M&S shoppers praise 'hotel quality' cool bamboo cotton duvet covers

M&S shoppers praise 'hotel quality' cool bamboo cotton duvet covers

Hot and humid summer nights can make it hard for many people to get a good night's sleep, and the only solace you can find is being snuggled up in cool, refreshing bedding that keeps the heat at bay.

If so, then these bed sheets from M&S are just what you need. The retailer's bamboo cotton blend sateen duvet cover has received rave reviews from shoppers, with many saying it's “a dream to sleep on.” With a 300 thread count, this luxurious duvet cover is designed to give your bed a “hotel feel.”

It's available in 10 different colours to suit any interior and four sizes – single (£39.50), double (£49.50), king size (£59) and super king size (£65) – plus you'll get matching sheets and pillowcases to complete the set.

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Made from a bamboo and cotton blend, the duvet cover “feels super silky” and “doesn't need ironing,” according to customer reviews. The Daily Record reports that the cover is cool and antibacterial, making it ideal for people who get hot easily or suffer from hay fever.

Not only is it easy to care for and machine washable, but it also uses Staynew technology to ensure colours remain vibrant and the material remains wrinkle-free after washing. The bamboo cotton blend sateen duvet cover has proven popular with shoppers, with the item tagged 'in demand' on the M&S website.

Choose from a range of sophisticated hues, including sage, dusky rose and teal, to find something to suit any bedroom – plus, when you spend over £60 online, you'll receive free delivery.

M&S' bamboo cotton blend sateen duvet cover comes in 10 colours and has been described by shoppers as “beautiful, soft and luxurious”.(Image: M&S)

Rated 4.6 on the M&S website, the bamboo cotton blend sateen duvet cover is sure to delight shoppers looking for “hotel quality” in their bedding, with one enthusiastic customer commenting: “The quality and feel of the bedding is amazing, it's super easy to iron and it looks hotel quality on the bed.”

Another five-star review read, “Love this bedding. The bamboo is cool when it's hot and warm when it's cold. Great for people with allergies if you wash it with non-bio sheets, which I do. Overall better for the environment too.”

A third glowing review of the bamboo sheets read: “I absolutely love this bedding – it's comfortable, fairly light, smooth and silky to the touch (though not shiny), but also not as expensive as some of the other satin options. It's also easy to wash and iron.”

Yet another M&S shopper said: “It's so soft and feels luxurious – I haven't washed it yet so can't comment on how easily it washes.”

M&S's 'cool' duvet covers are designed to create a 'hotel-like feel'.(Image: M&S)

Another customer said of the bamboo sheets: “They're so soft and comfortable to sleep on. They keep you cool and comfortable.”

However, not all shoppers had equally positive experiences, with one disappointed customer writing: “The colour is lovely but it's difficult to wash and you can't iron it so it's a disappointing duvet cover. M&S bedding is usually good so this was very disappointing.”

Nevertheless, another satisfied customer stated: “I was so happy with the first set that I just bought another one.”

The White Company also offers their Essentials Egyptian Cotton Double Duvet Cover for £50, while the Bambaw Bamboo Duvet Cover is available to buy from Amazon for between £42.95 and £72.95.

Interested shoppers can purchase the bamboo cotton blend satin duvet covers on the M&S website, priced between £39.50 and £65.

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