Sleep Number customizable comforters help couples sleep better

Sleep Number customizable comforters help couples sleep better


Create the perfect comforter


  • Each side can be customized by filling and warmth

  • The cover is made of 100% cotton, so it is extremely comfortable to wear.

  • Box stitch prevents batting from clumping

  • I can't feel the zipper in the middle

Does not like

  • More expensive than the average comforter

  • Both sides must be purchased separately

  • The zipper connecting the sides may be stiff at first

  • You may need a duvet because it is white.

It's about time we all acknowledged that sometimes the biggest barrier to sleep is our partners. Between tossing and turning and dragging blankets back and forth, getting quality sleep can be difficult. One of the most common issues couples face is sleep temperature.

I have experienced this myself. My partner sleeps much hotter than I do. At night, he kicks off his blanket to cool off. That means I end up sleeping like ice, clutching the sheets to regain warmth.

enter Create the perfect comforter From Sleep Number — A proposed answer to the age-old temperature war. I'm no stranger to testing sleep products and have spent the last few years learning all about sleep. This comforter impressed me enough to be included in CNET's 2024 Editor's Choice list.

Read what I thought about “Creating the Perfect Comforter from Sleep Numbers.”

What does “Let's create the perfect comforter for you” mean?

I've written many stories in the past about how temperature affects your night's sleep. Unfortunately, it's often not the thermostat's temperature that is causing the problem. It's your partner. One answer to this could be a completely different blanket. Many people find that their blankets slip off their beds during the night.

Close-up of the Close-up of the

Taylor Leamy/CNET

Sleep Number has created a comforter designed to solve this specific problem.

The concept of this product is simple: a comforter with two separate sides. Each person can choose their own weight to fill. The sides are connected in the middle with a zipper. This allows you to build a blanket tailored to your own temperature needs, which may be different than your partner's.

The blanket features a box stitched construction. Choose from alternative down or 700 fill power down. I have allergies so I chose the down alternative option.

Create your perfect comforter specifications:

  • Available in half queen size and half king size
  • Three warmth options: Light, Medium, Extra
  • Two fill options: down or down alternative
  • Standard 100 with OEKO-TEX® certification
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • 100 night trial
  • free shipping

Sleep Number What is it like to sleep on a comforter?

I've tested numerous sleep products over the course of my career, and each one has its pros and cons. No product is perfect, but I have to say Sleep Number Create Your Perfect Comforter comes pretty close.

Before we get into the meat of this Sleep Number review, I'd like to touch on the general sleep experience with this product. I created a blanket that was super warm on one side and light and warm on the other. I usually sleep in cold conditions so I preferred the warmth aspect.

I have been sleeping better for a month using this Sleep Number comforter and have improved my overall sleep quality. I think this is because of the feeling that the warm surface provides, almost like a weighted blanket. It is not a weighted blanket. It has some weight to it, so I felt relaxed as soon as I got into bed. Comforters that allow you to customize your Sleep Number are still breathable.

Create the perfect comforter performance

As with any product, you need to evaluate the good and the bad. Let's take a look at how Sleep Count's customizable comforter fared in the key categories of comfort, temperature, and setup. While reading, remember that I tested a down alternative version of this comforter.


Create Your Perfect Comforter from Sleep Number is extremely comfortable thanks to its 100% cotton cover. Neutrals best represent the feel of your skin. It doesn't sting or feel rough. It's smooth, spacious and inviting.

Close-up of the zipper for “Create Your Perfect Comforter from Sleep Number” Close-up of the zipper for “Create Your Perfect Comforter from Sleep Number”

The zipper is a little stiff, but it doesn't bother me when I sleep.

Taylor Leamy/CNET

The comforter features classic box stitching that allows the filling to shift and move throughout the night. I didn't expect it to be this breathable since I was mainly using the extra weight surface. During testing, I found myself folding part of the blanket and placing it under my head, avoiding the pillow entirely. It was very comfortable.

My biggest concern with the design of this comforter was the zipper in the middle. That could have been a big problem. This concern didn't go away during testing, but I can say that it doesn't detract from the comfort of the blanket. When you roll over the zipper, you can feel that the zipper is there, but his two flaps that cover the zipper hide it well. Instead of feeling the hard lines of a zipper, the flap makes it feel like a thick blanket. It doesn't negatively impact your sleep experience as much as I expected, but it's still worth considering because you can see it's there.


Both sides of the comforter come in separate packages. I was skeptical that this product would work because when I opened both sides I didn't see a huge difference in the weight of the two. It wasn't until I zipped them up and climbed into bed that I realized how different they were.

The extra weight surface provides warmth without suffocation. The down alternative fill makes it very breathable, so you won't get too hot at night. There are clear differences between the two. The lightweight side is thinner and has less padding than the very warm side. When the two were next to each other, the difference was obvious.

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I sleep cold, so the light warmth wasn't enough, but it was perfect for my partner, who gets too hot at night and tends to kick the blanket off and pin it under his feet. It was a daily occurrence for many years. He's been testing the Sleep Number customizable comforter for a month now, and he hasn't started using it once.


Most of the time, there isn't much of a setup with a comforter. Not so with sleep numbers. Create the perfect comforter. Customization requires a little work before you go to bed.

Connect your coordinating comforter with Connect your coordinating comforter with

The matching duvet has a comfortable wavy texture.

Taylor Leamy/CNET

There is a zipper in the middle to connect the two. Unfolding the blanket and zipping it up was easy, but the problem arose when zipping it up. The zipper was very hard. It took several tries to get the zipper to move completely. I had to use all my strength to connect. I was annoyed.

Both sides of the comforter have flaps that fold over the zipper so you won't feel the zipper while sleeping. It was frustrating because they got in the way while I was connecting them and I had to backtrack to free the flap from the already difficult zipper. I think this could be a pain when opening the zipper to wash, unless the zipper loosens over time.

Paired with Create Your Perfect Comforter. sleep number comforter set ($130) includes one rippled duvet and two matching pillowcases. Like any other duvet cover, I had to work on putting the duvet inside. The uneven weight made it a bit difficult to move. Additionally, the comforter has a loop that can be easily connected to the strings of the duvet cover.

Even with the strings attached, the comforter will shift slightly. I've noticed that the top of the comforter often sags and the comforter fabric is often missing the comforter. The strings keep the blanket in place, but I could have used another string at the top and bottom of the comforter to keep the blanket from sagging.

Create the perfect comforter cost

Prices will vary with customization. Create the Perfect Comforter from Sleep Number is available in half-queen and half-king sizes with down or down-filling alternatives. You can choose from his three different warmth options: Light, Medium and Extra. The price breakdown is as follows:

Create the perfect comforter price

Half queen with down Half queen with alternative down Half king with down Half king with alternative down
light warmth $140 100 dollars $175 $110
medium warmth $175 $110 200 dollars $130
extra warmth 200 dollars $125 $250 $150

When ordering, please note that each side must be purchased separately. So if you want a queen-sized comforter that's light and warm on one side and even warmer on the other, your cart will contain two half-queen comforters. One cannot cover the bed.

Right now, Sleep Number is having a Labor Day sale to save you money.

Final Verdict: Is it worth it to create the perfect comforter?

Sleep Number Zip Comforter (with packaging) Sleep Number Zip Comforter (with packaging)

Taylor Leamy/CNET

This Sleep Number comforter is an innovative product for people who need personalized comfort at night. When I say a comforter with customizable sleep numbers has changed the way I sleep, I mean it.

I think it's worth it if you're ready to spend the money. It's not the most budget-friendly comforter, especially since you have to buy both sides separately. It goes without saying that the customizable comforter is white. That said, most people will choose to add a comforter to protect the product's lifespan. Sleep Number often has sales to save you money, and this is one of those things you should buy.

Who should buy “Create Your Perfect Comforter from Sleep Number”:

  • People who struggle with classic blankets struggle or wake up at night because their partner is producing too much heat.
  • Those looking for a lightweight comforter that is not too heavy and comfortable
  • Those who are ready to pay for customization

Who should not buy:

  • Sleepers whose body temperature does not differ from that of their partner. Sleep Number has other comforters that are much more affordable
  • People who don't want to buy a duvet
  • People who are sensitive to differences in the texture of blankets.Has a zipper in the middle
  • If you have a full size mattress

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