Slashop Bedding Review: Does it actually repel pet hair?

Slashop Bedding Review: Does it actually repel pet hair?

I live at home with two golden retrievers and a rambunctious (but adorable) kitten, but like many pet owners, I feel guilty about letting my furry friends sleep in my bed. . Great for cuddles at night, but the downside is that the blanket is always covered in pet hair.

So when I heard about Slashop's line of pet hair resistant bedding, I was definitely intrigued. The brand offers sheets, comforters, duvet covers, and even sleepwear, all of which it claims will keep your bed clean by “preventing fur, dander, and dust.” It sounds too good to be true. We decided to test for ourselves whether the bedding was worth the splurge. Here are the results I found after several weeks of testing.

Product image of Slashop bamboo sheet set

Slashop bamboo sheet set

Slashop sheets are soft and comfortable and effectively repel pet hair.

What we like about Slashop

Repels most hair

A woman wearing eucalyptus pajamas.

Credit: Reviewed / Camyrn Rabideau

Both duvets and pajamas shed a lot of hair.

My biggest question about Slashop products was obviously whether they were really hair-resistant. To find out, I used the same brand's bamboo duvet cover on my bed for a few weeks. My dog ​​and cat often sleep, play, and roll around on the bed, so regular cotton blankets end up with a lot of hair on the surface.

Slashop duvet covers, on the other hand, are made from a silky, bamboo-based fabric that's less static-generating, and we've found that they attract significantly less pet hair. Even if dog hair got on the blanket, it wasn't soaked into the fabric, so it was easy to brush it off by hand. In that regard, it stayed much cleaner than other duvet covers and blankets I've used. We also tested the same brand's eucalyptus pajama set, and the fabric didn't pick up pet hair either. My pets often snuggle up to my chest before bed, and I was able to easily brush away the fur they left behind.

Please meet my expectations. That's not to say there won't be a single hair stuck to the fabric. It's inevitable that pet hair will stick to any material, but Slashop products are more reliable than other bedding products.

The material is very soft and comfortable

Slashhop sheet taken out of the box.

Credit: Reviewed / Camryn Rabideau

The material is very soft.

I'm very picky when it comes to bedding, so scratchy percale sheets are a no-no. So I was pleased to find that the duvet cover was extremely soft and comfortable. The bamboo-based fabric has a near-satin feel and a glossy finish, and it's lovely to crawl under it on a cold winter's day. It really helped regulate my body temperature throughout the night. I also love that it has a zipper closure and 8 inner ties so it stays on top of my duvet.

The pajamas were probably made of eucalyptus fabric and had a different weave pattern, so they weren't as smooth as the duvet cover, but they were still very comfortable to wear. The fabric is thick so it's thick, but it's lightweight so it doesn't get too hot.

what we don't like

Apparently “greenwashing” is going on.

Slashop duvet tag.

Credit: Reviewed / Camryn Rabideau

Although they advertise themselves as sustainable, you might want to take that with a grain of salt.

When I opened the package from Slashop, I immediately noticed a lot of sustainability language. The word “sustainable” was printed all over the lid of the box. And I wanted to know what exactly the brand is doing to achieve its sustainability. Sustainable products. I've browsed their website a bit and it appears that the basis of their claims is solely rooted in the fact that their linens are made from bamboo and/or eucalyptus.

Bamboo is a sustainable material in terms of production as it grows quickly and is easily renewable, but the problem is that most bamboo sheets are made from a fiber called bamboo viscose, which requires a lot of chemicals and energy to manufacture. is to require. (The Natural Resources Defense Council provides useful information about the different types of bamboo-based materials.) Both the brand's website and the product's care label state that the sheets are made with genuine bamboo linen. It is not clearly stated whether it is made of bamboo viscose or bamboo viscose, which makes me question it. Whether it's actually sustainable or whether the brand is just greenwashing the product to make it more appealing.

Additionally, the brand claims to be certified by FSC, Ecocert, and OEKO-TEX, but after searching each organization's database, we were unable to find any evidence of these certifications.

The material of the futon gets caught easily.

Enlarged view of the duvet. You can see the thread coming out.

Credit: Reviewed / Camyrn Rabideau

This material can get caught very easily, which can be a problem if your pet likes to scratch.

The duvet cover was effective at repelling pet hair, but it didn't hold up very well to pet claws. After a week of use, there were a few noticeable snags where a cat's claw got caught in the fabric and pulled out a thread or two. This is a common problem with satin weaves and can obviously shorten the lifespan of your bedding, especially if you have pets. However, this wasn't an issue for me as the pajamas have a solid plain weave and don't get snagged easily.

The pajamas were cool to the touch.

The pajamas I tried were made from eucalyptus tencel, which is known for its cooling properties. It's nice to slip into cool sheets on a hot summer day, but I definitely didn't want to wear cold pajamas in the middle of a New England winter. Every time I picked up my pajamas, they felt so cold to the touch that I hesitated to put them on. Of course, I used it for this review, but it's not the kind of pajama set I'd get in the winter if I had the option.

Should I buy Slashop hair prevention products?

No, you'll probably find cheaper options.

All things considered, the Slashop product performed very well during our testing. Both the duvet cover and pajamas were comfortable and did a surprisingly good job of keeping pet hair out. However, the duvet cover is definitely prone to snags, and the brand's claims about sustainability are questionable.

These factors alone won't stop me from recommending Slashop products, but the duvet cover costs $185 for a queen and $205 for a king. The pajamas are similarly expensive, retailing for $88. Moreover, there is practically no special technology that makes these sheets hair-resistant. It simply combines static resistant bamboo fabric with a satin-like weave. I thought maybe there was a similar option out there, so I did a quick search on Amazon and found the Bedsure Bamboo Sheet ($45). This seems like a similar material at a more affordable price. A quick read of the reviews also confirmed my suspicions. Pet owners say pet hair doesn't stick to the fabric and can be easily brushed off.

The bottom line? Slashop bedding and clothing live up to their claims of being pet hair-resistant, but they're quite expensive and can be greenwashed. Instead, we recommend trying cheaper bamboo sheets. This could give you the same benefits at a lower price point.

Product image of Slashop bamboo sheet set

Slashop bamboo sheet set

Slashop sheets are soft and comfortable and effectively repel pet hair.

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