The best duvets of 2024, tested at home.

The best duvets of 2024, tested at home.

How do you choose the best duvet?

The best duvet should keep you cool and comfortable in the summer and warm in the winter. This is called thermoregulation and is the key to a comfortable night's sleep.

“Down is really lightweight,” says Emma Casson of The Bed Expert. “Feather-and-down is inexpensive, but it's a little heavy, so some people like it a little heavier. Then we use synthetic fibers, like microfibers. Now we have really high-quality synthetic fibers on our hands. It's really breathable.”

If you are allergic to down, we recommend choosing a synthetic duvet. These are usually filled with microfibers (thin polyester threads) or hollow fibers (very similar, but slightly warmer), but are also sometimes referred to as “down-soft'' or “down substitutes.'' there is.

Other natural duvet fills, such as wool, are becoming more popular, Casson said. “It's breathable, it's effective against the heat, it regulates your body temperature so you stay cool in the summer, and it's natural and hypoallergenic.”

There are other options such as silk and linen, but down and feathers remain the most popular for their warmth and breathability. Casson herself sleeps on a duvet made by the German luxury brand Mühldorfer because it's “the lightest and most luxurious.” (Mühldorfer's duvets are used in luxury hotels in over 100 countries, and he can answer the common question, “What kind of duvets do hotels use?”)

Which duvet should I buy?

The warmth of a duvet is measured in togs, ranging from a light 1.5 tog to a thicker and warmer 15 tog duvet. “Tog's reputation is a very British thing. I don't know if anyone really understands that,” he says. “Europeans laugh at us.”

But here in the UK, this is the easiest way to tell how warm your duvet is. “10.5 tog is a good midrange that you can use most of the year unless your house is very warm,” he says. “Otherwise, 4.5 tog is most common in the summer and 13.5 tog in the winter.” Another option, he says, is an all-season option consisting of two layers that can be buttoned. It's a duvet.

What is the best quality duvet to buy?

It depends on your personal preference. Natural duvets are generally breathable and can be recycled when you're done with them. However, they may not be suitable for people with allergies and are more expensive than microfiber or hollow fiber comforters.

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