IKEA's BARNDRÖM heart sheet takes TikTok by storm

IKEA's BARNDRÖM heart sheet takes TikTok by storm

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Valentine's Day season is still a long way off, but heart-centered products are already capturing the hearts of TikTokers. Recently, his BARNDRÖM duvet cover and pillow sham set from IKEA has exploded on video sharing platforms, with shoppers scrambling to their nearest store for the adorable heart-print bedding.

As of this writing, the hashtag #ikeahearts has been viewed over 2.2 million times. Needless to say, the BARNDRÖM set (which comes in red and pink heart shapes and retails for his $24.99) has attracted quite a following.

“They're so Pinterest-coded,” content creator Raya (@raya.kiza) said in a video documenting her journey to buy the set, which has received over 187,000 likes. I am,” he wrote.

One commenter pointed out, “It's got a Harry Styles vibe.”

It's pretty cute, isn't it? Unfortunately, there is a catch. The BARNDRÖM set is currently only available for twin size beds. In other words, it was originally a work for children.

“Flannel weave is made from loosely spun yarns that create insulating air pockets within the fibers,” the official product description reads. “The brushed fabric is super warm and feels soft against your child's skin. Like a warm hug on a cold night.”

But the size limitations haven't stopped creative DIYers from making them accommodate larger beds. For example, TikToker Lucy (@lucydeux) recently recorded a video of how he bought two BARNDRÖM duvet covers, cut them to fit a king-sized bed, and sewed them together to create his own large bedding. shared.

I hope IKEA hears the viral plea for more heart-shaped bedding options soon.

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