want to give my whole body a cloud-like feeling!

This comforter has loops on the sides so it can also be used as a comforter insert. What's more, it is machine washable and dryable, which is very convenient. I purchased a white queen size comforter, but it also comes in many other colors and sizes, from twin to California king.

Bedsure comforters are available in 3 colorsBedsure comforters are available in 3 colors

This cushioned comforter is available in 15 colors. (Amazon)

Let's test it

When I unpacked the Bedsure comforter, I found that it was somewhat compressed (as expected). I followed the instructions to fluff it by hand and let it spread out for a day or two. By night it puffed up nicely and felt very soft to the touch. So far, so good!

I recently bought a new duvet cover, so I decided to start laying it on there. Aside from the hassle involved in setting up all the duvets, I was happy with the results. The loops were aligned with the snaps on the cover and didn't bunch up once I put everything inside.

Once that's done, it's time for the sleep test. When I climbed into bed and pulled the blankets over me, I immediately felt a level of comfort that I had never felt while sleeping at home. It's certainly not as heavy as a weighted blanket, but I felt the same kind of “hugging” feeling that made me feel at ease and instantly want to doze off. That's actually what I did.

I tend to sleep hot, and it's not uncommon for me to wake up in the middle of the night and want to throw all my sheets and blankets off my body. Thankfully, the Bedsure comforter kept me warm enough on winter nights without overheating. I've been using it for almost 2 months now and I can't believe the difference it makes while I sleep. I feel like I'm tucked into a hotel bed every night, but the comforter has so far maintained its marshmallow-like feel, even after washing.

When summer comes, I plan to take it out of the duvet cover and use it alone. That being said, it does have a large blue label on one of the corners, which I don't like from an aesthetic standpoint. (I think it's easy to remove.) Another note: The cleaning instructions say to use a drum washer and dryer. My washer is a top loader, so I decided to take a chance. I'm glad you didn't have any issues, but do this at your own risk.

A person sleeping under a white bedsure comforterA person sleeping under a white bedsure comforter

That's pretty much the same expression I always have when I sleep under this comforter. (Amazon)

Reviewer's opinion

I'm not the only one obsessed with Bedsure comforters. Over 53,000 Amazon customers have given it a perfect 5-star rating.

One purchaser wrote that he was impressed, saying, “This is the best sleep I've had in a long time.” “It's not too thick, it's not too thin, and I didn't wake up feeling too hot either.I slept so well that I ignored my alarm clock and fell asleep, making me late for class.'' .It stays fluffy even after the first wash and feels like a cloud!I'll be late for class again on 10/10.

“I was looking for a lightweight comforter that would keep me warm but never get too warm,” shared another satisfied sleeper. “My problem is how to prevent the chain reaction of hot flashes and night sweats.…Well, I found a solution.…I tried it without the duvet cover and it worked fine.…Last night , inserted [it] I went into the duvet cover and thought that if I added 0.5 degrees it would go back to normal cycle, but to my surprise, that was not the case. … Menopausal Women: Look no further. This comforter is the answer. ”

“My duvet is so nice!” exclaimed the last fan. “I was worried that it wouldn't be thick and warm, but it certainly is. …The only thing I could request about this is please add a few more knots. It had a lot of knots and I could see how that would help prevent slipping, but I personally never had any problems with it.'' (By the way, I've never experienced slipping either.)


For a little more money, you can buy this cozy blue comforter.

$27 on Amazon

Have you found yet another cult-favorite Amazon bedding that I adore? The #1 best-selling Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillow.


I've heard nothing but rave reviews about these pillows for years, and I finally bought one to see what all the hype was about. Strict warning: It comes vacuum packed, so when you see it for the first time you'll think: There's no way this will be comfortable. But if you let it sit for a few hours, it will become nice and fluffy. I was impressed by the soft yet supportive feel. Thanks to its highly breathable construction, my hair didn't get sweaty when I woke up in the morning. Now I want to replace all the pillows in my house with these.

P.S. Yahoo Life's home editors also trust this product. For more information, read her full review of the Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillow.

$60 on Amazon

For more bedding favorites, check out this story about how I created the comfortable bed of my dreams.

Of course, if you have Amazon Prime, shipping is free. Not a member yet? No problem. You can sign up for a 30-day free trial here. (By the way, even if you don't have Prime, shipping is free on orders over $25.)

The reviews cited above reflect the latest version at the time of publication.

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