I review bedding for a living. I'll show you everything I actually use on my bed.

I review bedding for a living. I'll show you everything I actually use on my bed.

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Let's talk bedrooms. It's my job to test the most amazing bedding, from mattresses to sheets to blankets, so people often ask me what I use on my bed (I know, it's a tough job). But before I started PureWow, I worked with high-end interior designers for years, and there's one thing I learned from them: your bedroom should embody what you love most. For me, that means cozy, quirky, nostalgic and historic. And I learned how to source luxurious, long-lasting materials that not only look great, but will last season after season. So here's everything I have on my bed and how I put together that look.

How to choose bedding

Sydney Meister of PureWow

Before I even start looking for comforters and throw pillows, I treat my bedroom design like a hot fudge sundae: the bedding is the ice cream (the essential foundation), the artwork and lighting are the hot fudge (the indulgent essentials), and the decor is the cherry on top. From there, I decided to work backwards from the decor. I wanted to create an eclectic New York vibe that was reminiscent of my grandparents' apartment on 89th and York Streets. I also have an obsession with anything black and white with fur. I also have a sheepadoodle named George. New Yorker Prints of sheepdogs and a fluffy cow named Moo were essential accents.

With the cows and color palette finalized, we can focus on the basics. The most important consideration when it comes to bedding is my sleep style. As a side sleeper, I knew I needed a mattress and pillow that would support my spine but not cause pain (i.e. medium firmness). I also tend to heat up during the night, so cooling materials like gel foam and breathable linen and cotton are essential. Below, you'll find all the bedding items I use and why they're perfect for a side sleeper like me who gets hot easily.

See everything above your bed at a glance


This mattress is a game changer. It combines medium ergonomic support with advanced cooling technology, and we're sure it excels on both fronts. It's plush under the shoulders so you can sink into it, but firm enough to prevent hip and lower back pain. Plus, the brand says it uses its proprietary “Snow” technology, which cools the mattress by six degrees, and we could definitely tell the difference. The temperature-regulating foam had a noticeable effect on night sweats, and we no longer woke up feeling like we'd just come out of a sauna.

from $3,095; $1,857 in Casper

From $3,095 on Amazon


I've tried dozens of pillows, but I always come back to the Purple Harmony. There are a few reasons why. First, it comes in two sizes and three different height options (I went for the standard medium option). The medium height is perfect for side sleepers, and I love that it never goes flat. That's thanks to Purple's signature Honeycomb GelFlex Grid, topped with luxurious Talalay latex. It conforms to your head and neck the moment you lie down, but never goes flat. The ultra-durable material bounces back as soon as you lift your head. Plus, the cooling technology is awesome. The GelFlex and latex combination is breathable, so heat doesn't build up, and the moisture-wicking mesh cover keeps the pillow cool all night long.

Starting at $199 in PURPLE

From $179 on Amazon


When I was looking for the best down comforter, I wanted something that felt as fluffy as if it was fresh out of the catalog, but light enough that I wouldn't feel stuffy. This comforter ticked both boxes perfectly. It gives my bed a cozy, sink-in aesthetic, while keeping me cool and comfortable all night long. It also comes in three weights, lightweight, all-season, and extra warm, each with a different fill power. I chose the lightweight version, which is made from European goose and duck feathers and has a fill power of 650. It's perfect for fall and winter (as I prefer to sleep under a quilt in warmer months).

from $279; $237 in Brookline

From $279 on Amazon

Piglet in bed

I love the muted, organic look of linen, and this oatmeal-colored duvet cover is a perfect fit for my cozy aesthetic. The natural texture and slightly wrinkled look add subtle sophistication and hold up beautifully through the wash. It goes without saying that linen is the perfect cooling fabric for those who like to keep their body hot, and this duvet cover is breathable while still regulating body temperature. Linen's understated elegance and practicality make it a great addition to my bedding set.

Starting at $199 at Piglet in a Bed

Starting at $199 at Nordstrom


After seeing the brand at 5-star resorts like Topping Rose House and The Crosby Hotel, I knew I had to get a set from Matouk. Sure, the price is steep (starting at $149 for just the flat sheet), but if you're looking for sheets worth the investment, I think it's well worth it. Made from 350-thread-count cotton percale, it's super cool and will last a long time. In fact, it combines the crisp, fresh feel of cotton with a luxurious smoothness that's almost silky. I've yet to kick the top sheet off, and even if I do wake up sweaty on occasion, it absorbs quickly and dries quickly on the surface.

Starting at $115 at MATOUK

Starting at $115 at Bloomingdale's


I came for this quilt because of its design, but it's here to stay because I've been wearing it all summer. Not only does the tonal stitching lines bring a playful sophistication, but the stone blue hue also anchors my multi-color scheme. And my summer go-to is the lightweight, breathable cotton that keeps me cool on especially hot nights. The oversized 90″ x 90″ size gives plenty of coverage, perfect for when you're sharing your bed with a midnight sheet hog. Not to mention it's durable through the wash, we recommend keeping it out of reach of messy kids and pets.

Starting at $279 at CITIZENRY

Jenni Kayne

When I reached for this alpaca basket weave, my first thought was, “this feels luxurious.” The 50 x 70 inch blanket is made from a premium blend of alpaca and merino wool, providing just the right amount of warmth without being too thin or too thick. The handwoven basket weave construction also gives it an ultra-soft feel that's perfect for staying warm in the winter. And of course, the earthy neutral color options are a hit, with the cocoa hue pairing perfectly with other organic tones.

Jenni Kayne for $300

Pompoms at home

This pillow from Pom Pom at Home is a designer's dream (many of the designers I've worked with are big fans of the brand). First off, it's a generous 26 x 26 inches, so it's great for filling in gaps and preventing the pillow arrangement from looking sparse. Plus, it's 100 percent handwoven, heavyweight linen with a 1/2 inch flange. Not only does this create an intricate woven design and rich linen texture, but it also makes the ivory finish feel interesting instead of boring and flat. This is arguably the most important element in pulling together the layered, luxurious look of my bed.


Pompoms at home

Another must-have from Pom Pom at Home, this 14″ x 14″ throw is another great addition. It's made from 100 percent cotton but with a more refined texture that looks almost vintage without coming across as vulgar. The deep navy color seamlessly ties together the various blue and gray tones in the other bedding while also providing a key color accent. We also love how the rich navy hue stands out from the other neutrals. It has enough visual contrast to catch the eye and pairs beautifully with the various orange and brown hues next to it.




Last but not least, here's my favorite item in the bedding setup. I love that all Fornasetti pieces are works of art, but they're also ridiculously expensive, so when I moved to NYC three years ago, I bought a similar piece on Amazon for $13 (and the matching pillow insert for $8). It's wash-proof, but I still love the woman's striking beauty and the coquettish way she holds her finger to her lips. It conveys that “no one talks to me” energy at the end of a long day, and I love how it adds a touch of drama to plain bed accessories.

$13 on Amazon

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