This TikToker has a new way to wear a must-see duvet cover

This TikToker has a new way to wear a must-see duvet cover

A new way to attach a duvet cover

Nothing beats the feel of fresh, clean bedding. There's something special about the crisp, soft, fresh-smelling experience of curling up with a freshly laundered sheet and comforter set. But anyone who owns a duvet knows the struggle to change the cover smoothly and evenly from corner to corner. One of his TikTok creators, likehayk24, shared a cute couple's creative way to put on a duvet cover using a helper, which was shared thousands of times and received hundreds of comments (1) .

Basically, one person puts the cover inside out over their head, holds the corners in their hands, and puts the middle in their mouth, while the other person makes sure all the straps are secure and then wraps the whole thing around. Flip it over to reveal the perfectly fitted cover. But is this really a hack, or is there a better way? We asked the experts.

Is it practical to turn the duvet cover inside out?

“While it seems silly, this method is actually not that unrealistic,” says Aaron Christensen, vice president of growth at Homeaglow, a house cleaning platform that serves households across the United States. “This is a great way to bring some playfulness into what can often be a boring chore, and an even better way to get your partner to do the chores,” he says.

Laura Price, owner of Home Organization, which helps clients in London and the South East organize their homes, says there are no set rules for how to put a duvet cover on, and it doesn't matter how you wear it, as long as it works. Say. Do it. “It can be a job that people really hate, so it's a great idea to downplay it and have fun with it,” she says. That said, this method is only practical if other people are present. If you're alone, you may need to change your approach or try something completely different.

But Will Cotter, chief operating officer of Freshspace Cleaning, a community cleaning service with locations in Jacksonville, Columbus, Detroit and Cleveland, says that while this method works, it's more practical or I realize there may be an efficient way. “First, comfort is key. Having a duvet cover over your head may not provide the most relaxing experience, so make sure the person under the cover can breathe freely and comfortably. ” he says. It is also important that the person on the inside and the person on the outside of the cover coordinate effectively to hold the corners securely and ensure that the cover snaps neatly into place. “It may take a little practice and trial and error to perfect this approach, but with teamwork, it can be achieved,” adds Cotter.

Considerations when using this method

If you have willing participants and want to try this method, there's no reason not to. But if you're a little concerned about the overall look or comfort of your bed, Cotter says that depending on how the cover falls, it can cause wrinkles or uneven distribution of the duvet within the cover. says Mr.

If someone gets inside the duvet cover, it can raise concerns from a hygiene standpoint. “Dirt and sweat from a person's body can transfer to the duvet,” Cotter says.

Similarly, Christensen recommends not putting the covers in your mouth, especially if you're making a guest's bed. “A guest is unlikely to notice the saliva residue, especially since it's on the top of the duvet right below his face,” he says.

He also warns that the weight of a duvet placed over the front teeth can pose a risk to fillings and crowns.

Another way to wear a duvet cover

So if you don't have a fun partner to try this method with, or if neither of you particularly likes covering your head, there are probably easier and more effective ways to change your duvet cover. Here are the top tips from the experts:

Alternative inside-out method

Price's approach is similar, but doesn't require another person or holding a duvet with your mouth.

  • Turn the duvet cover over and place your arms on the top two corners.
  • Reach inside the duvet cover and lift the corner of the duvet.
  • Lower your arm (and wiggle it a little!) and the cover will fall onto the comforter.
  • Shake the cover until it penetrates deep into the duvet.
  • Move to the other end of the comforter and tuck the remaining two comforter corners into the corners of the cover.
  • Hold it by the corner and shake it again. This will ensure that the duvet inside the cover is even and will not have any lumps or bumps.
  • Raise the seams and you're ready to go.

burrito method

Hashi Mohamed, president of Ivy Cleans, a leading cleaning and lifestyle solutions company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, explains how to make a burrito here to hang a duvet cover with minimal effort. is a popular and efficient method. Here's how:

  • Turn the duvet cover inside out and lay it flat on the bed, with the opening at the foot of the bed.
  • Place the duvet insert on top of the cover, making sure the corners meet.
  • Wrap both the duvet insert and duvet cover over your head like a burrito.
  • Turn the bed towards your feet and keep the fabric taut.
  • Once rolled up, put your hands inside and secure the corners of the comforter to the corners of the cover.
  • Unfold the comforter and cover and you're done.

Using corner ties and buttons

Many duvet covers have corner ties or buttons to secure the duvet insert in place. Here's how Mohamed recommends using it:

  • Place the duvet cover on the bed with the opening at the foot.
  • Place the duvet insert on top of the cover, making sure the corners meet.
  • Attach the corner ties of the duvet insert to the corresponding ties or buttons on the duvet cover.
  • Once the corners are secured, start buttoning or zipping the cover.
  • Shake and adjust the comforter until it is evenly distributed within the cover.

How to dry clothes

If space is limited but you want precise alignment and fewer kinks, Cotter suggests hanging the duvet cover inside out on a clothesline.

  • Lay the comforter flat against the cover opening.
  • Use clips to secure the comforter to the cover.
  • Slide them together along the clothesline and guide the cover over the duvet.

More tips for duvet covers

If you want a crisp duvet cover without ironing, Price says folding it while it's slightly damp will help remove wrinkles. Store the duvet cover as a set by folding the corresponding pillow and bed sheet inside the duvet cover. According to Price, this saves a lot of time and prevents items from being lost.

If you don't want a duvet cover, consider a coverless duvet instead to save yourself some hassle.

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