I'm in love with this duvet cover that I bought on Amazon for $25.

I'm in love with this duvet cover that I bought on Amazon for $25.

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There's nothing quite like crawling under duvet at the end of a long day, unless your blanket is as rough as sandpaper. Nobody deserves a rough duvet, which is why I've joined the club of 6,600 fans of a $25 bedding set on Amazon.

Like all the best things, I first heard about the HC Collection Hotel Luxury Duvet Covers from my mom, and since she's a Prime shopping guru, when it came time to update her linen closet, I turned to one of the highest-rated options.

At $25 for the cover and two pillowcases, it seemed like an incredible deal, except the fabric is double-brushed microfiber rather than traditional cotton. That didn't drown out the thousands of raving people who said it was great.

“I've been sleeping on this duvet cover for several months now and it is the softest, lightest, most luxurious feeling duvet cover I've ever used,” one reviewer enthuses. “I'm almost 50 and I get hot flashes, but this duvet cover never gets too hot. Did I mention I live in Florida?? Pair it with a thin duvet cover and it's the perfect combo.”

“I've been shopping for weeks for new bed linens but just can't find anything I'm willing to spend $500 on so I decided to order some cheap stuff from Amazon to use in the meantime,” raved another. “I was blown away by this duvet cover. It's amazing! It's so soft and I love that it has buttons and a flap to cover the opening.”

Still not sure what a duvet cover is? teethlet me explain. A duvet cover is a thin covering that you put over your duvet, similar to how you put a pillowcase over your pillow. If you think about how much you sweat during the night (we all do, don't deny it), you'll understand why this is important. When you want to freshen up your bed, a duvet cover is about 100 times easier to wash than a giant fluffy blanket. No expensive dry cleaning required.

My bed is clean! I wash my sheets every week!” Think about it: A duvet cover can change the feel of a room without investing in a new bedding set. My mom bought a white, cream, and Arctic blue cover that she alternates throughout the house, but the collection also comes in other colors, including gray, navy, chocolate brown, sage, and taupe. Think of it as a mini makeover that also protects your comforter.

The HC Collection covers hold up to washing (I spilled mascara on my white pillowcase and it came right off) and are still as soft and smooth as the day they arrived. Now that my mom has shared her secrets, I'm ordering two sets. Now I just need to decide on the color…

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