Memorial Day sales are still on for the bedding essentials I tried

Memorial Day sales are still on for the bedding essentials I tried

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BOGO Sale on Pillow & Sheet Sets + 20% Off Bedding + 30% Off Headboards & Beds

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Up to 30% off mattresses, 35% off sets, 10% off sleep accessories

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Up to 60% off selected pillows and sleep accessories

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Bedding accessories, sleep and anniversary deals Bedding accessories, sleep and anniversary deals


Memorial Day weekend may have passed, but there are still discounts left if you know where to look. From deep discounts on mattresses to buy-one-get-one-free sales on pillows, we've rounded up the best offers you can still take advantage of to improve the quality of your sleep, no matter your budget. We've scoured the best of Memorial Day's extended sleep sales, including sales on top mattress brands. Sleep Number and Casper.

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Post-Memorial Day coverage

The Memorial Day sales are over, but they're not over yet. Check out CNET Deals for the latest news.

Check out CNET Deals

Just because you don't want to spend the money on a new mattress right now doesn't mean you can't invest in your sleep. These are the top Memorial Day sleep deals that are still valid today. They include sheets, pillows, comforters, mattress toppers, and more. I've tried bedding products from each of these brands, so I know which ones are worth adding to your mattress. I'll update this list regularly, but remember that these sales are coming to an end.

Great deals on sheet sets and bedding

My favorite sheets are from Buffy. The brand offers earth-friendly, plant-based, cruelty-free, temperature-regulating products. Wiggle Save over 20% sitewide on bedding, including pillows and linen duvet covers. Prices start at $33.

I sleep on the Breeze sheet set and love how breathable and lightweight the fabric is. These sheets are a game changer for people like me who get hot easily. Save $29 on the queen size set today.

Sleep Number is currently running their biggest sale of the year. In addition to mattress sales (including up to 50% off smart beds), there are several bedding sales as well. Buy one pillow or sheet set, get an additional 50% off, and buy one Ultimate Shape pillow, get one free. Select Sleep Number bedding is also 20% off with free shipping, and headboards and beds are 30% off. Prices start at $30.

This is one of the best bedding sales ever. I love my True Temp pillows and slept with a True Temp blanket (20% off) on my bed for a year. I would recommend this product to anyone who suffers from heat issues.

Boll and Branch is a luxury bedding brand known for their sheets (they're on our best sheets list!) Their Memorial Day special sale has ended, but they still have plenty of beautiful, best-selling bedding sets on sale. Plus, when you add on comforters, blankets, and more, the discounts go up.

If you're having trouble sleeping, I recommend a cooling comforter, and the Evercool Cooling Comforter by Rest is by far my favorite. The winner of my best cooling comforters list, this comforter is currently 35% off, saving you $70.

Rest also sells kids' bedding, sheet sets, shams, and duvets, all of which are currently up to 50% off. Shipping is free on orders over $100. Prices start at $59.

Great deals on pillows and other sleep accessories

Brooklyn Bedding is one of CNET's favorite mattress brands, and they also offer some great pillows (the Luxury Cooling Pillow made it onto my list of the best cooling pillows). The brand is offering 25% off sitewide with promo code . Memorial 25.

In addition to mattresses and pillows, Brooklyn Bedding's accessories include mattress toppers, sheets, blankets, mattress protectors, foundations and adjustable bases, with prices starting at $25.

Basically, Layla's products are on sale through the Memorial Day holiday. In addition to sales on memory foam and hybrid mattresses, you can get an extra 50% off on their Kapok Pillow, which is also on my Best Cool Pillows list. The Layla Down Alternative Comforter is on my Best Cool Comforters list.

In addition to the kapok pillow sale, there will be $60 off memory foam toppers, $70 off bamboo sheets, $50 off down alternative comforters, $100 off weighted blankets, $30 off memory foam pillows, up to $600 off adjustable bases, and $65 off mattress protectors, with prices starting at $59.

Casper recently changed its mattresses, but the bedding and accessories remain the same. I was impressed with their selection of pillows, including their Hybrid Pillow with Snow technology, which won my Best Cool Pillows list.

This Memorial Day, take 35% off sleep bundles like the Comfy Bundle, which includes a signature pillow and percale sheet set. You'll save $94 with this sale. Mattresses are also on sale individually for 30% off, and you'll get 10% off sleep accessories. Prices start at $59.

Tuft & Needle offers quality mattresses at affordable prices, such as the Tuft & Needle Mint. Their bedding is also affordable and has held up for years, at least for me. I keep the Original Foam Pillow on my bed, which is also on my list of the best pillows for neck pain.

Save up to $700 off mattresses and 20% off Tuft and Needle bedding including pillows, percale sheet sets, quilts and mattress toppers, with prices starting at $35.

Birch is an eco-conscious brand that specializes in natural and organic mattresses. The same goes for their bedding products. Birch has eco-conscious pillows, pillowcases, mattress toppers, mattress pads, mattress protectors, duvet inserts, and sheets. Birch is offering 25% off sitewide and two free Eco-Rest pillows with any mattress purchase. Prices start at $37.

If you're not interested in a new bed, I recommend the Birch Organic Pillow. This pillow made it onto my list of best cool pillows because it's made from natural, breathable materials. It's also great for back and side sleepers. The Birch Natural Down Duvet Insert also made it onto my list of best cool comforters.

Bear is offering 35% off bedding, including mattresses and a variety of accessories like mattress protectors, mattress toppers, pillows, sheets, weighted blankets, and a free accessory bundle valued at $320 with any mattress purchase. Prices start at $30.

My favorite Bear pillow is currently 60% off, saving you $117, and this pillow is on my Best Cool Pillows list.

Nest Bedding is another sustainable mattress brand. In addition to beds (all named after birds), they offer pillows, mattress protectors, bedding sets, comforters, blankets, bases, and frames. Currently, they're offering a buy one, get one free Easy Breather Natural Pillow deal. Use coupon code 014210 … Easy Bogo at checkout. This version of the pillow took the #1 spot on my Best Cool Pillows list.

You'll also get 50% off sheet sets, duvet sets, and weighted blankets, plus up to 50% off select comforters, mattress protectors, pillows, robes, toppers, foundations, and frames, with prices starting at $44.

Parachute is currently running a sitewide sale with 25% off and 30% off sets, so you can save now on the brand's popular sheets, duvets, and more. Named the best pillow for stomach sleepers in our Best Pillows of 2024 roundup, Parachute's Down Alternative Pillow is currently on sale for $60.

Silk and Snow is still running their Memorial Day sale with 20% off sitewide, which means 20% off sheets, bed frames, pillows, quilts, duvets, weighted blankets, mattress protectors, and mattress toppers. They're also offering buy-one-get-one 50% off Eco Soy pillows (and free with the purchase of an organic mattress). Bedding sets are also currently 32% off, with prices starting at $28.

Their down alternative comforter made it onto my Best Cool Comforters list, and you can save $24 on a full or queen-sized all-season comforter.

Best Deals on Sleep & Loungewear

Cozy Earth's Memorial Day sale features deep discounts on some of the company's most popular items, including a flash sale with up to 55% off select bedding. I'm a big fan of Cozy Earth bedding, but if the price has kept you from trying them until now, now's the perfect time to grab a bargain. Items on sale right now include pajama sets. The brand's short-sleeve bamboo pajama set is a best-seller and probably one of the most comfortable I own. It's available in over 10 colors and is currently on sale for 20% off. Hoodies, joggers, bathrobes, and lounge socks are also available starting at $36.

Is Memorial Day a good time to buy sleep-related products?

Memorial Day is one of the best times to find discounts on sleep products and mattresses, with some of the best sales and bundles, as well as extended sales periods, meaning sales continue for days after the actual holiday.

The average sale is between 20% and 35%, but some brands may offer even higher sales. If you're looking for the best sheet sets, comforters, and other sleep-related products to freshen up your space, Memorial Day is truly one of the best times to make a purchase.

How to Choose the Best Memorial Day Deals

Our team of expert shoppers and deal hunters have been working for years to help buyers understand which big sales and deals are real deals and which are less common. This includes Black Friday, Prime Day, Memorial Day and countless other shopping events. We're experts at filtering out scams and superficial deals, so you'll see only the best deals from retailers around the world.

We hand-pick the best sleep products to share with you, taking into account real discounts, quality reviews, remaining sales, and more. We have a team of sleep experts who have tested over 200 mattresses and countless bedding and sleep accessories.

  • A real discount is just that: we check the price history of the product to make sure brands aren't inflating prices to make the discount seem bigger than it actually is.
  • Quality reviews and testing are important for any product, but especially for mattresses and sleep products. If you're not satisfied the first time you use it, the discounts aren't worth it.
  • Remaining sale time is a big part of our review process – if we think a sale will only last a short time or will only sell what's left of your inventory, we'll let you know up front to avoid disappointment if you return to the sale later.

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