I tried a $0 hack to get a wrinkle-free bed without ironing.

I tried a $0 hack to get a wrinkle-free bed without ironing.

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I hate ironing, so when I recently came across a TikTok about not having to iron your bed to get a wrinkle-free look, I was intrigued and thought it was too good to be true.

In this video, which has been viewed by more than 351,000 people, Julie Sousa (@the_avantgarde) says that you don't need to iron your bedding, just spray the fabric with water and pull it taut. The Soosa guest bed transforms from a rumpled bed to a hotel quality bed in minutes and with very minimal effort. No ironing required.

Since this hack costs $0, I decided to give it a try. The situation is as follows.

First, make the (wrinkle) bed.

I started with the easy part – the wrinkled bedding. I washed and dried the sheets, comforter, and duvet cover, but to avoid maximum wrinkles, I bundled them up in the dryer and left them to cool at the end. This is my method, but let's just say it's for the sake of science. Then I made the bed and took a pre-treatment photo. At this point I was skeptical. The wrinkles were quite noticeable.

Fill the spray bottle with water.

Mist the top layer of bedding.

Souza says to “spray a lot of water,” but in the video it looked like a light mist, so I sprayed sparingly. I was worried that I would be left with a damp, wrinkled bed, but I trusted the process and continued.

It was tough pulling and taut the bedding myself, but I had already enlisted the help of my partner on a garage project, and he had finished cleaning and organizing for the day. I used my knees to hold one edge in place, pulled the other side away from me, and used my free hand to smooth the fabric, much like an iron.

Enjoy your hotel experience with minimal effort.

No kidding, the wrinkles are gone. It felt like magic, but it also felt like I had been fooled by “Big Iron” all these years. Her husband and I used to run a short-term rental and she would iron guest duvets at least once a week. If I had known this trick, my quality of life would have improved significantly.

Now, is there any wrinkles on the duvet? no. But if I had ironed it, would it have completely gotten rid of the wrinkles? Also, no. I'm really excited about this simple hack. Within five minutes, my bedroom began to look, in Sousa's words, “like a hotel.”

If you're making a scented spray, you can also add essential oils to the water, Sousa says. I'm probably extra worried about staining the duvet fabric with oil, so I decide to just use water and light a candle instead.

When I checked again a few hours later, the bedding was dry to the touch and still had that fresh smell from the laundry, so the moisture was only temporary. There are really no drawbacks to this method.

Do not iron or use commercially available anti-wrinkle sprays. You already have everything you need.

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