Serena & Lily sale: 11 essentials to buy now, from bedding to furniture

Serena & Lily sale: 11 essentials to buy now, from bedding to furniture

Spring is the season for cleaning, but it's also the season for doing a little shopping thanks to Serena & Lily's current sale. As they say, out with the old and in with the new.

If you're someone who dreams of living by the beach all year round, wants your home to feel like a coastal European cafe, or has this brand of outdoor furniture on your wish list, this is it. It fits well. When it comes to this brand, it's quirky and classic. Reimagining jute, rattan, natural wood, and bright colors, Serena & Lily hits the mark every time. And right now, many splurge-worthy items are on sale. So without further ado, check out some of our favorite deep discounts on furniture from Serena & Lily's Spring Sale, available now.

southport satin duvet cover

This duvet cover will add a touch of elegance to simple bedding thanks to its bright colors and embroidered satin stitching, transforming your bedroom into a suite at a beachside resort. Be sure to include a matching pillowcase to complete the look.

A more modern take on the Louis XIV bed, this bed comfortably fills the room's space, while the hand-woven wicker casing gives it a lightweight, airy feel. Choose from a white finish that contrasts beautifully with the rattan, or a natural finish that blends seamlessly with the rattan.

bainbridge percale sheet set

While our favorite Serena & Lily Bistol Percale sheet set is no longer available, you can't go wrong with any of the countless other sheet sets. The company's Bainbridge sheets are also made from percale and feature beautiful blue satin woven detailing along the edges. His matching pillowcase is also on sale for 34% off.

For those who want a side table that allows their bed frame to take center stage, the Lyon nightstand is perfect. The design is tasteful thanks to its delicate yet classic deep walnut frame and brass handle. Furthermore, the storage space is relatively large, and it not only looks cute but is also highly functional.

There's a lot to love about this small task lamp, including its slender silhouette, wicker shade contrasting with its white base and brass accents, flexible joints, and great 40% milled sections. Need I say more?

All of Serena & Lily Balboa's pieces are stunning, but this cozy wicker armchair would be an especially lovely touch at the end of your dining table or in an intimate nook. With brass ends and a woven body, this product is the perfect finishing touch for your beach-inspired kitchen or dining room.

The Maldives coffee table can be placed outdoors thanks to features such as the canned top made from weatherproof resin, but with its natural teakwood and woven top, it's equally at home in your living room. I think it looks like.

Beanbags have never looked as stylish as the Newport Lounger, thanks to contrasting whipstitching and a sail-inspired shape that deviates from the standard silhouette. A rope on the back helps you drag the lounger from room to room.

Avalon rattan head to head

Ditch the small sofa in favor of this adorable low-back wicker loveseat separated by a rectangular console table. Perfect for your morning coffee chat or wine evening, it's a must-see home decor piece.

outdoor riviera dining chair

Serena & Lily makes some of our favorite “coastal chic” outdoor furniture. With this French bistro-inspired chair, it's easy to see why. Contrasting weaves can feel quirky, but don't be fooled. These chairs are perfect for outdoor spaces because they can withstand anything thanks to their weatherproof resin.

Are you looking for a roomy, airy sofa that's perfect for all your friends and family to soak up the sun or relax after a day at the beach? Look no further. The cliffside teak cross section is intentionally oversized. Don't worry if you're a little overwhelmed by the size or the idea of ​​lugging it into your house and outside during a rainstorm. Weather-resistant teak actually develops a nice silver-gray patina over time when left outdoors. The cushion is made from tufted Sunbrella canvas and has a mesh bottom to keep moisture out.

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