The 17 Best Duvet Covers of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

The 17 Best Duvet Covers of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

No matter how much sleep you get, if your bedtime routine and sleep environment aren’t up to par, you won’t wake up feeling truly rested. That’s why investing in things that make your bedroom a peaceful environment is key.

One of the pieces that can make a significant impact on your bedroom and sleep routine is a duvet cover. It provides easy, washable protection for your duvet and prolongs its use, and depending on the material and style, a duvet cover can add a level of comfort and style to your bedroom as well. 

To save you time and money, we tested over 36 different duvet covers, including ones made of bamboo, linen, flannel, percale, and more. A few things to keep in mind? The majority of duvet covers wrinkle after washing and that has to do more with laundry machines than the quality of the bedding. Also, while we tested each option to see how the material interacted with stains, even the highest quality products didn’t survive a really bad makeup or coffee stain, so keep that in mind when shopping.

If you’re ready for a massive sleep hygiene upgrade, keep reading for the best duvet covers that PEOPLE Tested.

Slumber Cloud Essential Duvet Cover

Slumber Cloud


  • It was easy to place this duvet cover around the insert.

  • This duvet cover has a light, soft, and smooth feeling.

  • It showed minimal shrinkage after washing.

We found the Slumber Cloud Essential Duvet Cover to be the perfect blend of value, comfort, and quality. Made from outlast viscose and cotton and secured by a combination of buttons and ties, this duvet cover was a winner from the get-go. There were little to no imperfections upon removal from packaging, and the satin beading on the top and sides gives it an understated, styled look. 

If you’ve ever experienced frustration from the hassle of putting on a stubborn duvet cover, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the ease with which the Slumber Cloud duvet cover goes onto any insert. We did the roll method when placing the insert, and after only five to six shakes, it was properly inserted, without any lumps or excess space. After washing, the color and texture were not compromised, and it passed our stain test with flying colors. 

With all this in mind, the reason that we ranked this one best overall really comes down to the price. Out of the 36 duvet covers tested, the Slumber Cloud was one of few with its perfect score. 

Material: 60% cotton, 40% rayon | Closure: Buttons, corner ties | Colors: 6 | Sizes: Twin XL, Full/Queen, King

Bare Home Duvet Cover



  • The soft, buttery texture gives the duvet cover a luxurious feel.

  • It has ties on the inside as well as a zipper enclosure for extra security.

  • Stains wash out of the microfiber material easily.

We were so impressed by the quality of this duvet cover by Bare Home. It was one of the softest ones we tested — the microfiber material is comforting without being too heavy or hot, and it gets softer with each wash. Aside from that, it also releases wrinkles after washing, so you don’t have to worry about losing the smooth feel after a few laundry cycles. 

Another thing we love about this duvet cover is that the zip enclosure works in tandem with corner ties to keep your duvet in place and prevent it from bunching. However, if you want something that’s extra warm, this may not be the right fit. The material is quite thin and, although soft, doesn’t retain heat well. All in all, this is a great option for hot sleepers working with a budget.

Material: 100% Hydro-brushed Microfiber Yarns | Closure: Zipper | Colors: 27 | Sizes: Twin/Twin XL, Full, Queen, King/California King, Oversized King

Quince European Linen Duvet Cover


Linen fabric has many benefits: Besides being anti-bacterial and anti-static, it’s also known for its natural temperature-regulating ability. It’s simultaneously a natural insulator and incredibly breathable, meaning it will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If you’re a fan of linen material, then look no further for your next purchase: The Quince European is the best linen duvet cover we tested. This duvet cover came out of the packaging without any signs of snags or tears, and it feels lightweight and breathable while also high-quality and durable. 

One of the biggest downsides we noticed was the buttons. They’re basic and clear, which compromises the otherwise luxurious feel of the duvet cover and seems a little out of place. Typically, if a duvet cover has basic buttons, they’re concealed by fabric or designed to look nice if exposed, so this did distract from the otherwise crisp and high-quality aesthetics. Upon first wash, we found that the duvet cover did shrink by a few inches and curled along the edges, though it didn’t affect the fit. On the plus side, it was free from any discoloration or fading, and it even felt softer after washing. Pro tip: For the best results, we recommend machine washing cold on the gentle or delicate cycle with like colors. Line dry, or tumble dry low and remove promptly.

One thing to consider with this duvet cover is that while it feels like good quality linen, it’s important to note that it isn’t necessarily soft or snuggly. If you have linen bed sheets in your home, you know this, so while it may not feel rough or uncomfortable, it is by no means something you’d want to melt into or reach for if you want something snuggly (though we did find this to be soft for linen). All in all, we found it to measure up quality-wise to make it worth the price. Besides the buttons, it looks high-quality, holds up well in the washing machine, and is easy to put on. If you want something that’s functional, good for temperature regulation, and easy to take care of, then this is the linen duvet cover for you. 

Material: Linen | Closure: Buttons, corner ties | Colors: 17 | Sizes: Twin, Full/Queen, King

Quince Organic Luxe Waffle Duvet Cover


The Quince brand has already gotten lots of love from us, but the waffle texture on this duvet cover was one thing that really stood out. The textured cotton material was double-stitched and equipped with tight seams so that it felt well-made, durable, and luxurious. The buttons, plastic with a pearlescent tint, added a nice accent to the rest of the duvet on top of doing a nice job securing the insert in place. We also noted that the stitched waffle material adds an extra layer on top of the insert that makes it feel extra plush to the touch. 

After washing, the material withheld its softness and didn’t visibly shrink or lose any of its other qualities. One benefit to the waffle top texture is that it camouflaged any potential wrinkling that’s inevitable post-wash, so if you like an effortless, crisp look, this duvet would be perfect for you.

While the waffle top texture isn’t for everyone, we thought that it added extra softness and comfort to the duvet cover, as well as a nice design accent. It’s neither the most expensive duvet cover we tested nor the cheapest, but we found the price point to match up with the quality. Its look and feel is comparable to the kind of duvet cover you’d find in a nice hotel. If you find yourself trying to recreate that deep, luxurious sleep you get on vacation, then the Quince Organic Luxe Waffle Duvet Cover might be for you. 

Material: Organic cotton | Closure: Buttons, corner ties | Colors: 5 | Sizes: Twin, Full/Queen, King/California King

Brooklinen Luxury Sateen Duvet Cover


If your social media feed looks anything like ours, then you’ve seen ads for Brooklinen everywhere — and their Luxe Duvet Cover did indeed measure up to the rave reviews. Upon taking it out of the packaging, we noticed how soft and well-made it was. There were no visible snags or loose threads, and it was smooth and crisp. The buttons felt well-made too, and their eyeholes held them nicely in place without any fraying. We did find that the duvet cover was a little too big for the insert, but after washing, it shrunk just enough to fit perfectly. It also passed our stain test after two washes. (From the brand: For the best preservation of color and elasticity, machine wash in cool or warm water and dry on low heat with a gentle cycle.)

It’s certainly a splurge, and while we liked the overall feel and fit, the price point doesn’t quite match up to the quality. It feels soft and performed well in all the categories we were testing it for, so if anything, it might be worth holding out to see if it goes on sale.

Material: Sateen weave and long-staple cotton with 480-thread count | Closure: Corner Ties, Buttons | Colors: 4 | Sizes: Twin, Full/Queen, King/California King

Jellymoni 100% Natural Cotton Duvet Cover



  • It’s temperature-regulating.

  • It had easy insertion with a zipper enclosure.

  • We like that it’s a more affordable option.

Experts say that it’s best to sleep in a cool, dark environment, but if you tend to overheat at night, that’s not always so easy. The Jellymoni Cotton Duvet cover was a testing crowd favorite for lots of reasons, but its crisp, cool feel was one of the biggest. It’s made of 100 percent natural cotton, which means it’s breathable and won’t hold on to heat — a must for hot sleepers. It was also free of wrinkles and imperfections upon being taken out of the packaging, and insertion was seamless, as well. The two-way zip closure secured the insert in place, and ties on each corner provided extra security. 

After washing, the duvet did shrink by about five inches, which is standard for cotton, but it was already a little oversized so it didn’t compromise the fit of the insert. The overall feel of the cover also withstood the washing machine and had minimal wrinkling, which could be attributed to the fact that the pinstriped design acted as a sort of camouflage. Perhaps the only downside is that this duvet cover doesn’t come in any solid colors, which means that you’re a little limited design-wise. But with that being said, it ticks every box when it comes to breathability, durability, and comfort. Paired with a set of cooling sheets, this low-priced duvet cover is the ultimate steal for hot sleepers.

Material: 100% natural cotton | Closure: Corner ties, zipper | Colors: Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King

Southern Living Simplicity Collection Tanner Duvet Cover



  • The fabric feels soft yet solid , which is a good fit for anyone that gets cold at night.

  • The buttons and corner ties work together to keep the insert in place.

  • Even during abrasion testing, there was minimal pilling or signs of wear and tear.

This duvet cover from Southern Living is perfect for anyone who gets cold while sleeping and wants something more substantial. The cotton percale is incredibly soft, and it’s well made  from the fabric to the buttons on the insert’s interior. Button enclosures and inside corner ties keep the insert in place, and during testing, when we ran sandpaper over the surface, it hardly showed signs of wear and tear. While the heavyweight material is ideal for cold sleepers, the lack of breathability could be a problem for those who sleep hot. 

Material: Cotton percale | Closure: Buttons, corner ties | Colors: 2 | Sizes: Full/Queen, King

Sunday Citizen Natural Premium Bamboo Duvet Cover

Sunday Citizen


  • It maintained its quality even after washing, and was free of any imperfections, snags, and tears.

  • It’s soft, silky, and lightweight which makes it ideal for hot sleepers.

  • The buttons and ties kept the duvet cover in place nicely, even after shaking.

Bamboo fabric is not only hypoallergenic but also sweat absorbent and antifungal, which makes it great for bedding. This duvet cover from Sunday Citizen is incredibly soft, silky, and lightweight, which not only makes it breathable but also easy to slip over an insert. While the insert did stay in place, we did notice that one button came undone after shaking it profusely during testing, so you should keep this in mind if you’re an active sleeper. 

It maintained its softness after washing and remained free of any major snags or tears.  We were disappointed that it held onto remnants of each spill post-stain test and even bled onto the other side of the cover. But because of how silky and breathable it is, we found it to be worth the price, especially if you get hot and need something breathable at night.

Material: 100% viscose from bamboo | Closure: Buttons, corner ties | Colors: 5 | Sizes: Full/Queen, King/California King

L.L. Bean Pima Cotton Percale Comforter Cover

L.L. Bean


  • The fabric has a nice weight to it and fits the cover nicely, so there isn’t any shifting or bunching.

  • It’s incredibly soft to the touch, so you don’t even have to worry about using a top sheet.

  • It has a reasonable price point considering it’s a high quality name brand.

Percale fabric comes with a lot of benefits. For instance, because it’s tightly woven, it has a crisp but soft and airy texture. It’s also pill resistant and washes nicely. This duvet cover from L.L. Bean encapsulates really captures percale at its best. One of our favorite features was its softness:It’s so soft, in fact, that you won’t even need a top sheet. It also feels well made, from the sturdy buttons that keep the insert inside, to the ample weight of the fabric. With all this in mind, we still found it to have a reasonable price considering its weight and softness. 

Material: 100% Supima cotton | Closure: Buttons, corner ties | Colors: 9 | Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King

Lulu and Georgia Cultiver Linen Duvet Cover Set

Lulu and Georgia


  • The design and quality are excellent; there are no imperfections or snags in the material.

  • The fabric is heavy, so this is a good match for someone that sleeps cold and needs extra heat retention.

  • The insert fits nicely and doesn’t shift too much in the duvet cover.

This linen duvet cover from Cultiver won our vote for anyone looking to make a splurge. Although it’s on the pricier side of covers we tested, it certainly measures up in its feel and quality. The linen fabric is heavy, substantial, and feels expertly made. When we took it out of the packaging, it was free of any imperfections, snags, or tears. The button enclosure and corner ties work together to keep the insert in place, and although there was about an inch of extra length at the bottom of the cover, the insert fit nicely. 

Although it is linen, which isn’t classically soft, we found this one not to be as rough as you may expect. Because it’s heavy, it keeps you warm, and has the benefit of linen in that it doesn’t slip and slide on the bed. The main con we noticed was the significant loss of fibers and lint as we handled it, and there was some fading after washing. Although the fading wouldn’t be as obvious if you made sure to always wash the cover and shams together, both of these things mean it probably wouldn’t be the right fit for a home with pets where you’ll have more wear and tear.

Material: 100% linen, pre-washed | Closure: Buttons, corner ties | Colors: 14 | Sizes: Twin, Queen, King, California King

Riley Percale Duvet Cover



  • The duvet insert fits perfectly without shifting. 

  • It’s incredibly soft and didn’t pill whatsoever.

  • It maintains its quality after washing, and even gets softer. 

Comfort is one of the most important aspects of building the ultimate bedroom setup. If you like linens with a softer feel you’ll love this duvet cover from Riley — it seemed to get softer with each wash. Oftentimes you can tell if a fabric is low quality when it starts to show wear and tear after washing, but this one stayed free of any pilling and any other imperfections. 

It also fits the duvet insert perfectly, and the corner ties do an excellent job of keeping it in place. Although it removed most stains during testing, there were remnants of the makeup foundation we poured onto it, so prepare for it to hang onto more stubborn stains. That said, it’s a good quality and seems to be durable. 

Material: 100% premium long-staple combed cotton | Closure: Buttons, corner ties | Colors: 17 | Sizes: Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, King/California King

L.L.Bean Ultrasoft Comfort Flannel Comforter Cover

L.L. Bean

While sleeping in a cool room does have benefits, being too cold while sleeping can also interrupt your rest. If you live in an extra-cold climate (or prefer to switch up your bedding in the winter), a flannel duvet cover may just be what you need. We love this L.L. Bean flannel duvet cover for its blend of flannel and cotton that keeps you warm while also maintaining a level of breathability. The duvet cover itself is very well-made and soft to the touch — the edges fold inward and are stitched together on the inside which signals durability, and the buttons feel well-made and securely attached to the fabric. While they are a little smaller than the button holes and feel a little loose after being buttoned, the insert went into the duvet cover fairly easily. 

The flannel material caused it to shrink quite a bit in the wash, but the fit and overall quality weren’t compromised, and it released any staining completely after two washes. However, the velvety quality of the flannel does mean that it’s a magnet for any lint or pet hair, so this is something to consider if you have furry friends at home. This was our main qualm with the duvet cover itself, though it’s an unavoidable byproduct when you’re dealing with flannel. It ultimately comes down to preference: If you like the feel of flannel itself and struggle to keep warm at night, then this duvet cover might be the one for you. And you can’t beat the price. Coming in at $80, which is on the low end of duvet covers we’ve tested, this is easily one of the most affordable flannel duvet covers you’ll find on the market. 

Material: Brushed cotton flannel | Closure: Buttons, ties | Colors: 8 | Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King

Anthropologie Relaxed Cotton-Linen Duvet Cover



  • It has a light and airy feel.

  • The material was smooth and crisp.

  • There was no bunching or shifting inside the cover.

If you’re looking for a duvet cover to swap out for the summer months, this Anthropologie cotton-linen duvet cover is incredibly cooling and lightweight while also providing a rustic flair. The linen does give it that thready texture, which means it isn’t perfectly smooth, but the breathable cotton prevents it from being scratchy. Upon taking it out of the packaging, it did have a little bit of wrinkling, but it felt intentional and added to the textured, rustic aesthetic of the design. The buttons have a pearlescent tortoise shell look that secured the insert nicely, too.

This duvet cover did shrink by a couple of inches in the wash, and while there was some new wrinkling, it wasn’t noticeable to the point of looking sloppy. With all this being said, it’s obvious that the fabric is well-made and it looks and feels like a luxury item. While it isn’t necessarily soft and snuggly, that’s not what you’re looking for when you opt for a linen material. Price-wise, it’s on the higher end of duvet covers we tested, but if you’re looking for a breezy, lightweight duvet cover that feels luxurious, then we think it’s definitely worth the splurge. 

Material: Linen/cotton blend | Closure: Buttons | Colors: 5 | Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King

Eucalypso Heavenly Duvet Cover



  • Lightweight and cool to the touch, this duvet cover is perfect for anyone who sleeps hot.

  • Its softness makes it durable to abrasion, so you don’t have to worry about pets clawing and damaging the fabric.

  • It stays relatively wrinkle free so that it looks nice and neat on your bed.

Eucalyptus fabric is silky soft, environmentally sustainable, and excellent for temperature regulation. If you don’t already have eucalyptus linens in your home, this duvet cover from Eucalypso may be worth a try. We were impressed by how soft, cool to the touch, and lightweight it is, which makes it perfect for anyone who sleeps hot and prioritizes breathability. 

During testing, it held up well to abrasion and still kept its smooth feel. After pulling it over the insert, it stayed relatively flat and free of wrinkles so that it looked nice on the bed and not too messy. All in all, taking its softness and durability into consideration, it’s a great value. 

Material: 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell | Closure: Buttons, corner ties | Colors: 8 | Sizes: Full/Queen, King/California King

Crane & Canopy Edie Taupe Reversible Duvet Cover

Crane & Canopy


  • The material traps heat nicely which is perfect for anyone who gets cold while sleeping.

  • The corner ties on the inside are thick and easy to fasten.

  • The zipper enclosure is sturdy and tucked away for a clean look.


  • Because the material pills easily this wouldn’t be a good fit for pet owners.

  • It has a crisp feel, which isn’t ideal if you’re looking for something on the softer side.

If you just can’t decide on the style for your duvet cover, why not get one that’s reversible? This one from Crane & Canopy won our vote for best reversible thanks to its crisp white top and patterned taupe bottom, perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to choose just one design. 

The cotton sateen material traps heat nicely which will keep anyone who runs cold nice and warm all night long. Aside from the zipper enclosure which tucks away subtly under an extra fabric fold, the corner ties work to keep the insert in place as well. They’re thick enough in size that they’re easy to tie, which is more than we can say for other duvet covers we tested that had thin flimsy ribbons instead. We will note that we found double-knotting to come in handy, as single knot ties started to slip with lots of movement. 

During testing, we evaluated how the fabric would be affected by abrasion and ran sandpaper over the material. We found that it caused significant pilling, which tells us it wouldn’t be ideal for a household with pets that like to claw on fabric. This also isn’t the right fit for anyone who wants something soft. Although it isn’t scratchy, it’s on the crisp side so it’s not exactly something you could snuggle into. However, the clean design and warm material make this a worthwhile purchase. 

Material: 100% cotton sateen | Closure: Zipper | Colors: 1 | Sizes: Twin, Full/Queen, King/California King

Piglet In Bed Linen Duvet Cover

Piglet In Bed


  • The insert fits nicely and doesn’t shift or get tangled inside.

  • While you can feel the woven fibers in the fabric, it’s still incredibly soft.

  • It does a good job releasing stains, even stubborn oil-based ones.

A duvet cover is, in many respects, the focal point of a bedroom, so you want something that has a wide variety of colors and patterns that match your style. We love this one from Piglet In Bed, which comes in 40 different options. From pink to blue to stripes to gingham, you’ll certainly find the perfect duvet cover to tie your space together. Aside from that, it feels incredibly high quality — not only does an insert fit nicely inside without shifting, the button enclosures keep it secure. Though we did notice some gaps so the insert is visible from certain angles. 

As far as the feel, the flax linen has a crisp texture, but that doesn’t mean it’s scratchy. On the contrary, it’s very soft to the touch and almost buttery. During testing, we performed several spill tests and found that coffee and oil came out nicely (but the foundation stain lingered). In general, this duvet cover is a great option for those who want a pop of color and soft feel. 

Material: 100% European flax linen | Closure: Buttons | Colors: 40 | Sizes: Twin, Full/Queen, King, California King

Sijo AiryWeight Eucalyptus Duvet Cover



  • This duvet cover has the same level of comfort as buttery-soft bed sheets.

  • It stays cool to the touch, even in the places you’re laying on, which is great for anyone who gets hot sleeping.

  • It comes with lots of extra ties on the inside for added security.


  • Thick plastic snap buttons stand out in comparison to the thin fabric, which seems like an odd design choice.

  • It holds onto wrinkles to the point that it looks messy.

If you want to get good quality sleep, it’s important to do so in a cool environment, which is tricky for hot sleepers. Having a blanket with cooling features will keep you more comfortable, and this one from Sijo is a great option. The eucalyptus fabric allows for maximum breathability, and the thin,soft material stays cool to the touch even after laying on it for long periods. 

It has eight ties on the inside which prevents the duvet insert from shifting. Although the external snap buttons are easier to handle than buttons, they’re a little bulky compared to the thin fabric of the cover. This seems like an awkward design choice, especially considering  how it makes the buttons stand out. 

Another drawback we noticed was the thinness of the fabric — although this quality gives it the softness of bedsheets, it holds onto wrinkles in the same way. This gives it an unkempt look that’s impossible to maintain, and certainly won’t be for everyone. However, if your top priority is softness and temperature regulation and you’re less concerned with looks, this duvet cover is worth the price point.

Material: 100% TENCEL™ lyocell | Closure: Snaps | Colors: 8 | Sizes: Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, King/California King

More Duvet Covers We Tried

  • Buffy Breeze Duvet Cover: The sateen fabric of this duvet cover was incredibly soft to the touch and it performed well during testing. Even during abrasion tests, there was minimal pilling or signs of wear and tear. It didn’t make our final list because the positioning of the corner ties on the inside caused the insert to fit awkwardly. It isn’t incredibly expensive at $103, so if your top priority is softness, it could be a good option, but if not, the fit and design could be deal breakers.
  • Cozy Earth Linen Duvet Cover: We appreciated how soft this duvet cover was, as well as the zipper and snap enclosure combination. The main reason it didn’t make the cut for us was the price — at the time of writing this article, the list price is $359. That’s steep even for the highest quality duvet covers, and considering this one didn’t wow us, it isn’t worth the cost. If this one was on sale we might reconsider because of how soft it is. 
  • IKEA Bergpalm Duvet Cover and Pillowcases: This duvet has a nice feel and maintained its color vibrancy even after machine washing which impressed us. It isn’t necessarily soft,  but more crisp, which is a plus depending on what you’re looking for. The main reason it didn’t make the cut for us was because it had no ties or security on the inside to keep the insert in place. This could be a problem for active sleepers or anyone who doesn’t want to deal with constantly adjusting their duvet day after day. 
  • Parachute Linen Duvet Cover: What we loved most about this linen duvet cover is how thin and breathable it is, which is ideal for summertime use or hot sleepers who need extra breathability year round. The main reason it didn’t make our main list is because it didn’t perform well during durability tests. When we ran sandpaper over the surface, threads started to come loose, which tells us this duvet cover won’t last long, especially if in a home where it will face a lot of wear and tear. At $320 at the time of writing, you’re ultimately paying for the brand name here.

People / Henry Wortock

You’ll Also Need

If you’re shopping for a duvet cover, you may also need a quality duvet insert, a great pillow, and a nice set of cooling sheets. We’ve tested thousands of home products over the years, so keep reading for PEOPLE-Tested items to upgrade your bedding experience.

Utopia Bedding Down-Alternative Comforter


We loved the Utopia Bedding All-Season Comforter for its lightweight feel and smooth texture during our in-depth comforter and duvet insert test. The high quality material didn’t have any visible flaws like loose threads or tears, it’s made from recycled plastic, and it was breathable, so it kept our team cool during testing. And at just $30, it’s a really good value. 

Olive + Crate Eucalyptus Tencel Fiber Sheet Set


While adding to the layers of your bedding, consider the Olive + Crate Tencel Eucalyptus Sheet Set. During our cooling sheets test, we were impressed with the cooling capabilities of these sheets — our testers had a noticeable difference in sleep quality. Plus, the fabric was soft, silky, comfortable, and washed with ease. As of the time of publish, you can get these sheets for $170.

The Company Store Dual Memory Foam and Gel Fiber Pillow

The Company Store

A bed setup isn’t complete without fluffy pillows to rest your head on, and we decided The Company Store’s Dual Memory Foam and Gel Fiber Pillow was the best of those we tested. Not only does it have memory foam and gel fiber for double the softness, it helps regulate your temperature which is a huge benefit for hot sleepers. Right now, it’s $47.

What to Consider Before Buying a Duvet Cover


Knowing your options and their unique characteristics is the first step to creating a cozy sleep environment, and the texture of your bedding is a major player in comfort. For example, percale bedding has a crisp and cool feel, flannel is fuzzy and heavier, and bamboo and cotton are known for their softness.

Depending on your own personal preferences, the texture, and in turn material that’s right for you will change. Are you a hot sleeper and like to keep things light and breezy? If so, linen bedding or bamboo bedding is probably the best option for you. Do you want to feel snuggly and extra warm? Then flannel bedding is worth a try. If you’re somewhere in the middle, cotton bedding is a safe bet. 


You spend a significant amount of time in your bed, so you want bedding that will withstand hours of use and lots of washes. It’s the absolute worst when you buy new bedding and within months it’s faded, worn, and pilling. You may not be concerned with your sheets lasting more than a year or two, but if you want to invest in a duvet cover that will last, the question of durability should be a top priority, which is why we stand behind our tested picks and will continue to update this story with long-term insights.

Some fabrics are inherently more likely to last against stretch, pull, and the general wear and tear of prolonged use. Generally, linen is one of the most durable fabrics out there. Not only does it fare well in the washing machine, but it gets softer over time, meaning you can enjoy your linen bedding (such as our Quince pick) for longer. (But again, this can vary, depending on lifestyle.)

Thread Count

Quality sleep starts with a quality sleeping environment, and you can certainly feel the difference between well-made and cheap bedding. One of the most common standards by which people rate quality is through thread count, which refers to the number of threads woven horizontally and vertically into one square inch of fabric.

With bed sheets and comforters, it’s a common misconception that higher thread count means higher quality, but that isn’t always the case. The material of your bedding impacts whether or not a higher thread count actually makes a difference. For example, linen is twice as thick as cotton, which means it generally has a lower thread count but still has a luxurious and high-quality feel.


Whether you’re ready to splurge or trying to keep things budget-friendly, everyone wants to get the best bang for their buck. While the things that make something worth the price vary from person to person, we can all agree that overpaying for a product is never ideal. When looking at duvet covers and evaluating prices, we considered the dyes and fabrics to determine if the price matched the product. This factors into texture, durability, and quality, of course, but putting those in the context of the price point can be a helpful deciding factor.

People / Henry Wortock

How We Tested

We take testing and evaluating seriously and are incredibly thorough with our methods to make sure we give the most accurate evaluations possible. We tested over 36 duvet covers and scored them on a 1 to 5 scale based on the quality, texture, durability, and value.

We started the tests by evaluating each duvet cover upon immediately taking it out of the box: from measuring it to putting it over an insert to getting under the covers and cozying up to the feel of it.

For the stain test, we poured one teaspoon of coffee on the top corner and let it sit for thirty seconds before washing it based on the manufacturer’s instructions. After washing and drying, we pulled the duvet cover onto the insert and spread it out on the mattress again. We then checked for any signs of wear or damage, including missing buttons, loose threads, and snags. If it was machine-washable, we washed the duvet cover a second time and repeated this process.

Out of all the duvet covers we tested, the Slumber Cloud Essential Duvet Cover impressed us with its perfect score.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between a comforter and a duvet cover?

    A comforter is a thicker bedding item that is usually stuffed with a fuzzy material to keep you warm. A duvet cover is a shell that goes over a comforter or insert, either to provide protection and prolong use or solely for decoration. The main difference is that a comforter is ready for use when you buy it, while a duvet cover needs an insert placed inside of it.

  • Can any comforter go in a duvet cover?

    If you already have a comforter that you want to protect from getting dirty or just no longer like the look of, it can be placed inside a duvet cover. You can also purchase an insert online.

  • How much bigger should a duvet cover be than the comforter?

    This depends largely on the kind of look you want. If you want a perfect fit, opt for a duvet cover that’s one or two inches bigger than your insert. If you like a fluffier, more built-up look, go for one that’s an inch or two smaller than your insert.

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