The best eco-friendly linen bedding sets to choose this winter

The best eco-friendly linen bedding sets to choose this winter

The best eco-friendly linen bedding sets to choose this winter

</p><h2 class=”body-h2″>What are the benefits of linen bedding?</h2><p>Linen’s weave allows for greater airflow than cotton, making it better at wicking away moisture so you stay cooler in bed — a good choice for hot sleepers. “Authentic linen can absorb as much as 20% of its weight in moisture and offers a cooling feeling against the skin while sleeping,” explains Chris Tattersall, MD at <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Woolroom</a>. This quality means it dries quickly after a wash too.</p><p>Linen is also naturally hypoallergenic, making it a better choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies. “Its antibacterial properties help soften the skin, whilst moving moisture away during the night ensuring a better night’s sleep,” Chris adds. </p><h2 class=”body-h2″>The eco-credentials of linen bedding</h2><p>Linen bedding is a much greener alternative to popular synthetic materials, such as polyester and polyurethane foam, which contain toxic chemicals and can contribute to plastic waste. “[This is] Because they cannot be produced and naturally decomposed,” says Chris.

However, linen is made from flax, a natural, biodegradable material.

Cultivation requires no water other than rain.this is It takes 10,000 liters to grow 1 kg of All parts of the plant can also be used, so there is no waste. ; For example, linseed oil is also made from flax.

When it comes to making more sustainable purchases and lifestyle choices, reduce should always be prioritized over reduce, reuse, and much as possibleRegarding household goods, furniture, electronics, beauty waste, fashion and other recycling methods.Read our guide. tech.

How often should linen bedding be washed?

Chris recommends washing linen bedding (actually, all bedding should be washed). !) Dry at 40 degrees once a week to maintain freshness. “It also makes your sleeping sanctuary even more comfortable,” he says.

The more you wash linen, the softer it becomes and the more comfortable it becomes over time. Look for a pre-washed set when purchasing so you can enjoy this feel right out of the box.

The best linen bedding to buy this winter

We searched for the best linen bedding set according to your budget from affordable products.H&M from rise and fallandbed fork.

Please note that all prices refer to standard UK double sizes unless otherwise stated.


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