TikTok user reveals genius way to easily change duvet cover

TikTok user reveals genius way to easily change duvet cover

Sometimes it's the simplest life hacks that make the biggest difference.

A TikToker has found a way to make life easier for home design enthusiasts who love a good duvet set. The “Roll-Up Method” video, also known as the “Burrito Method,” shows you how to easily change your duvet cover without having to fight with your comforter or insert.

In one video, TikToker Julie Sousa, known as @the_avantgarde, demonstrates how it works: First, lay your comforter flat on your bed, or wherever you have the space.

Next, you can see Souza attaching the corners of the duvet cover to the comforter. Once secured, she rolls up the comforter from bottom to top like a burrito.

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Once you have rolled up the blanket, stuff the blanket inside the cover – here's a close-up showing how to un-hack it – then grab one end and shake it to spread the duvet out evenly, then lay it on a flat surface to smooth out any lumps.

“I've been inside myself the whole time 😅💀,” one commenter admitted.

Another commenter was amazed after trying this simple method, writing: “What kind of magic is this?”

A commenter familiar with the method warned, “This is what I do. Some covers work better than others 🥰.”

Another creator, @mama_mila_, also endorsed this method. “The 'Burrito Roll' doona/duvet trick will save you tons of time! No more getting lost in your doona cover and messy corners 👋.”

“Modern day magic,” added another commenter.

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