Shoppers love this “beautiful” $40 IKEA duvet (perfect for spring!)

Shoppers love this “beautiful” $40 IKEA duvet (perfect for spring!)

If you're looking for stylish furniture and interior decoration for spring, be sure to visit IKEA. The store's new TESAMMANS collection is full of quirky color combinations, including cute side tables that double as storage. As if IKEA's new collection isn't enough for you this season, check out the beautiful duvets that just launched (and they're likely to sell fast!).

The RÅGBLOMMA 2-piece duvet cover and pillow sham set is covered in a blue and green gingham design, the perfect pop of color for your bedroom. It's only $40 for a full or queen size set, but you can upgrade to a king size set for $60. This gorgeous color combination will make you want to change up your current sheets.

RÅGBLOMMA duvet cover and pillowcaseRÅGBLOMMA duvet cover and pillowcase

RÅGBLOMMA duvet cover and pillowcase

RÅGBLOMMA duvet cover and pillowcase

$39.99 and IKEA

According to reviewers, the duvet's “lightweight, breathable material” makes it extremely comfortable for sleeping. “Extremely comfortable and aesthetically pleasing design,” they write on the IKEA website. “I love the texture of the waffles. I'm very satisfied. [my] purchase. ” Another customer wrote, “I love this duvet cover!” Not too warm, not too cold, just right. The texture is very comfortable and helps me sleep well. ”

Between this duvet and sleepy girl mocktails, this is the spring to get your ZZZs back.

@cala.ali's TikTok features a luxurious duvet on display at IKEA, with a commenter calling it “super soft.”

“Oh my god…I'm afraid I'll have to buy this,” someone commented. Another person suggested that “fresh flowers on the nightstand” would go well with the duvet cover, so clearly it's time for Trader to stop by Joe's.

This isn't the only IKEA bedding item that has gone viral on TikTok. His SLÅNHÖSTMAL duvet cover and pillowcase set in pink and orange stripes is the season's most beautiful bedding and was designed by an independent artist. Now is the perfect time to get your hands on these playful duvet covers, so stop by your local IKEA.

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